Trump believes United States will not survive if Biden wins

... if incumbent American leader Joe Biden wins the election, the country ... supporters in Wisconsin. "He [Biden] is destroying our country,” the ... manner with regard to Joe Biden, relying on the protection of ... of Head of State. Joe Biden, who is running for his ... four years ago, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump.

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Media: Biden secretly sent more than a hundred ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine

... missiles, which US President Joe Biden approved for shipment to Ukraine ... mid-February, US President Joe Biden secretly approved the decision to ...

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TikTok views law on social network’s possible ban in US as unconstitutional

... owners – published in connection with Biden’s signing a foreign aid ...

US , Tiktok , Biden

NBC: Biden will lose support of Muslims living in the US at presidential elections in November

... will not support President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections ... already become enraged by the Biden administration for supporting Israel's ... Strip. They now call Joe Biden's likely signing of an ... in the states where Joe Biden won by a small margin ... , who interrupted his speech. Joe Biden then began to increasingly often ...

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Trump claimed his readiness to debate with Biden at any time

... with current American leader Joe Biden at any time soon, TASS ... to have a debate with Biden. According to him, there will ... , and Fox News, called on Biden and Trump to take part ...

US , Trump , Biden

Biden believes his uncle's body was not found in New Guinea because of cannibals

US President Joe Biden has suggested that US military ... time.” According to CNN, Joe Biden's version does not match ...


Biden refused to testify about his family's business dealings

... Comer, that US President Joe Biden does not accept his invitation ... decline the invitation for President Biden to testify.” In addition, ... into the impeachment of President Biden. According to him, ‘the investigation ... an impeachment investigation against Democrat Biden. In this context, they investigate ... of alleged crimes they suspect Biden and his family members of ... Mr. Comer stressed that Joe Biden ‘must answer the questions of ... -operated with the business. Joe Biden denies any involvement in influence ...

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Trump: US in danger because of flows of migrants

... policy of US President Joe Biden had led to an increase ...

trump , usa , biden , europe , migrants

US news companies to urge Biden and Trump to TV debates

... News – intend to urge Joe Biden and Donald Trump to take ... on US presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump to publicly ... November 5th, 2024. Trump and Biden have already gained the necessary ... , the fight will again unfold between the same candidates as four ...

US , Biden , Trump

The Washington Post: Trump fears Alzheimer's due to heredity

... why he constantly questions Joe Biden's ability to fulfil the ... presidency. The current leader, Joe Biden, who is running for a ... . The fight will predictably unfold between the same candidates as four ... years ago, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, who was ...

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Musk: Biden's stupidity could trigger WWIII

... stupidity of US President Joe Biden, RIA Novosti reports PHOTO: WWW ... his X account, that ‘Joe Biden will cause WWIII through his ...

Musc , Biden , US , WWIII

Hungary named Biden persona non grata at conservative conference

... April, declared US President Joe Biden ‘persona non grata’, joking that ... get lost on stage. Joe [Biden] was not ready to meet ... often becomes a laughing stock. Biden sometimes confuses the names or ...

Hungary , US , Biden

Fox News: manure thrown at Biden aide’s home

... front of US President Joe Biden's National Security Adviser Jake ...

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Musk called Biden puppet and agreed that Russia became stronger amid sanctions

... Musk called US President Joe Biden a puppet and also agreed ... .REUTERS.COM According to Musk, Biden is ‘just a grim puppet ... billionaire David Sachs said that Biden's expectations about Russia had ...

Musk , US , Biden , Russia

MP: Biden makes US weaker, but that’s ok for Belarus, Russia

... have no trust in Joe Biden or other democrats. In his ... Belarus are satisfied particularly with Biden. Mr. Gaidukevich noted that the ... MP also explained why Joe Biden suits the East more than ... his actions. Since his presidency, Biden has not strengthened the country ... point of view of politics, Biden suits us more.”

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Trump: world laughs at US and takes advantage of it

... policy of American leader Joe Biden has led to the fact ... entered the country because of Biden. According to him, the United ... . He also once again called Biden the worst president in the ...

US , Biden , Trump

Trump: number of illegal migrants in US reached 15m

... the policy of President Joe Biden contributed to an increase in ... that by the end of Biden's presidential term, there would ...

us , trump , biden , migrants

NYT: Biden rating slips in presidential race

US President Joe Biden’s support level is lower ... if the candidates were Joe Biden for the Democratic Party and ... 43 percent would vote for Biden. The poll found that 45 ... of those surveyed voted for Biden, thus making Haley’s support ... 10 percentage points higher than Biden’s. The poll also revealed ... November. On April 25th, 2023, Biden announced his intention to be ...

US , presidential elections , Biden , Trump , Haley , voters

Trump said he will close US border if re-elected

... . On April 25th, 2023, Democrat Biden announced that he would seek ... – he is ahead of Joe Biden in popularity by about 2 ...

Trump , Biden , usa

Biden uses cheat sheets even during closed-door meetings

American leader Joe Biden uses cheat sheets in personal ... the topic of conversation, Joe Biden is unable to continue the ...

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