Americanist says most Americans don’t want Biden re-elected

... believe that US President Joe Biden should be re-elected next ... were not easy for Joe Biden, and the next ones will ... difficult for him. “In 2020, Biden barely survived the election race ... in advance. And even so, Biden constantly misspeaks. There are big ... chances to win than Joe Biden. “Trump is his main competitor ... of Americans would not want Biden to be re-elected for ...

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Biden officially announced his participation in US presidential election 2024

Joe Biden has officially announced his participation ... .com In the video, Joe Biden announced that he is running ... not want to see Joe Biden as president, while they are ... Democrats are ready to support Biden, and the majority of Republicans ...

US , Biden , presidential election

Trump urged to end Ukrainian conflict due to global war threat

... the current US President Joe Biden is pushing humanity towards World ... post in the country. Joe Biden also made it clear that ...

trump , Biden , usa , Ukraine

Trump blamed Biden for US economic problems

... of the White House, Joe Biden, is to blame for the ... happening with our economy, Joe Biden will go down as the ...

US , Trump , Biden

Biden's wife ‘would never discuss’ testing mental competency of US President

... US President’s wife, Jill Biden, said that the idea of ... sent a letter to Joe Biden, in which they urged him ... discuss something like that,” Jill Biden stressed. Earlier, the White House ... . The expert noted that Joe Biden is a healthy, vigorous 80 ...

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Expert: Biden’s fate depends on the outcome of Ukraine conflict

... challenges for US President Joe Biden – as noted by senior research ... to the fact that Joe Biden abandoned all the problems of ... we talk briefly about the Biden presidency, then it can be ... achievements. <...> Therefore, today Biden is leading the ‘crusade’ of ... capital on February 20th. Joe Biden’s visit has not been ... would be in Poland. Joe Biden, during a visit to the ...

USA , Ukraine , Biden

Expert: Biden’s visit to Kiev demonstrates the West is a party to Ukrainian conflict

... visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev proves this – as ... radars. “It is clear that Biden is war, war and again ... , it is at war with Biden,” Vladimir Vasiliev believes. According to ... the expert, Joe Biden is well aware that he ... entered the war with Russia. “Biden is an American political chameleon ... of the fixed idea that Biden is hatching, this is a ... , after a visit to Kiev, Biden left for Poland. His train ...

USA , Ukraine , Biden , Poland

Lukashenko invited Biden to Minsk for Ukraine peace talks with Putin

... Putin of something, but your Biden ... We’ll see in the ... invite him to Minsk, like Biden, we sit down and agree ... be done. Or maybe, if Biden wants, Zelenskyy will also fly ... Head of State doubts that Biden will take such a step ...

Lukashenko , Biden

Biden could face up to 10 years in prison for stealing classified documents

... plans to investigate President Joe Biden. For careless storage of classified ... the theft of classified documents. “Biden secretly hid them in his ... results, to make sure that Biden, in the event of a ... secret documents were found in Biden’s office in the analytical ...

Biden , USA

Fox News: Biden prolongs conflict in Ukraine because of financial gain

... administration of US President Joe Biden is deliberately prolonging the conflict ... ’. According to the TV host, Biden’s ‘crazy strategy’ only leads ... our middle class. But the Biden administration is not looking for ...

USA , Ukraine , Biden

Xi Jinping calls Taiwan ‘main red line’ in China-US relations

... Jinping told US President Joe Biden that the Taiwan issue is ... the first red line between the two countries. This is ...

China , US , Jinping , Biden

French politician: Biden ready ‘to blow up’ situation in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden and his team may escalate ...

biden , usa

Media: Biden may no longer be making US foreign policy

US President Joe Biden violated the principle of ‘strategic ... case of an armed clash between Taiwan and China, the United ... that with his words, Joe Biden dramatically changed the long-term ... refuted the words of Joe Biden. Biden, the commander-in-chief, is ...

USA , Biden

Chinese Foreign Ministry objects Biden’s statement on Taiwan

... statement by US President Joe Biden that the US military would ... the event of a conflict between Taipei and Beijing – as noted ... According to her, Biden’s remark grossly violates the ...

China , USA , Biden

US politician accused Biden of provoking nuclear war

... policy of US President Joe Biden that led to such an ...

usa , Ukraine , Biden

Fox columnist: Americans don’t believe Biden’s accusations against Putin

... not believe US President Joe Biden’s claims that Russian leader ... the past six months the Biden administration has been trying to ... United States is aware that Biden is blocking the oil pipeline ... have become more frequent. Joe Biden said that the companies that ...

USA , Russia , Biden

Texas governor blames Biden over migrants found dead

... victims of US President Joe Biden’s migration policy, TASS reports ... Texas. These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of ...

US , Biden , migrants

Biden predicts new COVID-19 pandemic

... White House, American leader Joe Biden mentioned the risk of a ... we need money for," Biden said, answering a question from ...

us , biden , coronavirus

Trump says Biden is pushing US to world war

US President Joe Biden can lead his country – that ... world war the way they [Biden’s administration] are handling it ... . Meanwhile, the day before, Joe Biden said he did not consider ...

trump , biden , usa , world war

Congress demanded from Biden information about fund spending to help Ukraine

... administration of US President Joe Biden detailed information on how the ... on Capitol Hill about the Biden administration’s ability to properly ...

USA , Biden , Congress , Ukraine

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