Ex-CIA analyst said there’s proxy world war now

... actions in Ukraine, the Iran-Israel conflict, the situation in the ...

US , Ukraine , Israel , Gaza , Iranm conflict

Media: Iran attack on Israel caused chaos in air travel

... to Iran's attack on Israel, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.FREEPIK ... Reuters, Iran's attack on Israel caused the largest disruption in ...

israel , Iran , air travel

Israeli Defence Ministry completed preparations to respond to any scenario regarding Iran

The Israeli Defence Ministry has completed preparations to respond to any potential scenario that ‘may develop against Iran’ – as stated by Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, TASS reports Photo: Mr. Gallant made the statement after a meeting on the ‘assessment of the operational situation’, the Defence Ministry’s press service reported. "After completing the assessment, Mr. Gallant stressed that the Defence Ministry had completed preparations for responding to any ...

israel , iran

Iranian FM urged to remove all obstacles to sending aid to Gaza

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has called on international organisations to help lift all restrictions on sending humanitarian aid to residents of the Gaza Strip, TASS reports Photo: By seriously criticising the UN Security Council, Hossein Amir Abdollahian stressed the need for immediate action by responsible international institutions ‘to stop the killing of women, children and refugees in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories’. He stated that it ...

iran , palestine , israel , Gaza Strip

Israel: we will not end this war until we destroy Hamas

Israel will not end the war ... The Times of Israel publication quoted Mr. Galant as ...

palestine , israel , Gaza Strip , hamas

Media: experts believe diplomatic relations between Israel, Palestine possible by 2034

Israel and Saudi Arabia, whose relations ... diplomatic relations with Palestine by Israel is possible by 2034. Violence ... that would peacefully coexist with Israel will become a reality in ... five participants of the study, Israel will establish diplomatic relations with ...

usa , israel , palestine

Netanyahu: Israeli operation in southern Gaza’s Rafah inevitable

... Benjamin Netanyahu noted that if Israel has a deal, the operation ... once the Rafah operation starts: Israel's goal is a complete ...

Israel , Gaza

Italians go on strike in protest against supply of weapons to Israel, Ukraine

... the supply of weapons to Israel and Ukraine, and to the ...

italy , Ukraine , protests , palestine , israel

Gaza post-war housing reconstruction to cost at least $15bn

... have fled their homes since Israel began combat operation in the ...

Gaza , Palestine , Israel

Indonesian FM condemned double standards of Western countries in relation to Gaza Strip

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi condemned the West's double standards regarding the Gaza Strip, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Retno Marsudi stated that the example of Palestine demonstrated double standards on the part of a number of countries around the world, especially the countries of the Global North, so she wondered ‘where all the lectures delivered by the West about human rights are’. Ms. Marsudi added that she will represent Indonesia at the International Court ...

israel , Indonesia , palestine

Media: Israel in talks with Congo on Gaza ‘voluntary migration’ plan

The Times of Israel reported that Prime Minister Benjamin ... Netanyahu’s ruling coalition in Israel held secret talks with Congolese ... in migrants. At the moment, Israel is negotiating with other countries ... . According to The Times of Israel, Netanyahu supported the idea of ...

Israel , Gaza Strip , Congo

Iran says US preventing Gaza Strip ceasefire by ‘tying UN hands’

... this power, Washington has freed Israel’s hands in continuing military ...

Iran , US , Palestine , Israel , ceasefire

Lavrov: external forces want to use Gaza conflict and ignite a war in the region

Some external players are planning to ignite a big war in the Middle East using the conflict in the Gaza Strip – as stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a plenary session of the Russian-Arab Co-operation Forum, TASS reports “It has become obvious that some external forces are not averse to using the present escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in their interests – to ignite a fire of regional hostility in the development of numerous past adventures of the United States ...

lavrov , palestine , israel , Gaza Strip

Media: split in Biden's Office over Palestinian-Israeli conflict rising

There is a split into two camps in the office of US President Office about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has become one of the most difficult crises during Joe Biden's presidency, RIA Novosti reports with reference to The Washington Post Photo: It is informed that about 20 people in the White House requested a meeting with Joe Biden's advisers in November to find out how the US Government plans to reduce the number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip amid the ...

usa , israel , Gaza Strip

Lebanon to settle border issues with Israel within three months

... achieve stability on the Lebanon-Israel border, with the Lebanese government ... border and settle disputes with Israel within the next three months ... the border between Lebanon and Israel. Israeli forces attacked a Lebanese ... the border between Lebanon and Israel began on October 8th, this ...

Israel , Lebanon , border

Nebenzia: Syria on verge of being drawn into Middle East conflict

Syria is teetering on the verge of being drawn into a large-scale Middle East conflict – as stated by Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia, TASS reports photo: He made such a statement at a meeting of the UN Security Council, which was dedicated to the situation in the Arab republic. “The difficult situation in Syria is aggravated by the sharp escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The country – like a number of its neighbours in the region – is ...

Nebenzia , Syria , Russia , UN , Palestine , Israel

Expert explained what goals US pursues in Middle East conflict

The United States is interested in instability in the Middle East, and the Head of the Centre for Study of Military and Political Conflicts, military expert Andrei Klintsevich, explained why Americans are heating up the situation Photo: In his talk with Channel One , the expert noted that Americans always pursue several goals when they get involved in any conflict. “From the geopolitical point of view, the main resource with which Americans rule the world is the Dollar. De- ...

palestine , israel , usa

Putin: Western countries’ attempts to maintain influence exacerbated situation in Middle East and Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a group of Western countries, which used to dominate the world, stops at nothing to maintain its waning influence, and this destabilising policy actually provoked the aggravation in the Middle East and Ukraine, TASS reports Photo: As Vladimir Putin noted, a well-known group of countries that are used to dominating the world, ‘practices outright blackmail and forceful pressure, replacing the system of international law with a certain ...

Putin , israel , Ukraine

FM: Belarus ready to resume flights with Israel from tomorrow

... and resume air traffic with Israel even from tomorrow, Press Secretary ... people. After all, Belarus and Israel have had good relations for ... flight was carried out from Israel, “This enabled us to fulfil ...

Belarus , Foreign Ministry , Israel , air traffic

Media: US increasing military equipment supplies to Israel

... of its military aid to Israel, and this is happening against ... source, arms deliveries began at Israel’s request drawn up in ... is being done to provide Israel with the means to defend ... the US President Administration to Israel to avoid civilian casualties in ...

israel , usa

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