Posted: 04.01.2024 15:33:00

Media: Israel in talks with Congo on Gaza ‘voluntary migration’ plan

The Times of Israel reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling coalition in Israel held secret talks with Congolese representatives to discuss accepting thousands of migrants from Gaza as part of a ‘voluntary resettlement’ of residents of the Palestinian enclave, TASS reports


It is reported that Congo will be willing to take in migrants. At the moment, Israel is negotiating with other countries. Benjamin Netanyahu is working ‘on the possibility of Palestinians leaving Gaza after the completion of the military operation against Hamas in the enclave’. The newspaper notes that gradually the ‘voluntary resettlement’ of Gazans is becoming practically a ‘key’ direction of the Israeli Cabinet’s policy.

According to The Times of Israel, Netanyahu supported the idea of ‘voluntary resettlement’ at a meeting of the Likud party parliamentary faction in late December, pointing out that ‘the problem is to find countries willing to accept Gazans’.