Posted: 15.05.2024 13:41:00

Egypt joined South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel in UN International Court of Justice

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry issued a statement that the Egyptian government has decided to join the lawsuit against Israel, previously filed by South Africa in the International Court of Justice, TASS reports


It is reported that Egypt has announced its intention to officially participate in the lawsuit filed by South Africa in the International Court of Justice. The document notes that the reason for this decision is ‘the progressive scale of Israeli aggression and the brutality with which this aggression is being committed’, as well as constant strikes on the Gaza Strip and Israeli actions against civilians.

According to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, all this is ‘a blatant violation of international law and the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War’, adopted in 1949.

It is noted that Egypt called on Israel ‘to comply with the orders of the International Court of Justice, envisaging the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians in sufficient amounts to meet their needs, as well as respect for the rights of the Palestinian people’.