Expert: Belarus retains best practices of university education

... highly appreciated by Iran’s students Belarus-Iran co-operation in ... pantomime, calligraphy, and dancing. The Iranian side organises exhibitions of Persian ... the Embassy of Belarus in Iran,” he explained. According to ... the expert, Iran is interested in such areas ... (landscaping of desert territories). Belarusian-Iranian co-operation is registered at ... and traditional understanding. The Iranian side sees and appreciates this ... we have about 1,000 Iranian students and postgraduates at Belarusian ...

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Opinion: major international initiatives and projects being implemented within SCO

... , taking into account that Iran is subject to Western sanctions ... This solves the problem of Iran almost completely, leveling the negative ... to invest $200-250bn in Iranian economic infrastructure, energy and industrial ... transport link between China and Iran through Central Asia or Pakistan ... the signing of the Sino-Iranian agreement, Russia entered into similar ... agreements with Iran. It was decided to increase ... to the Russian-Iranian agreements, and now Belarusian-Iranian, we get the ...

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Iran wants to co-operate with Russia in the field of nuclear energy

Iranian Finance Minister Ehsan Khandozi said ... Russia will favourably influence the Iranian economy, “The prospect of co ... expanding economic relations with Russia.” Iran and Russia jointly work over ... unit was connected to the Iranian national energy system. The second ... be built. Moscow also supplies Iran with nuclear fuel, which is ...

nuclear energy , russia , iran

Belarus, Iran discussed issues of increasing economic co-operation

... Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Iran to Belarus, Alireza Sanei, and ... the new head of the Iranian diplomatic mission presented copies of ... Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko to Iran on March 12 th -13 ...

Belarus , iran

Lukashenko congratulated Ebrahim Raisi and people of Iran on Nowruz holiday

... of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi and the people ... point in improving the Belarusian-Iranian comprehensive and all-round collaboration ...

Lukashenko , congratulation , Iran , Nowruz

Media: Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed not to enter into military confrontation with each other

... added that Saudi Arabia and Iran came to a consensus on ... Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear programme. Riyadh also pledged ... to third countries to attack Iran.

Iran , Saudi Arabia

Minsk and Tehran signed a road map until 2026

... the Belarusian State thanked his Iranian counterpart for the hospitality ... During a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Aleksandr Lukashenko assured that ... co-operation between Belarus and Iran in the political, economic, ... stop the movement of the Iranian people towards ensuring their ... commercial projects. Belarus and Iran also intend to strengthen co ... .” Aleksandr Lukashenko invited his Iranian counterpart to visit Minsk at ... from a number of leading Iranian medical and scientific-innovative ...

Belarus , iran , co-operation

Bellesbumprom companies increased exports to Iran 2.3-fold in 2022

... Bellesbumprom enterprises increased exports to Iran 2.3 times, the concern ... to the Islamic Republic of Iran increased 2.3 times in ... lumber are actively supplied to Iran," the concern noted. In ...

Bellesbumprom , exports , iran

Russia, China, Iran to conduct maritime exercises in Gulf of Oman

Russia, China and Iran will hold joint maritime drills ... armed forces of Russia, China, Iran and other countries – the navies ... of China, Iran, Russia and other states will ...

china , russia , iran

Deputy explains the importance of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s visit to Iran

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, to Iran is important both in terms ... this regard the relationships with Iran are a very vivid ... almost 90 million people. Iran’s economy is ranked fourth ... one time, the West and Iran boasted excellent relations, with ... Americans were thrown out of Iran. Since then, thousands of ... able to isolate and stifle Iran. Despite the enormous pressure, ... relationships. “Our trade with Iran tripled last year to reach ... . We have always supported Iran and developed relations with it ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Iran

Minsk-Tehran direct flight to be launched on March 26th

Belarus and Iran have agreed to open a ... th , with flights operated by Iran’s Mahan Air – twice a ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , iran , aviation

Belarus, Iran, Russia to jointly develop North–South transport corridor

Belarus, Iran and Russia will jointly develop ... jointly: by Belarus, Russia and Iran. We discussed the railway route ... development. The Iranian side needs to build about ... talking about the transportation to Iran – we also mean the transit ... of the far arc through Iran," Mr. Avramenko said. The ... Mumbai, to St. Petersburg via Iran. Its main advantages over other ... cargo transportation for Belarusian and Iranian carriers was signed in Tehran ...

Belarus , iran , Lukashenko , Avramenko

Ali Khamenei: countries under US sanctions should co-operate with each other

... during his official visit to Iran with the Supreme Leader of ... is achievable. Tough sanctions forced Iran to learn about its capabilities ... basis for many developments in Iran, and our country has been ...

Lukashenko , iran

Lukashenko met with Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran

... with the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, during his official ... and productive talks with the Iranian leadership. In Tehran, the Belarusian ... talks with the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, in Tehran. Following ... the leaders of Belarus and Iran. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the ...

Lukashenko , President , iran

Lukashenko revealed Iranian President’s contribution to development of more active bilateral co-operation

... circumstances have forced Belarus and Iran to intensify co-operation – as ... ; The parliamentarian added that the Iranian side is determined to implement ... believe there is the same iron will on the part of ... visit of our delegation to Iran are a new stage in ... President stated that the Belarusian-Iranian relations have their own history ...

President , Lukashenko , Belarus , iran

Belarus, Iran to mutually recognise the results of halal products certification

... Standardisation of Belarus (Gosstandart) and Iran’s National Standards Organisation (INSO ... Lukashenko’s official visit to Iran, with the document being signed ... relevant bodies of the parties: Iran’s National Standards Organisation (INSO ...

Belarus , iran , co-operation , Gosstandart , INSO

Lukashenko suggests Iran to create joint high-tech production

Belarus and Iran could create joint high-tech ... of State, the President of Iran. We have unequivocally stated that ... depend on the government of Iran which you head," Aleksandr ... , together with the President of Iran, he visited an exhibition of ...

belarus , Lukashenko , iran , President

Lukashenko, Raisi visited exhibition of Iran’s medical, scientific and innovative products

The presidents of Belarus and Iran, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Ebrahim Raisi, ... jointly visited an exhibition of Iran's leading medical and scientific ... from a number of leading Iranian medical and scientific-innovative manufacturers ... the leaders of Belarus and Iran. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the ... determined with the President of Iran that there was a certain ... behalf of the President of Iran was organised.

President , Belarus , Lukashenko , iran

Raisi: Iran ready to share its experience of countering sanctions with Belarus

Iran is ready to share its ... with Belarus – as stated by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at a ... against the Islamic Republic of Iran, during this time we have ... Ebrahim Raisi. The President of Iran has no doubts that the ... co-operation between Belarus and Iran for 2023-2026, envisaging the ... agreements will be implemented,” the Iranian Head of State stressed. “The ... without exception.” According to him, Iran is also keen to develop ...

Lukashenko , Raisi , Belarus , Iran

Lukashenko: Belarus, Iran committed to the idea of building just multipolar world

Belarus and Iran are committed to the idea ... talks with the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, BelTA reports Photo ... international agenda. Importantly, Belarus and Iran are committed to the idea ... Lukashenko noted that he visited Iran the last time 17 years ... stop the movement of the Iranian people towards their independence and ... view with the President of Iran: sanctions are a time of ...

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