Bolivian FM to pledge efforts toward BRICS membership

... push for the accession to BRICS in her inaugural speech, TASS ... working toward Bolivia’s joining BRICS as a full-fledged member ... that Arce had officially notified BRICS of his country’s desire ...

Bolivia , BRICS

Pereira: Belarus, Brazil should liaise even more and expand co-operation

... is strengthening the role of BRICS in the international arena. With ... of Brazil and four other BRICS member states, six more countries ... that would like to join BRICS. And in the near future ... see Belarus as part of BRICS,” he said.

Belarus , Brazil , co-operation , BRICS

Avdonin explains how USA and Great Britain robbed the whole world

... such new integration associations as BRICS and the SCO are inherently ... . Now Russia, China, and other BRICS and SCO member states want ...

Avdonin , US , Great Britain , Anglo-Saxons , SCO , BRICS

Opinion: US domination being replaced by fairer world, where the strong inspires the weak

... associations: together with SCO and BRICS, it protects sovereign states from ...

uk , usa , brics , cis , avdonin , opinion , SCO

Russian FM: several African states eager to join BRICS

... expressed their desire to join BRICS, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... framework of the dynamics that BRICS has acquired, many African partners ... up trade liaisons with the BRICS member states. According to the ... their desire to join BRICS. In August, the BRICS summit was held ...

brics , russia , Africa

Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry: BRICS expansion shows that many countries are tired of United States

... Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, the BRICS expansion shows that the whole ... . Moncada said, “The expansion of BRICS at the expense of six ... !” According to the Foreign Minister, BRICS expansion shows that many countries ... the benefit of their people. BRICS is an alliance of Brazil ...

BRICS , usa , west , nicaragua

Brazilian economist said US reducing confidence in its currency

... initiative to create a single BRICS currency, the expert said, “The ... Batista Nogueira called Russia’s BRICS chairmanship next year and Brazil ...

US , economy , BRICS

NYP: dedollarisation of global economy thanks to BRICS will put an end to US dominance

... to the efforts of the BRICS group of countries, which would ...

US , Dollar , BRICS

African representative: BRICS needs to develop its own currency

... Leadership Council, said that the BRICS countries need to develop their ... help strengthen trade ties within BRICS. He said that the organisation ... the creation of a single BRICS currency had not been discussed ...

south african republic , BRICS , currency

Opinion: economic growth cannot be built on the hostile country’s currency

BRICS, like the Union State, is ... its export presence in other BRICS countries: Brazil, India, China and ... analyst added The expert explained, “BRICS, like the Union State, is ...

Avdonin , Belarus , BRICS

President of Brazil announced his intention to come to Russia for BRICS Summit

... desire to personally attend the BRICS Summit, which will be held ... ] will receive an invitation. The BRICS Summit in Russia next year ... I will go to the BRICS Summit in Russia." Luiz ...

Brazil , russia , BRICS

Krutoi: EAEU experience in removing barriers can be used its interaction with BRICS

... the panel session – EAEU and BRICS: The Role in the Formation ... between the EAEU and the BRICS member states, Dmitry Krutoi noted ... trade between the EAEU and BRICS countries has grown by 40 ... Belarus. Moreover, the share of BRICS in the total trade turnover ... involve new markets, primarily the BRICS markets, and ensure this economic ...

EAEU , BRICS , Krutoi , integration , economy

Expert: key G20 countries see great prospects in BRICS

... countries see greater prospects in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and ... countries see great prospects in BRICS, which is expanding and creating ...

g20 , BRICS , politics

Poland accused the West of lying about Russia's isolation because of Ukraine

... journalist recalled that the 15th BRICS summit was held in Johannesburg ... the world. At the moment, BRICS unites Brazil, Russia, India, China ...

poland , eu , russia , BRICS

Opinion: Belarus receives dividends for its constructive foreign policy activity

Today BRICS is no longer just an ... in this region are considering BRICS as an alternative to ‘Western ... the path of joining the BRICS. Political scientist Yuri Shevtsov told ... the stage of joining the BRICS, Belarus is already receiving dividends ... platform has expanded significantly. Secondly, BRICS can solve large-scale economic ... , such a concept as the ‘BRICS currency’ begins to appear most ...

Shevtsov , Belarus , BRICS

The world is changing

... under the telling title: ‘BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually ... Monetary Fund (IMF), the BRICS five will reach the coveted ... standards of compliance for new BRICS participants. It is also ... in international settlements. The BRICS countries are increasingly switching to ... possibility of creating a common BRICS electronic currency were discussed. ... applied to join the BRICS in the BRICS+ format. By decision ... platforms, “Participation in the BRICS summit solves several problems. Belarusian ...

BRICS , summit , world , Belarus , G7 , economy , politics

Aleinik on Belarus’ accession to BRICS: our application is a priority

... for Belarus after joining the BRICS and at what stage the ... of our contacts with the BRICS member countries, with partner countries ... within the framework of the BRICS, as Minsk has something to ... the assistance of the new BRICS Development Bank, which we are ... preparation and holding of the BRICS, SCO, and EAEU summit. We ...

Belarus , BRICS , Aleinik , EAEU , SCO

Lukashenko: BRICS expansion is very strong step towards multipolar world

The expansion of BRICS is a serious step towards ... more new states will join BRICS next year, and those in ... not over yet, but this [BRICS expansion] is a strong step ... .” The President emphasised that the BRICS expansion is a good step ...

Lukashenko , BRICS

Aleinik: Belarus ready to consolidate efforts with BRICS countries to build fairer world

... to consolidate efforts with the BRICS member countries in these important ... Sergei Aleinik during the BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus dialogues held ... of joint projects with the BRICS member states. We are ready ...

Aleinik , foreign ministry , BRICS

FM: Belarus ready to contribute to maintenance of international food security

... the countries participating in the BRICS Summit – as stated by Foreign ... Sergei Aleinik during the BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus dialogues in ...

Aleinik , food security , belarus , brics

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