Lugina: about 70% of Bellegprom’s produce supplied to foreign market

... supplied before is Tajikistan. Our exports to India increased many times ...

Bellegprom , Belarus , exports

In 2022, Bellesbumprom enterprises increased exports to Russia by 1.5 times

Bellesbumprom enterprises increased their exports to Russia 1.5 times ... products manufactured by enterprises are exported to 68 regions of the ... neighbouring country. In 2022, exports of board products, furniture, paper ... to non-CIS states. Now exports supplies are carried out in ...

Belarus , Russia , Bellesbumprom , exports

Parkhomchik: we’re not limited solely to Russian market

Exports of Belarusian goods to the ...

Belarus , Russia , exports

Bellesbumprom enterprises’ exports to Kyrgyzstan more than tripled

... also in demand, and its exports increased 1.7 times,” the ...

Bellesbumprom , exports , Kyrgyzstan

Belarus expands financial support tools for exports

... instruments of financial support for exports and simplify access of Belarusian ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , exports

In January-November 2022, Industry Ministry enterprises increased exports to CIS by almost 40%

The growth rate of exports of the Industry Ministry organisations ... Industry Ministry’s enterprises were exported to 120 countries of the ... world. In January-November 2022, exports to the CIS states rose ... is a significant increase in exports to such far-arc countries ...

Industry Ministry , exports

Third of Vitebsk Region’s export deliveries go to Russia

... Executive Committee According to her, exports of goods to the Russian ... the total volume of goods exported to the Russian Federation.” Thanks ...

Belarus , Russia , exports , Vitebsk Region

Avramenko: Belarus has diversified cargo deliveries through Russian ports

To date, Belarus has already used 19 ports of the Russian Federation for transshipment of its export cargoes – as Transport and Communications Minister Aleksei Avramenko told journalists after the meeting with the President “Last year, we signed two basic agreements with Russia on the transshipment of Belarusian oil products, large cargoes, primarily potash and nitrogen fertilisers, metallurgy goods, and woodworking products. The volumes for 2023 have been determined and the ports that will be ...

Lukashenko , Avramenko , exports , Russian ports

Snopkov revealed details of meeting with the President

... reach pre-sanction volumes of exports of certain goods this year ... with the President on the exports of Belarusian goods Photo: www ... of 2022, in monetary terms, exports had reached the pre-sanction ... on why, in volume terms, exports of certain goods failed to ...

Lukashenko , Snopkov , exports

Lukashenko: all issues related to port infrastructure construction settled

Diversification of export routes has become one of the topics of today's meeting with the President at the Palace of Independence Photo: www.belta.by Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on the topic, “Due to last year’s attempts to strangle us with sanctions, the existing logistics were disrupted. We had to look for new logistical paths for supply, sales of our products. These points should be discussed as well. I believe all issues have been resolved – at least what you asked me to resolve at the ...

Lukashenko , exports

Lukashenko convened meeting on exports of Belarusian produce

Exports of Belarusian goods are being ... monetary results in terms of exports. photo: www.belta.by “Of ... , as people say, to increase exports by the piece. Therefore, no ... or less positive results in exports.” However, according to Aleksandr Lukashenko ... think about how to expand exports which mean currency without which ... will talk about exports and, primarily, about exports of our main goods ... developed). So, the issue of exports is of paramount importance.”

Lukashenko , exports , Belarus

Parkhamovich: Belarusian enterprises increased supplies of construction goods to Russia by 70 percent

The share of exports of Belarusian building materials increased ... , we increased the share of exports of building materials by more ...

Parkhomchik , construction , exports , building materials

Aleinik: Belarus’ economic diplomacy to be aimed at increasing exports

... will be aimed at increasing exports, expanding the support tools, geographical ... diversification, and assistance to our exporters,” Belarus’ Foreign Minister stated.

aleinik , exports , diplomacy

BUCE to export petrochemicals for Indian pharmaceutical industry

... fibres that are already being exported to Pakistan. We are negotiating ... to ensure diversification of exchange exports. In particular, from January-October ... 2022, exports of Belarusian products to China ...

buce , exports , pharmaceuticals , india

In October, exports of goods from Belarus reached record $3.6bn this year

... 2022, a new annual maximum exports of goods was recorded in ... Ministry noted that, in October, exports returned to a recovery trajectory ... value of last year’s exports: one of the most successful ...

Exports , Economy Ministry , belarus

Belarusian food exports to China up by 50% since 2021

In January-September 2022, the exports of Belarusian food products to ... processing organisations in Belarus. “The exports of food products are growing ... general, during this period, the exports of Belarusian goods to China ...

China , Belarus , window to China , exports

Chinese exports to Russia up by more than 20% against 2021 figures

In September, exports of Chinese products to Russia ... , and the increase in Chinese exports to the Russian Federation continues ...

china , russia , exports

Belarus to export $8bn of food this year

By the end of 2022, Belarus plans to export $8bn of food – as stated by President Aleksandr Lukashenko at the ceremony of launching the production of compound feeds and amino acids at BNBC Photo: www.agrotimes.by "We can generate $8bn from food sales alone this year," Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “When I tell the presidents of equally large states that trade in oil and natural gas that we will get $8bn from food, they fail to believe. It is now a difficult moment, but it is a time of ...

Lukashenko , exports

Bellegprom increasing exports this year

... and interruptions in supplies, the exports of Belarusian products were increased ... to 10 percentage points of exports. But the task was clear ... 71 Russian regions while Belarusian exports to 43 regions have grown ...

Lugina , Bellegprom , light industry , exports

Economy Ministry: Belarus’ exports are steadily growing

After a drop in exports in March caused by a ... seen a steady increase in exports of goods over the past ... 2021. From January-August 2022, exports of goods amounted to $3 ...

Economy Ministry , exports

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