Belarusian agricultural exports set a record in 2021

From January-November 2021, exports of Belarusian food and agricultural ... non-CIS states. Against 2020, exports to Asia and Oceania increased ... were 39.5 percent up. Exports of milk and dairy products ... Brylo, says that 2021 food exports are likely to make almost ...

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Belarus’ exports up to reach $44.5bn

... -November 2021, Belarus increased its exports of goods and services by ... percent to make $70.767bn: exports rose by 38.5 percent ... percent to make $14.321bn: exports rose by 17.7 percent ...

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Exports of Belarusian food and agricultural raw materials up by 16%

In January-November 2021, the exports of Belarusian food products and ... observed in almost all regions. Exports to the CIS states, including ... – by 58.4 percent. Food exports to the People’s Republic ... up by 39.5 percent. Exports of milk and dairy products ...

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Golovchenko: Belarusian exports over 30% up

Since early 2021, Belarusian exports have grown by more than ... Mir , BelTA reports "Belarusian exports have basically grown by 35 ...

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Belarusian exports of frozen beef up

... Against the 2020 figures, Belarusian exports of frozen beef rose by ... grew over 30 percent. Most exports went to China. From January ... similar positions a year ago. Exports of fresh and chilled beef ... revenue. From January-October 2021, exports of Belarusian food products and ...

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MTZ plans to supply at least 4,500 tractors to Pakistan in 2022

... , in January-November 2021, MTZ exports increased by 28.4 percent ... the leading positions of Belarusian exports into this South Asia country ...

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Belarus to increase exports to Oman

Belarus will enhance exports to Oman where Belarusian food, ... student exchange. “We will increase exports to Oman. Belarusian food, machine ...

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Exports of Belarusian agricultural products to China 40% up this year

... the key market for our exports, “Meanwhile, agriculture is now developing ... , over the five-year period, exports to Russia decreased by about ... far-abroad countries: this year, exports there have grown by about ... Minister also commented on increased exports to Asia. According to him ...

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Mozyrsalt exports to 15 countries

... percent of its products are exported to fifteen countries, while annual ... exports exceeding $40m – as informed by ... added that Mozyrsalt’s annual exports amount to about 430,000 ...

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Western sanctions brought billions of Dollars to Belarus, expert asserts

... sanctions pressure. However, the country exported $3.6bn of goods then ... emphasises. In September 2021, Belarus' exports to the CIS increased by ... can see an amazing picture. Exports of Belarusian products to Germany ... countries. For example, in 2020, exports to Lithuania decreased by only ... Committee, in value terms, Belarusian exports to the United States made ... the past ten years, Belarusian exports to the United States have ... : from January-September 2021, Belarusian exports to the EU increased by ...

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From our table to yours

... food and is actively increasing exports The food and processing industry ... the confidence of consumers, being exported to more than a hundred ... of the five leading world exporters. All the achievements of the ... , $4.7bn of goods were exported. Growth amounted to 112.6 ... , with African countries also joining. Exports increased by 40 percent even ... achieve the level of food exports of $6bn. Currently, according to ... an upturn in all markets. Exports to the EAEU countries are ...

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Bishkek interested in Belarusian machinery

... Kyrgyzstan made $75.1m, including exports of $66.6m. Belarus primarily ...

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Exports of Belarusian agricultural products to Kazakhstan rising

From January-September 2021, exports of agricultural products to Kazakhstan ... – behind Russia. In 2020, Belarusians exported $271.9m (a 12.6 ...

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Krupko: food supplies to China up 140 percent against 2020

Belarus has increased its food exports to China – as informed by ... the Agriculture and Food Minister, exports to the EAEU countries are ...

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Belarus’ light and food industry presented in Tokyo

... Belarusian textile, leather and alcohol exporting enterprises for Tokyo businesses – as ... Japan made $184.8m, with exports of Belarusian goods reaching $23 ... .6m. Last year, exports of services stood at $3 ...

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Udmurt Republic interested in Belarusian products

Belarus’ Economy Minister, Aleksandr Chervyakov, has met with the Permanent Representative for the Head of the Udmurt Republic under the President of the Russian Federation – Deputy Prime Minister of the Udmurt Republic, Mikhail Khomich. As reported by the Belarusian Economy Ministry , the meeting was also attended by Russia’s trade representative in Belarus, Yuri Zolotarev. The sides discussed promising areas of co-operation: agriculture, scientific research, tourism. Special attention was ...

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Tractor exports up

... -September 2021, Minsk Tractor Works exports made 133.3 percent against ... least $480m of products were exported. In January-September, the plant ...

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Bellesbumprom exports likely to reach $1bn by late 2021

... successfully this year and its exports are likely to reach $1bn ... for 30 percent of all exports. Another 30 percent of products ...

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Belarus is fourth in world dairy exports

... their views on topical issues. Exports of dairy products rely on ... needs, additional volumes will be exported. This was announced by the ... the four top global milk exporters, after the EU, New Zealand ... past five years, production and exports of more profitable dairy products ... tonnes of cottage cheese were exported. In turn, sales of powdered ... , over the past five years, exports of dairy products in monetary ... on the need to diversify exports. True, Russia has been and ...

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Belarus’ exports to Uzbekistan rising

... 2020) of Belarusian goods were exported, while $31.2m (12.9 ... , in January-August, Belarus increased exports of diagnostic reagents (7.3 ... (2.1-fold) to Uzbekistan. Exports of agricultural products increased by ...

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