Belarus ready to share food with interested states

... , Belarusian food is also actively exported. “If export-related problems emerge ... make it possible to extend exports and, accordingly, generate additional profit ... among the leading global food exporters if the country ensures co ...

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Belarusian food exports to Tajikistan increased by 30 percent

Exports of Belarusian agricultural products to ...

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The West should learn from Lukashenko, expert believes

Belarus is actively developing supplies of its products to the Russian market, and President Aleksandr Lukashenko plays a leading role in this process. He holds regular meetings with representatives of Russian regions, guided by an aim to gain strong foothold on the neighbouring market. Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, shared his views on why the Belarusian leader’s strategy is especially relevant these days. In his talk with Alfa Radio , Mr. ...

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Belarus’ medical exports exceeded $9m since early 2022

... ’ Healthcare Ministry, the country’s exports of medical services exceeded $9m ... .com “From January-March 2022, exports of medical services made more ... note that the structure of exports has changed – regarding the list ... percent of the increase in exports of services was provided by ...

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Bloomberg: Belarus leapfrogged Germany in terms of exports to Russia for the first time

... , Belarus for the first time exported more goods to the Russian ... stressed by the agency, Belarus exports a variety of goods to ... 2022, the volume of Chinese exports to Russia began to decline ...

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MTZ plans to increase export supplies to $1bn

... the short term to increase exports of its products to $1bn ...

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Belarusian food presented in 116 countries

... , Igor Brylo, has reported on exports of Belarusian agricultural products Photo ... ranked 3rd in terms of exports in 2021. Moreover, the country ... account for 79 percent of exports, while Russia’s share makes ...

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Belarusian export geography expanding

Belarus is actively developing exports: last year, around 45 countries ... Belarusian sales is annually expanding; exports of bread and confectionery products ... life are mostly in demand. Exports are supposed to be further ...

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Malkina: shortage of vital goods does not threaten EAEU

... Union is the largest net exporter of agricultural products in the ...

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Belarus’ food exports growing

From January-February 2022, exports of Belarusian food and agricultural ... a record volume of food exports in the history of its ...

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Rogachev Milk Canning Factory launched deliveries of condensed milk to China

Based on the negotiations and agreements reached, the Rogachev Milk Canning Factory has for the first time shipped its condensed milk in large containers to China – as reported by the company Photo: www.belta.by Condensed milk will be used for production purposes and as part of tasting campaigns to further promote this sweet milk product on the Chinese market. Although condensed milk is not a traditional product for China, the foreign partners are interested in such supplies. “Rogachev Milk ...

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Belarus raised food exports to Primorsky Krai more than seven-fold in three years

... , Belarus has increased its food exports to the Primorsky Krai more ...

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Belarus plans to redirect $5bn+ of exports from Europe to Russia and China

... first two months of 2022, exports rose by 21.5 percent ... : more than $5bn of European exports may be redirected to these ...

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Chinese market is interesting for Belarus, boasting high capacity

... attention. As far as food exports to China are concerned, certain ... in the structure of our exports to China while now, according ...

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PM: Belarus will have enough food for domestic needs and exports

Belarus will have enough food for its domestic market and also for foreign buyers – as stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko in his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA reports Photo: www.pixabay.com In response to a question whether the Government has any concerns that inexpensive goods will be taken out of the country after border crossing restrictions are lifted, Mr. Golovchenko noted, “True, our food is cheaper than in the Russian Federation, including due to the fact that we are ...

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Belaruskali’s sales to China growing

In conditions of the western sanctions, Belaruskali JSC reckons upon growing production volumes, while increasing its supplies to China – as informed by the company’s Director General, Ivan Golovaty, BelTA reports “We are definitely working today with consideration of the external factors related to the sanctions imposed on Belarus as a whole and the enterprise in particular. Of course, it is not easy, since new tasks regularly need to be solved. However, at the same time, we ensure production ...

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Belarus among leaders of milk exporters

... , Belarus was placed third in exports of butter (behind New Zealand ... ) in 2021 As regards cheese exports, Belarus occupied the fourth position ... was ranked fifth in its exports – following the US, the EU ...

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Next level grain

... also earns on exports. Last year, we exported food products and agricultural ...

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Belarus’s food exports likely to exceed $7bn in 2022

... January, we had good figures: exports growth made almost 27 percent ... level and ensure even greater exports,” Mr. Brylo said. According to ... increased the share of our exports to almost all countries of ... increasing the share of agricultural exports.”

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Belgospishcheprom about its deliveries to Russia, China and ‘far arc’ countries

... are forced to reorient our exports to other markets but basically ... markets. We will simply increase exports to those countries where consumers ... Chairman added that, last year, exports of the concern’s organisations ... .3 percent of the total exports). “True, the growth was ensured ... by increasing the raw material exports of malt and salt, which ...

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