Posted: 23.04.2024 17:36:00

Deputy PM: Belarus’ exports of medical services exceeded $40m in 2023

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko voiced some figures at the opening of the 29th Healthcare of Belarus 2024 international medical forum

In particular, Igor Petrishenko stressed that Belarus pays much attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing qualified medical care to the population. “We develop the competencies and technologies in the areas where professional and high-quality medical care is needed, and everyone can get convinced today how the country’s healthcare system is developing, how advanced international technologies and practices are being introduced in order to provide excellent medical care,” he said.

The Deputy PM noted that the forum – held in Minsk on April 23rd-26th – has gathered partners from the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, Egypt, Cuba, Iran, and other friendly countries.

"We are proud that, last year alone, Belarus’ exports of medical services to 140 countries of the world generated more than $40m. Our education system actively works as well, and students from more than 50 countries are receiving high-quality medical education in the republic. In 2023 alone, exports of educational services amounted to $30m+,” Mr. Petrishenko noted.