Ambassador: Russian investors propose to create network of medical centres in west of Belarus

Russian investors wonder which Belarusian industries they can invest in, and show interest in tourism, in particular medical tourism – as informed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Russia, Dmitry Krutoi The diplomat said that in this way Russian companies are ready to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the visa-free entry to Belarus for citizens of the European Union. “They have heard about our visa-free regime with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and they ...

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Pinevich: medical sector will become driving force in Belarus-Uzbekistan roadmap

... ’re planning to supply our medicines to Uzbekistan. The guests will ...

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China has 14.41m health workers

... 80,000 feature traditional Chinese medicine. The number of active physicians ...

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30+ investment projects planned for Belarus’ pharmaceutical industry by 2030

... production facilities for import-substituting medicines with total investments of about ...

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Unique veterinary antibiotics-free drug developed in Belarus

... biotechnology laboratory – explained how the medicine works. “We make an injection ...

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Belarusian pharmaceutical enterprises produce 1,800+ drugs

... engaged into industrial production of medicines in the country, and the ... volume of wholesale sales of medicines in Belarus has grown by ...

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Abelskaya: affordable and high-quality medical care is at heart of Belarus' policy

... Uzbekistan to join this process. Medicine is a direction that contributes ...

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Heart beats in anticipation

New domestic technical developments will soon come to the service of cardiac surgeons belta The release of domestic high-tech products for Belarusian cardiac surgery is an important and promising direction in the development of the industry. This is especially evident amid the unstable flow of foreign materials into the country. However, today we are talking not only about import substitution: the production of our own products for cardiac surgery is the key to further success in the treatment ...

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Patient-oriented medicine

... level of organisation, and national medicine is at a decent level ... world leaders in terms of medicine, over the past years, about ... of emergency medical care, Belarusian medicine is very patient-oriented. The ... information in the field of medicine and professional experience. I will ... of organisation and really worthy medicine. I repeat once again: I ...

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Italian doctor: Belarusian medicine seriously focused on patients

... well organised, and the Belarusian medicine as a whole is at ... high level of the Belarusian medicine is recognised in the international ... emergency medical care, the Belarusian medicine is very much focused on ... information in the field of medicine and share professional experience. I ... good organisational structure, and the medicine here is really at a ...

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Belarus’ NAS revealed how neural networks help in medicine

... people. One such area is medicine. Eduard Snezhko, who heads the ... new wave of interest in medicine in the use of neural ...

Belarus , medicine , NAS , neural network

Grab the claw

A real breakthrough is expected in the field of oncology — for the first time in Belarus, the country’s medical scientists are conducting an experiment using the PanTum Detect test, which allows detecting cancer at different stages PanTum Detect — a large-scale Belarusian-German project of technology transfer, in the creation and development of which doctors and scientists from leading state specialised medical centres took part: the Alexandrov National Cancer Centre, Vitebsk Regional Clinical ...

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Belarusian medicine is under close control

... ensure the development of new medicines, to increase production and expand ... the range of domestic medicines, and to improve the management ...

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Belarus developed new type of medical products

A new type of medical products for the country has been developed in Belarus – as reported by the Republican Research and Practical Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology (RRPCM) in its Telegram channel photo: The scientific project, which was carried out by the Centre’s innovation laboratory has been successfully completed. It refers to the development of microbial reference strains. It is clarified that reference bacterial strains are laboratory standards used in ...

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Belarus-made innovative product for cancer patients stirs interest abroad

This year, the Kobrin Butter and Cheese Factory was the first in Belarus to start producing an import-substituting product for dietary preventive nutrition of adults, restoring strength and energy. The Nova Vita dry mixture can be used for feeding cancer patients after surgery and for nutritional support of healthy people with heavy physical exertion, in the postpartum period, with nutritional difficulties in old age. Russia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan have already shown interest in the ...

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Lukashenko: responsible persons will be answerable in case of increase in female oncological diseases

Speaking at today's meeting on topical healthcare issues , the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, promised that responsible persons will be made answerable for an increase in female oncological diseases, BelTA reports photo: A formal approach to conducting medical examinations of the population was named by the working group – led by chief physician of the Republican Medical Centre of the Belarus President Administration Irina Abelskaya – one of the serious ...

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Lukashenko: every patient matters

... to ensure adequate provision of medicines to the population, including rural ... is a complete mess with medicines. Whoever wants, he takes wherever ...

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Lukashenko on results of healthcare system monitoring: there are still egregious examples of mess

An independent interdepartmental group, tasked to check the effectiveness of the functioning of the healthcare system in terms of providing medical care to the population, has detected a number of shortcomings – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, at today’s meeting on topical healthcare issues Photo: In particular, the Head of State stressed that he had been receiving an increasing number of signals about the decline in the quality of medical care ...

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Lukashenko: medicine is important component of country's security

... officials. As it is known, medicine means not only the treatment ... , “Huge funds are allocated for medicine – including for repairs, equipment, salaries ... President suggested looking at domestic medicine in comparison, “I do not ...

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Lukashenko holding meeting on topical healthcare issues

... Belarusian leader stressed that domestic medicine can do a lot. " ...

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