‘Made in Belarus’ equals high quality

... , including international ones. The quality system is regulated by 40 ... requirements for the quality management system. The product quality is strictly ... raw materials affects greatly the quality of the final product. ... underlined Evgenia Misuno, Head of Quality Department at Kamvol JSC. Finished ... is monitored by the quality controller of the technical ... specialists are responsible for the quality in manufacturing. In addition, ... personally interested in producing high-quality products. Before leaving the ...

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Products made to last

... for 22 years, introducing high-quality products of our enterprises to ... Kulevsky Belarusian stands for high-quality — Speaking in general, what economic ... long been known for their quality on the world market. Within ... is a style and high quality. Our expositions evoke a positive ...

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Powerful forward movement

... Bylitsky, Deputy Director General for Quality System Management at BELAZ JSC ... our enterprise has built a quality management system for the development ... STB ISO 9001–2015, quality management methods in accordance with ... country, places special emphasis on quality. Therefore, BELAZ JSC has developed ... and is implementing a Quality Programme for 2024, which ... of work on quality improvement and the Quality Mark on January ... become another step towards product quality improvement? — In 2024, the ...

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Opinion: Belarus has unique development path, and it is followed in the interests of the country and its people

Belarus can become an example of successful state development for other post-Soviet countries – as noted by Nadezhda Lazarevich, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Minsk City Executive Committee, in her talk with Alfa Radio “Even the Russian Federation has looked at us – both at our manufacturers and the competencies we have retained – in a completely different way after 2020. True, our factories need to be modernised, we should improve our production facilities, expand and increase ...

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Gosstandart: Belarusian quality is a brand

... Standardisation (Gosstandart), Yelena Morgunova “Quality needs to be dealt with ... constantly. The quality of Belarusian products is already ... Only the production of high-quality products that meet the expectations ... to achieve even better product quality,” Ms. Morgunova said. According ... proposed declaring 2024 Year of Quality. Currently, the directions of ... are stipulated in the Quality 2021-2025 programme adopted ... the need to tighten integral quality indicators, popularisation of modern ...

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Opinion: ideas of quality are Belarus’ brand supported by the state

Quality needs to be paid attention ... conference dedicated to World Quality Day “Promotion of quality ideas has become ... our country, the ideas of quality enjoy state support. The 2021 ... -2025 Quality programme is currently being implemented ... foreign markets. A range of quality improvement programmes have been developed ... targets and indicators of the quality of products. At the same ... proactively prepared their own industry quality improvement projects,” Ms. Morgunova said ...

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High quality guaranteed

The excellent quality of Belarusian food has long ... clearly structured system for achieving quality at the centre is the ... and Testing Complex For the Quality and Safety of Food Products ... range of safe and high-quality food products. A personalised approach ... are a successful and high-quality replacement for imports. “Import substitution ...

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Deputy PM presented Belarusian Government’s Quality Excellence Awards

... competition for the government’s Quality Excellence Awards. Enterprises are represented ... noted that it is the quality of Belarusian products that forms ... ’s difficult conditions, the high quality of our goods and services ...

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