MAZ on its work in Q1 2024: there is much to be proud of

... of 2023, the increase in production amounted to 126.4 per ... cent. The growth rate of production (volume index) is 130.4 ... export of the company's products increased by 18.2 per ... . By improving the quality of products, we increase demand,” the company ... . The company specialises in the production of cargo, passenger, trailer, and ...

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Belarus’ First Deputy Economy Minister: maximum rate of industrial production growth in recent decade achieved

The maximum rate of industrial production growth over the past 10 ... , a record pace of industrial production has been achieved over the ... will be implemented by reloading production facilities, implementing import substitution measures ...

Economy Ministry , production , Belarus

‘Go and search for what the country needs’

... Gomel Region, Rechitsa District, oil production Ivan Yarivanovich In total, about ... was the level of oil production in Belarus. During the Soviet ... reasonable question: why has the production level dropped significantly, and what ... is not only to make products with the maximum use of ... , the level of potassium salt production was 170% (compared to the ... total, the volume of mining production in 2023 amounted to 104 ... 2022. Interesting facts about oil production in Belarus • In August and ...

Lukashenko , mineral resources , oil , production , Khudyk

Belarusian, Russian manufacturers to assemble IKEA under new brand

... of a joint brand for production and sale of furniture with ... chain with Belarus for the production and sale of furniture, which ... a presentation of samples of products from Belarusian furniture companies that ... for a limited range of products. Many facilities operating under the ... of operation of shops and production in the Russian Federation, as ...

furniture , production , brand , IKEA

Expert: Belarus ahead of European countries in cheese production per capita

... is dominated by high-margin products: sausages, smoked meats, semi-finished ... products, yoghurts, cheeses, confectionery made of ... well as other original Belarusian products already known to foreign consumers ... prices for almost all Belarusian products that are being exported. In ... the global leaders in cheese production per capita – ahead of many ... of cheeses and other dairy products,” she noted.

cheese , Belarus , rating , production

They make it hot

... the main components for the production of solar cells, integrated ... The growth rate of industrial production volumes in comparable conditions is ... increase external shipments of metallurgical products. The focus is on ... minimise transportation costs. In 2023, products were shipped for the first ... of its main range of products — specialists continue to actively ... develop new types of products. For example, the technology ... for the production of continuously cast billets (bars ...

economy , production , BMZ , metallurgists

Delicate workmanship

... (Genuis. National. Lovely) natural fur products of Belkoopsoyuz’s Belkoopvneshtorg and ... the department for the production and sale of products made from natural ... fur mittens, hats and stoles. Production is waste-free. They even ... using RFID tags for fur products [electronic product passport] in ... they look beautiful in our products,” 7th skill category furrier Nadezhda ... the furriers who sewed the products by hand, were simply ... competitions and make high-quality products for compatriots. After all, ...

Belarus , economy , fur , production , GNL , design centre

Expert: Belarusian military-industrial complex can become driver of economic growth

... the level of high-tech products, it can become a driver ... the country has its own production, then it does not depend ... of weapons and dual-use products has increased globally. In his ... of weapons and dual-use products has increased. In this sense ... the level of high-tech products, it acts as a driver ... . The country is approaching the production of its own aircraft, and ... -industrial complex – specialising in the production of various missiles and small ...

military-industrial complex , Belarus , weapons , production , Shevtsov , opinion

Tolwinski: Poland interested in agricultural machinery from Belarus, it is only necessary to change sanctions-related policy

... to the development of agricultural production, compared the experience of farmers ... its own agricultural machine-building production. This is economically unprofitable due ... machinery. Your biotechnology and fertiliser production are well developed. This is ...

agriculture , production , poland , Belarus , co-operation

Go fish

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded that fish production must be at least doubled ... . Practice, scientific activity — when the production site for raising fry is ... from caviar for their own production. Almost all processes are planned ... . belta Numbers in growth Fish production this year will increase by ... two thousand tonnes. Fish production last year amounted to 12 ... for an almost doubling of production volumes of valuable fish species ... . Among these, for example, the production of trout occupies more than ...

belarus , economy , fish , production

Opinion: ideas of quality are Belarus’ brand supported by the state

... is aimed at transforming domestic production into a competitive complex capable ... indicators of the quality of products. At the same time, some ...

quality , production , Belarus

Cuban PM informed on joint production projects with Belarus

... -known agricultural producer, and the products of this sector of the ... possibility of establishing a joint production facility, with the participation of ... enterprise that has the appropriate production infrastructure. The main goal is ... a wide range of dairy products on the premises of the ... Cuba, but also to export products to the Caribbean region and ... register and sell Cuban pharmaceutical products in Belarus, as well as ...

cuba , Belarus , production

Shlychkov said introduction of science into production helps achieve high-quality results

... TV channel manufacture of which products has been mastered in Belarus ... engaged in the development and production of gyroplanes – ultra-light manned ...

Belarus , Science , production , Shlychkov

Opinion: machine-building industry is among Belarus’ brands

... new and modern passenger car production facilities in the post-Soviet ... President Aleksandr Lukashenko, a joint production of passenger cars was established ... . The launch of joint car production with Indian and Iranian enterprises ... not always economically profitable. Domestic production with a high level of ...

machine-building , industry , production , Belarus

Focus on innovation

... promising objects, were discovered. The production association Belorusneft made a gift ... Distroct — in terms of oil production, it is closest to Gomel ... fully justified its feasibility. Belorusneft Production Association Deputy Director General for ... two years ago, natural gas production peaked here — over a billion ... of the National Assembly, Belorusneft Production Association Director General Aleksandr Lyakhov ... records in oil and gas production, we have reached the maximum ...

Belarus , economy , oil , production , deposit , Belorusneft

Media: industrial production volumes in Germany decreased more than expected

German industrial production in July decreased by 0. ... the outlook gloomy. As for production, it already looks like another ...

germany , industry , production

Belarus boasts EAEU’s highest growth in industrial production

... months of this year, industrial production in the EAEU member states ... structure of the EAEU industrial production. Its share increased by 4 ... stood at $570bn. “EAEU agricultural production grew by 3.2 percent ...

EAEU , Belarus , production

BelGee released first vehicle under its own BelGee X50 brand

The first batch of BelGee X50 vehicles rolled off the conveyor at the BelGee enterprise. A vehicle produced under the factory’s own brand has already been accepted, and BelGee’s Director General Gennady Svidersky examined the first passenger car. “Our own brand is the next level of interaction with Geely,” he told our reporter. “When we produce under the Geely brand, we have a license to assemble vehicles under this brand. A vehicle under our own brand gives us more opportunities. We got the ...

Belarus , Belgee , production

Welcome to the Aircraft Club!

... the main strategic session, Sustainable Production. Upgrade Strategies, he announced the ... in the programme for the production of units, assemblies, components ... Ulyanovsk aircraft plants and similar production in Ufa, in the opinion ... be engaged in the serial production of the aircraft.” In ... developed a technology for the production of components and elements. ... , including schools for the production of all systems and engines ... cosmonaut into space to joint production of satellites, a microelectronic ...

Golovchenko , Belarusian-Russian , aircraft , production , INNOPROM , manufacturer , interview

Lukashenko: it’s necessary to create our own capacities and production facilities wherever possible, not only in Russia

... , but also to set up production capacities in the Russian Federation ... areas in order to organise production at Russian sites, forming a ... establish our own capacities and production facilities wherever possible (if it ...

Lukashenko , Golovchenko , Council of Ministers , Russia , Belarus , production

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