Posted: 11.12.2023 16:49:00

Expert: Belarusian military-industrial complex can become driver of economic growth

During one of his recent working trips, Aleksandr Lukashenko once again stressed that, in the current geopolitical situation, defence and economy remain the main topics on the agenda. After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, the Belarusian military-industrial complex received additional opportunities for growth. Moreover, thanks to the work at the level of high-tech products, it can become a driver of technological growth in all other sectors of the economy. Political expert Yuri Shevtsov commented on the issue.

The ability of a country to produce certain types of weapons is primarily a matter of national security, and Mr. Shevtsov explained, “If the country has its own production, then it does not depend on international sanctions or other forms able to cut it off from purchasing modern weapons. The key point is to be able to ensure the state’s own security independently.”

It is also important to keep in mind that the demand for the supply of weapons and dual-use products has increased globally. In his talk with Alfa Radio, Mr. Shevtsov noted, “An unusual process has occurred: the military-industrial complex in Ukraine has collapsed, it already provides little for the needs of the Ukrainian army. As a result, the entire NATO bloc is working for Kiev. This means that the global demand for the supply of weapons and dual-use products has increased. In this sense, the Belarusian military-industrial complex is getting additional opportunities for growth.”

The expert noted a remarkable feature of this situation, “When the military-industrial complex operates at the level of high-tech products, it acts as a driver for the technological growth of all other sectors of the economy. Therefore, Belarus – in addition to the opportunity to defend itself with the domestically manufactured weapons – has the opportunity to experience a boost in its development. The country is approaching the production of its own aircraft, and attempts are made to create new industries within the military-industrial complex – specialising in the production of various missiles and small arms.”

Mr. Shevtsov added that, if the Belarusian military-industrial complex continues to produce in-demand equipment, especially artillery systems, then the country’s technological level will increase – giving hope for profitable international orders.