Kalashnikov increased small arms production by 40% in 2022

... and growing sales of civilian weapons’. In September, Kalashnikov Group’s ... exports of civilian weapons reached the level registered in ...

russia , weapons , kalashnikov

Belyaev explained what benefits Poland derives from Russian-Ukrainian conflict

... transmission link so that all weapons are supplied through it. We ... know that some of these weapons do not reach Ukraine and ...

Belyaev , Ukraine , West , weapons

Germany approved sale of 100 howitzers to Ukraine

The German government has agreed to sell 100 howitzers to Ukraine directly from the manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the German media Photo: www.pixabay.com As informed by Spiegel with reference to a representative of the arms concern, Ukraine requested the opportunity to buy howitzers directly from the KMW concern in April. The concern filed an application for production of 100 Panzerhaubitze2000-type howitzers worth 1.7bn Euros in July, and a few days ...

germany , Ukraine , weapons

Volodin: missiles supplied to Kiev can be directed at their owners

Vyacheslav Volodin, the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, said Kiev's lack of professionalism could lead to the situation when the missiles supplied to Ukraine by Brussels and Washington can fly back to their owners, BelTA reports with reference to TASS Photo: www.tass.ru In his personal Telegram channel, Mr. Volodin recalled that the Ukrainian Defence Minister does not distinguish types of missiles. “He is a lawyer and cannot distinguish one type of weapon from another,” the Russian ...

volodin , weapons

Weapons transfer to Ukraine led to weakening of British army, media report

By transferring weapons to Ukraine, Britain has weakened ... the number of critical advanced weapons. However, many experts express the ...

UK , Ukraine , weapons , army

Peskov denied information about transfer of Russian nuclear missiles to Belarus

... on the transfer of nuclear weapons by Russia to Belarus, following ... of carrying different types of weapons,” Mr. Peskov said, answering the ...

peskov , weapons , belarus , russia

Poland to sign largest arms deal with Ukraine in 30 years

... supply a large batch of weapons to Ukraine – as stated by ... be providing tried and tested weapons, that will prove to be ... not specify what kind of weapons he was talking about. According ... funding for the purchase of weapons from the EU, with the ...

Poland , Ukraine , weapons

Interpol Chief said about danger of arms supplies to Ukraine

A significant part of the weapons supplied to the Kiev regime ... in the illegal circulation of weapons, primarily small arms. Mr. Stock ... situations and the availability of weapons, even those used by the ... added that countries that supply weapons to Ukraine need to combine ... to control the movement of weapons.

Interpo , Ukraine , weapons

Russian Defence Ministry: Ukrainian army plans to shell Russia’s territory with American missiles

... from the United States. These weapons are planned to be used ...

russia , Ukraine , weapons

Russian Foreign Ministry: arms supplies to Ukraine increase risks of Russia-US collision

Any supplies of weapons to Ukraine by the United ...

Russia , USA , weapons

Human rights are violated more in US than anywhere else

... to a store and bought weapons! Moreover, he posted photos of ... networks. This is a ‘freedom’! Weapons are openly sold, and photos ... of a thoughtless use of weapons, the US Congress is unlikely ... of a thoughtless use of weapons (which – I would like to ... ban this free sale of weapons. It is not their children ...

dovgalo , house of representatives , usa , weapons

New generation S-500 anti-aircraft missile system entering into service in Russia

... undisputed leader’ globally regarding these weapons in terms of their technical ...

russia , weapons

Protest rallies against arms supplies to Ukraine held in Bulgaria

Protests against supplies of weapons to Ukrainian servicemen were held ... conflict – not a supplier of weapons. The protesters also demanded that ... moratorium on sending troops and weapons, on creation of military bases ...

bulgaria , weapons , Ukraine

Trump says US is at its ‘most dangerous moment in history’

... of the enormous power of weapons. “Weapons are now at a level ...

usa , trump , america , weapons

China opposes sending offensive weapons to Ukraine

... community to stop supplying offensive weapons to Kiev in order to ... believes that the supply of weapons could only escalate the conflict ... abandon the deliveries of offensive weapons,” urged Zhang Jun. Earlier the ... their intention to send offensive weapons to Ukraine. An increase in ... the supply of artillery weapons to Kiev was also reported ...

PRC , Ukraine , weapons

War and peace

... spending and the purchase of weapons and military equipment by countries ... possibilities for the purchase of weapons and military equipment. In general ... Conventional Arms, intensive deliveries of weapons and military equipment were observed ... The deliveries of equipment and weapons to Ukraine are increasing. The ... batch of light anti-tank weapons here. Earlier, the United States ... to Washington, ‘the sale of weapons to the Lithuanians will not ... their own plans to pull weapons and NATO forces to the ...

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