Kiev’s needs increased turnover of global arms manufacturers by 75%

... reporting of global manufacturers of weapons and ammunition. "Arms companies ...

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Australia to buy 220 Tomahawk missiles from US

The US State Department approved a potential sale of Tomahawk missile systems worth $895m to Australia, further tightening security ties between the two nations, Bloomberg reports Photo: www.o riginalpro.ru Australia’s purchase of 220 Tomahawk missiles will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States. The Defence Security Co-operation Agency said in a statement, “It is vital to the US national interest to assist our ally in developing and maintaining a ...

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Americanist: US crime figures growing

... , and people are actively buying weapons there wishing to defend themselves ... According to the expert, the weapons agenda remains relevant in the ... so often. In general, the weapons agenda remains relevant, and arms ... defend themselves – and sales of weapons are setting all possible records ...

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S. Korea earned $17bn+ in arms exports in 2022

... authorities systematically refuse to supply weapons to Ukraine. In recent years ... largest customer of South Korean weapons. It signed a $12.4bn ...

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South Korea stressed its position on impossibility of supplying weapons to Ukraine remains unchanged

... on the impossibility of supplying weapons to Ukraine, as reported by ... attitude towards the supply of weapons from the Republic of Korea ... it does not supply lethal weapons to Ukraine,” he said. Moreover ...

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Western experts: Abrams tanks are too heavy for Ukrainian bridges

As noted by the American edition of Newsweek, the NATO tanks promised to Kiev have an impressive weight of 60 tonnes or more, which can become a problem when operating in Ukraine PHOTO: WWW.TOPWAR.RU According to the publication, tanks will be too heavy for the Ukrainian infrastructure, including bridges. Accordingly, they will need to perform certain manoeuvres to reach their destination, and the Russian military intelligence can use this to its benefit. The source said that all the latest ...

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Politico: APU will have to save ammunition due to depletion of weapons stocks in the West

... Western countries have depleted their weapons stocks, RIA Novosti reports with ...

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North Korea warns US over spreading rumours about its arms sales to Russia

... to justify its offer of weapons to Kiev. “The US should ... Jong Gun, supplying Ukraine with weapons is a crime. And because ...

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Argentinean President ruled out sending weapons to Ukraine

... countries are not considering sending weapons to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports ... are not thinking about sending weapons either to Ukraine or any ...

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Pentagon Chief says US ready to use conventional and nuclear weapons to protect South Korea

... to using conventional and nuclear weapons to deter the DPRK and ...

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Daily Mail: sending tanks to Kiev could turn Europe into radioactive graveyard

Tank deliveries are only prolonging the conflict in Ukraine – as noted by Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.pixabay.com According to him, the decision to supply tanks to Ukraine is ‘an act of grave stupidity’. Peter Hitchens also criticised British MPs who ‘did not oppose the move’. “There is the real possibility that a large chunk of Europe might be turned into a radioactive graveyard,” the observer said. Moreover, Peter Hitchens expressed the opinion that ...

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Opinion: Kiev unable to stop Putin's invincible weapon

Russian missiles are almost impossible to eliminate by the Ukrainian air defence forces, so they can hit decision-making centres in Kiev at any time – as stated by Oleg Soskin, an adviser to the country’s ex-president Leonid Kuchma, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.ria.ru “It has turned out that they [Russian missiles] are not shot down. It is simply impossible to shoot them down. Slogans like ‘have faith in the air defence, the Armed Forces and the Air Force’ are nonsense,” Mr. Soskin said in ...

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Foreign Policy: Biden administration to focus on arms supplies to Ukraine in 2023

... ensure that regular deliveries of weapons to Ukraine do not stop ... is the largest supplier of weapons to Kiev. At the same ...

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Survey reveals drop in support for military supplies to Ukraine

... participating in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports ... , support for the supply of weapons to Ukraine has declined among ... said that pumping Ukraine with weapons from the West does not ...

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Markov: Western-trained militants are toy regiments with weapons to create provocations

... West is toy regiments with weapons to create provocations,” he believes ...

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Military expert said West using Ukrainian territory to test latest weapons

... supplying Kiev with the latest weapons not to satisfy the requests ... ] are begging for the latest weapons systems, they are not supplied ... an indispensable platform where these weapons can be tested in order ... outstretched hands, saying that these weapons are not enough for them ...

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CNN: US running out of some types of weapons for supplies to Ukraine

... not have enough high-tech weapons systems and ammunition for Ukraine ... noted, the stocks of some weapons have greatly decreased in the ... about the production of additional weapons systems in America, including HARM ... American officials emphasise, supplies of weapons are evaluated taking into account ...

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Belarusian cut diamonds

... the importance of missile weapons. High-precision weapons make it possible to ... to produce modern full-cycle weapons. Nevertheless, this issue was closely ...

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US experts named Russian T-90 tank’s advantage

The main advantage of the Russian T-90 tank is its economic accessibility, which enables even not the wealthiest countries to equip their armies with modern military hardware, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports with reference to Popular Mechanics Photo: www.rg.ru A low silhouette of the tank makes it difficult to defeat it, and its composite armour with dynamic protection is able to stop anti-tank shells and missiles. Thanks to constant modernisation, the smoothbore 125mm 2A46M cannon is now more ...

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Belarusian gunmakers took part in exhibition of weapons and military equipment in Indonesia

The 9 th Indonesia’s Official Tri-Service Defence, Maritime and Security Event and the INDO DEFENSE EXPO & FORUM 2022 took place in Jakarta (Republic of Indonesia) Photo: www.vpk.gov.by As reported by the State Authority of Military Industry, Belspetsvneshtechnika state-owned foreign trade unitary enterprise participated in the exhibition as an organiser of the joint stand of the State Authority of Military Industry, the 558 Aircraft Repair Plant and AGAT – Control Systems – Managing Company of ...

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