French government experiencing difficulties in financing aid promised to Ukraine

French authorities are struggling to find funds to finance €3bn in aid to Ukraine due to the need to cut government spending, TASS reports with reference to Bloomberg According to the news agency, France will have to redistribute funds and find savings to finance the €3bn aid package promised to Ukrainians – to purchase missiles and artillery. Bloomberg attributes the difficulties of the French defence, foreign and finance ministries to the fact that on February 18th the government ‘lowered ...

France , Ukraine , West , AFU , weapons

Denmark, Czech Republic agreed to co-operate in providing assistance to Ukraine

... possible supply of high-quality weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Danish ... industry for each batch of weapons and is responsible for control ...

denmark , Czech Republic , Ukraine , weapons

Media: S. Korea, Saudi Arabia sign defence co-operation agreement

... , as well as production of weapons systems. “Defence Minister Shin Won ...

South Korea , Saudi Arabia , weapons , defence

Norway allowed direct sale of weapons and defence products to Ukraine

... allow domestic companies to sell weapons and defence products directly to ... allow the direct sale of weapons and defence products of the ... license for direct sales of weapons and defence products to Ukraine ...

Norway , Ukraine , weapons

Over 20 years, Belarus’ State Authority for Military Industry supplied about 300 units of modern weapons

... about 300 units of modern weapons – as informed by its Chairman ... units of the most modern weapons have been delivered to the ...

State Authority for Military Industry , belarus , weapons , defence

Lithuania’s Nauseda promised Ukraine to provide €200m of military aid

A €200m package of long-term military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine – M577 armoured vehicles, ammunition, generators and detonation systems – has been approved by the Lithuanian government, said President Gitanas Nauseda, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.freepik.com Previously, Nauseda reported that Vilnius approved this plan to help Kiev in August 2022. “We’ll continue to support Ukrainians by all means: military, economic, and political. The Lithuanian Defence Council approved a € ...

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Media: DPRK launching new satellites and building drones due to US actions

North Korea vowed to launch three new spy satellites, build military drones, and boost its nuclear arsenal in 2024 as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said US policy is making war inevitable, Reuters reports photo: www.reuters.com Kim Jong Un hit out at Washington as he wrapped up five days of ruling party meetings that outlined economic, military and foreign policy goals for 2024. “Because of reckless moves by the enemies to invade us, it is a fait accompli that a war can break out at any time ...

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Polish Foreign Minister urged the West to transfer long-range missiles to Ukraine

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski called on Western states to supply Kiev with long-range missiles that can be used to strike targets on Russian territory, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters.com Radoslaw Sikorski believes that the West should respond to attacks on Ukrainian military facilities, which were a response to the shelling of the centre of Russian Belgorod from the side of Kiev. The Polish Foreign Minister shared his opinion that the West should strengthen anti-Russian sanctions ...

poland , west , Ukraine , weapons

Lavrov: West raising stakes in Ukrainian conflict by delivering long-range systems

... continues to pump Kiev with weapons, raising the stakes by using ... in the Ukrainian conflict. NATO weapons are being supplied, including cluster ...

Russia , lavrov , Ukraine , West , weapons

EU military expenditures reached impressive 240bn Euros in 2022

... purchase of new types of weapons. It is also not reported ... EU countries supplied Ukraine with weapons worth 27bn Euros, which exceeded ...

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Deputy: arms market most expensive in terms of global sales

... rid of old types of weapons, from which defence companies ... producing new types of weapons through which they can ... fleet of military equipment and weapons of their armies. The ... support Ukraine by supplying weapons there are now actively ... sales of military equipment and weapons. It is clear that ... they are actively purchasing American weapons. Today, major arms buyers ... need to update their weapons fleet. Moreover, weapons and military equipment ... fact that fuel and weapons manufacturers have risen in price ...

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Expert: Belarusian military-industrial complex can become driver of economic growth

... to produce certain types of weapons is primarily a matter of ... it off from purchasing modern weapons. The key point is to ... demand for the supply of weapons and dual-use products has ... demand for the supply of weapons and dual-use products has ... itself with the domestically manufactured weapons – has the opportunity to experience ...

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Media: Pentagon said US lags behind China in weapons production

... is lagging behind China in weapons production, RIA Novosti reports photo ... produce its ‘world’s best weapons fast enough’. It is also ...

US , China , weapons

Ukraine to spend almost $5bn on missile purchases in 2024

... on the purchase of missile weapons and ammunition, according to a ... announced its intention to purchase weapons and equipment, as well as ...

Ukraine , weapons

Media: almost 179 thousand weapons stolen in Ukraine since the launch of special military operation

... Information about the loss of weapons was shared by the Ukrainian ... units of lost and stolen weapons have been recorded – 30 percent ... of the total number of weapons registered throughout the entire time ... registry of lost and stolen weapons, which records data on both ... civilian and military weapons. The resource also notes that ... most of the weapons – 80 percent – is listed as ... of this amount are stolen weapons. Most of the stolen or ...

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State Authority for Military Industry: in 2023, 10+ new weaponry have been supplied to Belarusian army

... substitution in the field of weapons. photo: www.belta.by “The ...

State Authority for Military Industry , Belarus , army , weapons , Pantus

Safety, quality and import substitution. What else does the President require from officials?

... ordnance depot. Various types of weapons and military equipment are stored ... small arms, shops to repair weapons and hardware, and outdoor sites ... on the storage conditions of weapons: “Do we have the same ... security for nuclear weapons?” Aleksandr Lukashenko asked. “Better”. “Even ... the army for properly storing weapons and military hardware. “It is ... improving, modernising, and preserving our weapons. Today I made sure that ... if you don’t have weapons and ammunition,” the Head of ...

Lukashenko , working trip , Gomel , artillery ordnance depot , weapons , military equipment , Kristall , jewellery plant

Media: Hungary, Slovakia against arms supply to Ukraine

... not support the provision of weapons to the AFU – as stated ... conflict in the supply of weapons. We also want to stop ...

slovakia , Hungary , Ukraine , weapons

Expert: China sees Belarus as equal partner for development of new weapons

... and household appliances. Investments in weapons have traditionally led to a ... just as a buyer of weapons, but as an equal partner ... and create new models of weapons and military equipment. Our task ...

china , Belarus , weapons , avdonin , opinion

Defence One: Ukraine paying exorbitant prices for weapons from its partners

Kiev is purchasing weapons from its allies at exorbitant ... for its aging Soviet-designed weapons from a Bulgarian arms manufacturer ...

Ukraine , Russia , weapons

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