S. Korea established AI research centre for military use

... promising applications of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the defence sector ... situation on the battlefield using AI. According to the agency, the ...

south korea , AI , military

UK could lose 8m jobs due to AI

... jobs due to artificial intelligence (AI) under current government policies – as ... published by the think tank, AI already impacts 11 percent of ... across the board are using AI to drive up efficiency, while ... ($1bn) investment in technology and AI to boost public-sector output ... November, the government acknowledged that AI is already having an impact ... skills needed to adapt to AI.

UK , AI , jobs

European Parliament approved world’s first AI law

... law regarding the use of AI technology during a session in ... people. Reaching an agreement on AI was one of the priorities ...

EU , AI , European parliament

Para bellum?

... direction have already been taken. AI is already actively used to ...

world , arms race , AI , army , modernisation

India announced $1.2bn+ investment in AI projects

... projects related to artificial intelligence (AI), TASS reports photo: www.reuters ... years ‘to strengthen India’s AI innovation ecosystem’. Thus, the Indian ... computing infrastructure, the development of AI applications for the public sector ... startups in the field of AI.

India , AI

AI insights on the two sessions: AI anchor highlights key points of 2024 Chinese gov't work report

On March 5th, Chinese Premier Li Qiang delivered the government work report during the opening meeting of the second session of the 14th National People's Congress. According to the report, China aims to achieve an economic growth target of around 5 per cent in 2024. How will this goal be achieved? Let's delve into this year’s government work report to find more details. Quality: The report states that China will strive to modernise the industrial system and develop new quality productive ...

China , AI

Lukashenko: AI will not replace humans

Artificial intelligence will not replace humans, but there is no getting away from this trend – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during his today’s meeting with the activists of the Belarusian Women’s Union public association photo: One of the questions concerned an increasingly active penetration of digital technologies into people’s lives. The President was asked whether it’s possible that human life will be completely shifted into the digital ...

Lukashenko , Belarusian Women’s Union , President , AI

Ecuador to fight corruption with AI help

Ecuadorian authorities plan to use artificial intelligence to fight corruption, TASS reports Photo: The Head of Ecuador’s General Control Directorate, Mauricio Torres, posted on his X account, “It is planned to use artificial intelligence to optimise resources when analysing declarations of civil servants." He added that artificial intelligence will be used to identify ‘unusual growth of assets in the declarations of officials’. A large-scale investigation – Caso ...

Ecuador , ai , corruption

Pope urges to bind international treaty to regulate AI

... the development and use of AI in its many forms,” the ...

Pope of Rome , AI , treaty

Mozambique begins testing AI in prisons to fight tuberculosis

... spread of tuberculosis (TB) using AI technologies, supported by the non ... news agency. Thus, software with AI elements is connected to an ... are working on creating an AI hub, which will optimise the ...

Mozambique , AI , tuberculosis

Expert said in future AI could become greater threat than nuclear weapons

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies may, in the next ... headquarters of the first international AI regulator, which will be modeled ... this. Comparing nuclear energy and AI, this metaphor itself seems to ... without meaning. I think that AI at a certain stage of ... with corresponding safety contours, and AI claims to be the subject ... mechanism does not work, then AI can turn from a decision ... about a hundred years. “Now AI is a safe kitten,” he ...

AI , technology , nuclear energy

YouTube will soon require labelling AI-generated content

... that is realistic, including using AI tools,” the source said. Such ... content includes AI-generated videos that realistically depicts ... can be used to mark AI-generated content. When creators upload ...

YouTube , neural networks , ai

Germany, France, Italy agreed to co-operate on AI

Italy, France and Germany have agreed to strengthen co-operation in the field of artificial intelligence, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the joint communique prepared by these countries’ ministers of industry and economy PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM The statement was made by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy. According to the agency, Italian Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, and French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno ...

italy , france , germany , AI

AI named Word of the Year by Collins

... English Dictionary Collins has named ‘AI’ (artificial intelligence) its Word of ... justification for Collins to choose AI as its Word of the ... that the Collins Dictionary defines AI as ‘the modelling of human ... the next great technological revolution, AI has seen rapid development and ...

AI , Collins Dictionary , Word of the Year , UK

UK to create world’s first AI Safety Institute

... establish the world’s first AI Safety Institute, TASS reports photo ... London on the development of AI, announced the creation of the ... world’s first AI Safety Institute in the country ... point, the politician said that AI will bring with it new ... reach. However, if treated incorrectly, AI could make it easier to ... PM, terrorist groups can use AI to sow fear and destruction ... greater scale. Criminals can use AI for cyberattacks, disinformation, and fraud ... could completely lose control of AI,” Sunak warned.

UK , Sunak , AI , technology

Yandex: AI won’t replace the profession of journalist

... Kazakhstan, expressed the opinion that AI will not displace the profession ... that the further development of AI, which will be able to ... afraid of here is not AI, but another journalist who will ... use AI. A journalist – like a ... – will be replaced not by AI, but by another person who ... will use AI,” said a Yandex representative, commenting ... the words of journalists that AI has learned to create news ... testing a tool based on AI that can write news articles ...

AI , Yandex , journalism

Gusakov: no reason to be afraid that AI will surpass human intelligence – programme is created by people

... According to him, artificial intelligence (AI) is among the most rapidly ... this regard. “Technologies based on AI are rapidly developing in our ... And that’s not all. AI underlies many technical systems and ... production. With the help of AI, products are printed, including food ... set the appropriate programme. AI is capable of creating works ... reason to be afraid that AI will surpass human intelligence, ... will soon become slaves of AI, I can answer: everything ... developments in the field of AI from the country’s ...

NASB , Belarus , Gusakov , AI

UN ready to become platform for discussing AI regulation

At the opening of the general political debates of the 78th session of the world organisation, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted that the UN could become a place to discuss the governance of artificial intelligence, TASS reports Photo: Guterres said he plans to establish a high-level advisory body on artificial intelligence by the end of the year. “There are calls to consider the possibility of creating a global structure that would become a source of information and ...


They approach the matter wisely

... Developments related to artificial intelligence (AI) have been making a splash ... engage in the introduction of AI technologies or not, but only ... the development and training of AI this spring. However, opinions were ... school for the study of AI. Furthermore, we are working on ... development of technologies tied to AI. In the spring of this ... vision for the development of AI within the CIS, then this ... three categories: the leader of AI in Belarus in the company ...

belarus , National Academy of Sciences , artificial intelligence , AI , science , technology

AI-controlled drone decided to kill operator during tests in US

... Tucker Hamilton, the Chief of AI Test and Operations with the ... to talk about ethics and AI.”

ai , drone , usa

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