Roscosmos: Vasilevskaya and Lenkova of Belarus, as well as cosmonauts Novitsky and Vagner declared fit to fly

... commission confirmed the fitness for space flight of Marina Vasilevskaya and ... the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, on February 21st, the ... made on the fitness for space flight of Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg ... Novitsky and Ivan Vagner, alongside space flight participants from the Republic ...

Vasilevskaya , Lenkova , Novitsky , Vagner , Belarus , space , flight

Belarus’ NAS: Belarusian-Russian crew of Soyuz MS-25 to perform scientific research

... the Deputy Head of the Space Activities Department of Belarus’ National ... is dedicated to the Belarusian space exploration contribution Ivan Bucha stated ... . By the way, the International Space Station (ISS) has photo and ... are completing preparations for a space flight at the Gagarin Research ... they are fit enough for space. At the moment, we are ... ,” the Deputy Head of the Space Activities Department of Belarus’ National ...

exhibition , space , science

India plans to send crewed spacecraft into space in 2025

Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Sreedhara Panicker ... the country would have a space station by the end of ... would send the first national space crew into orbit by August ...


Roscosmos Chief: Russia-Belarus space co-operation is of particular importance

... projects in the field of space exploration for more than two ... work in the field of space activities. According to the Roscosmos ... of the Union State on space issues have been implemented, as ... for the targeted use of space remote sensing systems of the ... surface and near-Earth outer space. The countries are also actively ... for creating a near-Earth space monitoring system using radar facilities ... surveillance spacecraft and a relevant space system is actually the key ...

russia , Belarus , space , Union State , roscosmos

Turkiye to send two unmanned spacecraft to Moon within 10 years

... the start of a national space programme worth about $6bn. It ...

turkiye , Space , moon , unmanned spacecraft

India launched satellite to study black holes

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) kicked off ... Bengal, where the Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located. The mission ... research in the field of space measurements of X-ray radiation ... and neutron stars, the Indian space agency notes.

India , space , black holes

India to launch 100 military space satellites in 8 years

... increase its constellation of military space satellites by 100 devices in ... the Indian constellation of military space satellites will increase by 100 ... . India will establish a Space Command to carry out operations ... in near and deep space. According to the publication’ ... aiming to efficiently use outer space for both offensive and ... actively liaising with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), other ... in the field of space communications, Earth observation, space satellite control, etc ...

India , space , military satellite

China successfully launched artificial Earth satellite

... Chinese private aerospace company i-Space. The first launch in 2019 ...

China , space , satellite

India, US to launch Earth-observing satellite in early 2024

... Indian government’s nuclear and space industries, said that India and ... Singh said that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the ... US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will launch a ...

India , US , space , satellite

Cosmonaut Novitsky praised training of Belarusian women who will be sent into space in March

... visiting expedition to the International Space Station (ISS) at the Gagarin ... cosmonaut commander Oleg Novitsky and space flight participant Marina Vasilevskaya, who ...

cosmonauts , preparation , space , expedition , Novitsky , Belarus

China ready to invite foreign astronauts to its space station

... astronauts to participate in its space station flight missions, TASS reports ... the peaceful use of outer space to co-operate with us ... and participate in the Chinese space station missions," Lin Xiqiang ... Deputy Director of China Manned Space Agency, said, also welcoming the ... , development and experiment for space application payloads, space environment governance and aerospace ...

china , space

India said US asked Indian experts to share space technology

Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Sreedhara Panicker ... stations and asked to share space technologies with them, TASS reports ... and asked them to share space technology. The launch of the ...

India , US , space

Chinese cosmonauts invite for online lecture from space

... lecture in the format of space-Earth interaction live, addressing the ... with reference to China Manned Space Programme Office Photo by Xinhua ... 10:45 Minsk time. The space lecturers will invite their audience ... experiments on Earth and in space.

china , space , Earth

Media report China and India have potential in joint space programmes

... carry out projects on deep space exploration, training astronauts and launching ... not only developing its own space programme, but is also ‘ready ...

India , China , space

China to provide access to its space station for space science projects

... system for space science projects aboard China’s space station has been ... Office of the China Manned Space Programme, Xinhua reports photo: www ... applications for projects covering space science, microgravity physics, space astronomy and earth ... sciences, as well as new space technologies and their applications. The ... Chinese space station serves as a government ... space laboratory that is equipped with ...

China , space

Media: UAE to launch region’s most powerful photography satellite into space

... the MBZ-Sat satellite into space in 2024, the region’s ... of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) Salem Al Marri ... orbit as part of the SpaceX mission using the Falcon 9 ...

UAE , satellite , space

New hybrid technique for massive exoplanet rapid search developed

An international team of planetary scientists has developed a hybrid approach for the search for massive exoplanets, combining direct observations of such worlds and the search for indirect signs of their existence in the glow of parent stars. The approach enabled to detect a gas giant in the orbit of the neighbouring star HIP 99770 – as reported by the press service of the American Keck Observatory, TASS reports. Photo: MarkoBeg/Shutterstock/FOTODOM “Our approach is fundamentally changing the ...


Russia deployed full constellation of hydrometeorological satellites in geostationary orbit

... constellation of the Electro meteorological space system consisting of three satellites ...

Russia , space

Belarusian Marina Vasilevskaya included into main crew for ISS mission

... the flight to the International Space Station, the Embassy of Belarus ...

space , Belarus , iss

Shumilin: two contenders for space flight selected and are being trained

... Academy of Sciences of Belarus, spoke about this on the eve ... -researcher is being trained, since space has its own specialisations. This ... for observing the Earth from space, including for the study of ... of the disease while from space, the technology enables us to ...

Shumilin , Belarus , space

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