Would-be Belarusian cosmonaut undergoes training under scientific programme

... , the training of a Belarusian cosmonaut, and the development of co ... . “The training of the Belarusian cosmonaut under the scientific programme is ... it will be a research cosmonaut. This is taking place in ...

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Belarusian cosmonaut’s flight to ISS planned for autumn

... the flight of a Belarusian cosmonaut is scheduled to start in ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky commented on possibility of Lukashenko's space flight

... – as noted by a Belarusian cosmonaut and a Hero of Russia ... 2022, Aleksandr Lukashenko invited the cosmonaut to his small homeland. Mr ... used as its ingredients.” The cosmonaut also shared his impressions of ... in just one day,” the cosmonaut stressed. Answering the clarifying question ...

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Gusakov: first cosmonaut from Belarus will be a woman

... well as what programme the cosmonaut will have to complete Vladimir ... selected and sent to the Cosmonaut Training Centre in Russia, where ... scientific programme that the Belarusian cosmonaut will have to complete during ... greenery in space), and the cosmonaut will also have to test ...

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Belarusian cosmonaut may fly into orbit in September 2023

A flight of the Belarusian cosmonaut as part of Russia’s ... will be made by the Cosmonaut Training Centre. Initially, the applicants ...

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Belarusian cosmonaut likely to fly to ISS in autumn 2023

A Belarusian cosmonaut’s flight to the International Space Station is scheduled for autumn 2023, aboard Russia’s Soyuz-MS spacecraft – as reported by the Roscosmos State Corporation’s Telegram channel Photo: As informed, Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences has already prepared and sent a list of twenty-nine candidates to Roscosmos.

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