Prospects for the season

... biathletes have opened the first training camp in the Raubichi sports ... biathletes that will also be trained according to the national team ... -year-old Russian, is also training with the Belarusian team. Maksim ... are scheduled to have a training camp at middle altitudes in ... which they will have another training session at the main biathlon ... Cup on roller skis. The training programme of Dzinara and Anton ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky: Marina Vasilevskaya is doing excellent training

... Centre hosts an examination complex training of the main crew of ... are taking part in the training. The training takes place on the ... will find out directly at training. I believe that I have ... , and Marina is doing excellent training. Therefore, psychological and moral comfort ...

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Belarusian rescuers train specialists in Zimbabwe

Teachers from the International Rescuers Training Centre of the Civil Protection ... Emergencies Ministry of Belarus are training specialists from Zimbabwe’s civil ... The course is aimed at training operators of fire rescue equipment ... the progress of the practical training and underlined the importance and ... relevance of the training for the country’s ... in further co-operation and training of specialists in the ... the field of rescue training.” During the training, teachers from Belarus assisted ...

Belarus , Zimbabwe , Emergencies Ministry , training

Borrell: EU mission to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers

The EU training mission will additionally train 15 ... which the total number of trained military will reach 30,000 ... the total number of EUMAM trained personnel to 30,000,” Mr ...

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Saber Strike international military training launches in Latvia

International military training led by United States European ... servicemen will participate in the training running until March 23 rd ... March 11 th , international military training Crystal Arrow 22 – organised by ... to take part in the training. At least 300 units of ... of the US Air Force training in Europe next month, KC ...

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