EU to pay 50m Euros for vaccines for Ukraine

... SARS-CoV-2’, and the EU intends to allocate 50m Euros ...

eu , Ukraine , coronavirus , vaccine

Hungary urges EU to review anti-Russian sanctions

... colleagues in preparation for the EU summit to be held in ... will be discussed at the EU summit.

Hungary , Russia , EU , sanctions

Borrell: EU mission to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers

The EU training mission will additionally train ... ,000 – as informed by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs ... [of Ukraine] Denys Shmyhal that EU Military Assistance Mission will train ...

eu , ukraine , training

State Border Committee: EU to deport 6,500 refugees to Poland

... the Polish border guard, the EU states submitted about 6.5 ... must apply in the first EU country he entered. Accordingly, anyone ... who has moved from one EU state to another can be ... them, refugees deported from the EU countries are likely to be ...

eu , poland , refugees , State Border Committee

EU to allocate €25m for mine clearance programme in Ukraine

... , Ursula von der Leyen, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs ... on the eve of the EU–Ukraine summit. "We are ... grateful to the EU for the decision to launch ...

Ukraine , EU

Borrell: EU to teach Ukrainian military to use Leopard 2 tanks

As part of the EU-funded training mission for Ukrainian ... to Kiev – as noted by EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell ... remarked, “As part of the EU military assistance mission in Poland ... .” Earlier it became known about EU’s plans to allocate an ...

EU , Ukraine , Borrell

Netherlands, Germany plan to merge their land combat units

... backdrop of the Ukrainian events, EU and NATO allies – the Netherlands ...

NATo , EU , army , Germany , the Netherlands

Switzerland plans to strengthen co-operation with NATO

... its co-operation with the EU and NATO in the field ... political and economic weight, the EU and its member states are ...

Switzerland , NATO , EU , co-operation

Von der Leyen, Borrell and 14 European commissioners arrived in Kiev

... on the eve of the EU–Ukraine summit, TASS reports Photo ... .com As noted by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs ... the strongest signal of the EU support to all Ukrainians’. He ...

Ukraine , EU

Croatia likely to face surge in tourism after joining the EU

On January 1st, Croatia became the 20th member of the Eurozone and the 27th member of the Schengen zone, and its Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said an unprecedented increase in tourism is expected in this regard, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Mr. Plenković believes ‘everything will develop positively’ in the country's tourism sector. “82 percent of visitors come from the Schengen zone, and 20 percent of our GDP is accounted for by tourism. With this in mind, I expect to see an ...

croatia , eu , tourism

Bundestag ex-deputy: West beginning to understand that pernicious effect of sanctions policy cannot be hidden

Residents of Western countries are beginning to express their dissatisfaction with the sanctions policy that their leaders are conducting against the Russian Federation, as they feel the blow of anti-Russian restrictions – as noted by Waldemar Herdt, deputy of the Bundestag of the 19th convocation, during his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel Photo: The ex-deputy of the Bundestag noted that if earlier Western leaders managed to hide the discontent of their citizens, now it is ...

EU , West , sanctions

Hungary to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power

Hungary intends to veto possible EU sanctions against Russian nuclear power ... government will veto’ if the EU tries to impose restrictions on ...

Russia , Hungary , EU , sanctions , veto , Orban

European Commission sued two EU countries

... and Slovakia remained the only EU members that did not adopt ...

ec , eu , Bulgaria , slovakia

Opinion: EU practically lost its identity in international relations

The European Union has actually lost its independence, and now it seeks to draw Türkiye into this funnel of destabilisation – as noted by Vladimir Avatkov, Doctor of Political Science, Head of the Department of the Near and Post-Soviet East of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (INION) at the Russian Academy of Sciences The political scientist believes that the European Union is not satisfied with the increase in Türkiye’s influence in the international arena. “The ...

Türkiye , EU

Lithuania hiding facts of refugees’ deaths at the border

Volunteers of the Lithuanian humanitarian organisation Sienos Grupe report on the brutal attitude of European security forces towards refugees, with details provided by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel photo: According to the Belarusian border department, despite the fact that the Lithuanian military does not allow activists and journalists to cross the border, volunteers continue to save people, constantly find sleeping bags and personal belongings ...

EU , Lithuania , Belarus , border refugees

Norwegian expert says EU electricity bills won’t return to pre-pandemic levels

... significant costs to transform the EU energy system photo: www.pixabay ...

EU , electricity

Iranian Foreign Ministry announces retaliatory sanctions against EU and UK

... by Brussels and London: the EU and the UK have imposed ... country. “The actions of the EU and Britain are a sign ...

Iran , EU , UK , sanctions

Expert said US provoked serious regional conflict in Europe

The United States managed to make the European Union itself destroy its regional economy, yet the rest of the countries will not just observe this, but will begin to determine their own development strategy – as noted by political scientist Vadim Borovik during his talk with ONT TV channel ONT video screenshot As the political expert underlined, the Americans managed to take a certain step, which provoked a serious regional conflict in Europe, “This step has drawn the European Union into the ...

USA , China , Russia , EU

New car sales in EU dropped to lowest level in 30 years

... Last year, the EU car market decreased by 4 ...

cars , sales , EU

Almost 50% of Europeans okay with Ukraine losing part of its territory for the sake of peace

... , 32 percent of the surveyed EU citizens opposed such a development ... of 56 percent of those EU citizens asked and 61 percent ...

EU , Poll , Ukraine

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