Borrell says EU doesn’t want to enter arms race

... defence – as stated by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs ... reports Photo: EU countries are set to increase ... the massive disarmament of the EU countries in previous years,” explained ... . The agency clarified that the EU countries, against the backdrop of ... also proposed to allow the EU countries in the context of ...

EU , arms race

Some species of animals may disappear because of European barbed wire, deputy asserts

According to the forecasts of the scientific community, some species of animals may soon disappear because of the barbed wire erected by the Europeans on the Belarusian border – as noted by Zhanna Chernyavskaya, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Chernobyl Catastrophe Issues, Ecology and Nature Management of the House of Representatives, during her talk with ONT TV channel “The construction of this shameful wall, as environmentalists have already dubbed it, speaks of the short- ...

EU , border , animals

Volodin: European states will lose sovereignty if do not leave EU

... right of veto for the EU member states means that the ... Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Volodin, the EU member states that plan to ... right of veto of the EU members. The opinion of individual ... Moscow has demonstrated that the EU countries have no common opinion ... loss of sovereignty by the EU member states. At the same ...

eu , russia

EU to impose sanctions against Patriarch Kirill

The European Union may introduce restrictions against Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia as part of the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions, TASS reports Photo: According to Agence France-Presse, the new restrictions also envisage inclusion of another fifty-eight persons into this blacklist of the European Union – including the wife, daughter and son of the Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov. Earlier, the President of the European Commission, Ursula ...

eu , sanctions

EU forces Google to wage information war against Russia

T he European Union has adopted a regulation, and it is now forcing popular American companies to start an information war against the Russian Federation – as reported by the representative office of the Mir interstate TV and radio company in Belarus Photo: The Daily Telegraph has reported that a bill – passed in the European Union – forces Google, Meta, Amazon and Apple to remove content that does not correspond to the states’ information agenda. If these new conditions are not ...

google , eu , Apple

Animals die because of European fence

Over the past week, five elk died because of European barbered wire on the border with Belarus – as informed by the State Border Committee in its Telegram channel Photo: The last incident happened on April 24 th . Lida border guards found a dead elk a few metres from the Lithuanian fence. The animal got entangled in the wire, and then died as a result of blood loss.

eu , state border committee

Lithuania fulfilled EU conditions, and what results

Lithuania was very eager to join the European Union. The country agreed to a number of conditions: i.e. it closed the Ignalina nuclear power plant and refused the national currency. Was it the right move? “We were then told: you will invest one Euro and will later get three,” documentary filmmaker, journalist Kazimieras Juraitis – who has come to Belarus to participate in a neighbourhood forum – commented. “Common sense did not work then… Those coming to Belarus can see a really socially ...

lithuania , eu , politics , opinion

Belarus introduced retaliatory measures against EU vehicles

... 16 th , 2022. In addition, EU-registered vehicles transporting mail and ... which vehicles registered in the EU can follow for cargo operations ...

eu , cargo transportation , state customs committee

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy demanded $7bn monthly from European Commission

... , Ursula von der Leyen, and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell ...

Ukraine , Zelenskyy , EU

Conflict in Ukraine doubts China-EU economic co-operation, expert asserts

... Road – connecting China and the EU – is flimsy, and Poland can ...

china , eu , Ukraine

Citizens from neighbouring EU states might enjoy visa-free entry to Belarus

... of granting citizens of neighbouring EU states the right to enter ...

border , EU , visa-free , belarus

Lavrov comments on Borrell’s words on military resolution of Ukrainian crisis

... on the statements of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs ...

lavrov , borrell , russia , ukraine , eu

US admits EU cannot refuse Russian energy in a flash

The United States understands that the European Union is not able to refuse Russian energy supplies in the near future since this step requires methodical work – as stated by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a press conference in Brussels, TASS reports Photo: “As I said, Europeans are very much committed to ending that dependence. But it is also not like flipping a light switch. You have to do it methodically. You have to put in place the necessary alternatives," ...

usa , eu , russia

Borrell: Russian Rouble able to withstand western sanctions

... Spanish politician stressed that the EU wants to help Ukraine but ...

Borrell , EU , Russia

Ukraine asks Poland and Baltic States to close borders with Belarus and Russia

... is not made at the EU level,” Mr. Deshchytsia said. The ...

ukraine , belarus , poland , eu

China warns EU against pressure over anti-Russian sanctions

... the Global Times publication, the EU needs interaction with China more ... liaisons between China and the EU states don’t abate despite ... largest trading partner for the EU. It is underlined that mutual ...

China , EU , sanctions

EU to establish rapid deployment capacity

During a meeting in Brussels, EU foreign and defence ministers have ... agreed on the EU’s first common strategic course ... a document published by the EU Council, RIA Novosti reports Photo ... .com During the meeting of EU foreign and defence ministers in ... is aimed at protecting the EU and its residents and is ... approved at a meeting of EU leaders on March 24 th ... . The document notes that ‘the EU should act more quickly and ... crises, improving the readiness of EU armed forces and civilian experts ...


EU to be able to accept refugees from Ukraine for only several more weeks, expert says

... official statistics on crossing the EU-Ukraine border. As of last ... by the capacity of the EU border points,” Mr. Shevtsov commented ...

ukraine , eu , refugees , shevtsov , opinion

Shevtsov: Ukrainian refugees will be poor in Europe

... refugees, “The status that the EU has granted to refugees is ... work and stay in the EU for 18 months and if ... having qualifications validated in the EU, most refugees will go to ...

Shevtsov , Ukraine , EU , refugees

EU: NATO’s joining conflict over Ukraine fraught with world war

... [Vladimir Zelensky] wanted more but EU enlargement is a delicate issue ...

EU , Ukraine

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