Putin awarded Order of Gagarin to Vasilevskaya and Novitsky

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Gagarin to the first cosmonaut of sovereign Belarus, Marina Vasilevskaya, as well as Russian cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Sergei Prokopyev, reports with reference to the Russian official portal of legal information As reported, the cosmonauts were awarded ‘for their great contribution to the development of manned space exploration and the courage shown during a long-term space flight on the International Space Station’.

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Novitsky's daughter: I'm glad my father is back, hope everything is fine and look forward to meet him in person

... Jezkazgan. At 10:42, Oleg Novitsky, Marina Vasilevskaya and Loral O ... immediately examined by doctors. Oleg Novitsky's eldest daughter, Yana, was ... post-flight traditions in the Novitsky family, “First of all, we ...

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Rescuers helped Soyuz MS-24 crew members get out

... the Roscosmos State Corporation Oleg Novitsky, first female cosmonaut of sovereign ... parachuting. At 10:42, Oleg Novitsky, Marina Vasilevskaya and Loral O ... examined by doctors. For Oleg Novitsky, that was his fourth space ...

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Novitsky, Vasilevskaya addressed Belarusians and Russians from ISS

... expedition to the ISS.” Oleg Novitsky believes that close co-operation ...

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LIVE BROADCAST of rocket launch: Belarusian flying into space!

... board are Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, Marina Vasilevskaya who represents Belarus ...

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Novitsky on how he will spend free time on ISS

... Marina Vasilevskaya, crew commander Oleg Novitsky, and American NASA flight engineer ... period. The crew commander, Oleg Novitsky, a native of Belarus, noted ... in them myself,” Oleg Novitsky stated. Oleg Novitsky carries with him something ...

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Belarusian women preparing for space flight arrived at Baikonur

... of Roscosmos Photo: roscosmos_gk Oleg Novitsky, Marina Vasilevskaya, Tracy Dyson and ...

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VE-21 crew shared impressions before departure for Baikonur Cosmodrome

... with VE-21 Commander Oleg Novitsky, NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson, Soyuz ... from the United States. Oleg Novitsky stated that it is a ...

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Belarusian cosmonauts as part of VE-21 crews headed to Baikonur Cosmodrome

... with VE-21 Commander Oleg Novitsky, NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson, Soyuz ... , Commander of VE- 21 Oleg Novitsky noted that the mood is ...

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US astronaut Tracy Dyson appreciates training with Marina Vasilevskaya and Oleg Novitsky

... flight preparation. Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, Belarusian space flight participant Marina ... am also confident in Oleg Novitsky's competence, since all my ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky: Marina Vasilevskaya is doing excellent training

... Station (ISS). Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, Belarusian space flight participant Marina ... moral comfort is felt,” Oleg Novitsky noted.

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Roscosmos: Vasilevskaya and Lenkova of Belarus, as well as cosmonauts Novitsky and Vagner declared fit to fly

... well as Russian cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Ivan Vagner, TASS reports ... flight of Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Ivan Vagner, alongside space ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky praised training of Belarusian women who will be sent into space in March

... include Belarusian cosmonaut commander Oleg Novitsky and space flight participant Marina ... flight participant Anastasia Lenkova. Oleg Novitsky appreciated the preparation of his ...

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Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky: Independence Day of Belarus is a very significant holiday for me

... , cosmonaut, native of Belarus Oleg Novitsky joined the congratulations addressed to ... Belarusian embassy in Russia, Oleg Novitsky said, “Of course, this is ... same dreams and plans.” Oleg Novitsky said that he would be ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky commented on possibility of Lukashenko's space flight

... a Hero of Russia, Oleg Novitsky, in his talk with BelTA ... Mr. Novitsky earlier communicated with the Belarusian ... to his small homeland. Mr. Novitsky went there with his daughter ... President’s salad then, Mr. Novitsky commented, “I really liked it ... ordinary everyday issues," Mr. Novitsky said, adding that the lifestyle ... a flight into orbit, Mr. Novitsky said, “He would have coped ...

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That is how Oleg Novitsky visited Aleksandr Lukashenko in Alexandria

Pilot-cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky visited the Head of State. ... to his small birthplace. Oleg Novitsky with his daughter Yana Photo ... winter barley are grown. Oleg Novitsky appreciated the old car. “Absolutely ... Yana, the daughter of Oleg Novitsky. “It’s just perfect!” the ... chef. “Incredible smell” notices Oleg Novitsky while the President is chopping ... spoke, including about... flax. Oleg Novitsky came to the meeting in ... a national ornament. However, Oleg Novitsky could be seen at the ...

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Lukashenko, together with cosmonaut Novitsky, plunged into Trofimova Krinitsa spring well

Belarus-born Oleg Novitsky, Hero of Russia, visited the ... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko. Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky was invited by the Belarusian ... message. The day before, Oleg Novitsky visited the Kupala Night Festival ... must remember our roots.” Oleg Novitsky underlined that Alexandria is also ...

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Novitsky met with Belarusian scientists

... State, believes Belarus-born Oleg Novitsky, a Russian cosmonaut and a ... space sphere will expand. Oleg Novitsky has met with scientists and ... field of manned cosmonautics. Oleg Novitsky visited the History Museum of ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky shared career plans

Oleg Novitsky commented on his recently completed ... a good luck here,” Mr. Novitsky said. “We believe that there ...

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Novitsky about Belarus from orbit

... telephone line with cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky and his wife, space journalist ... well-groomed and beautiful,” Oleg Novitsky answered with a smile. However ... to smaller ones,” explained Oleg Novitsky, giving an example, “That is ... from space. Photo by Oleg Novitsky “Not very often,” admitted Mr ... . Novitsky. “We make 16 full orbits ...

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