Novitsky met with Belarusian scientists

... State, believes Belarus-born Oleg Novitsky, a Russian cosmonaut and a ... space sphere will expand. Oleg Novitsky has met with scientists and ... field of manned cosmonautics. Oleg Novitsky visited the History Museum of ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky shared career plans

Oleg Novitsky commented on his recently completed ... a good luck here,” Mr. Novitsky said. “We believe that there ...

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Novitsky about Belarus from orbit

... telephone line with cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky and his wife, space journalist ... well-groomed and beautiful,” Oleg Novitsky answered with a smile. However ... to smaller ones,” explained Oleg Novitsky, giving an example, “That is ... from space. Photo by Oleg Novitsky “Not very often,” admitted Mr ... . Novitsky. “We make 16 full orbits ...

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Lukashenko awarded cosmonaut Novitsky with Order of Friendship of Peoples

Oleg Novitsky, an instructor, cosmonaut and test ... : Oleg Novitsky has been honoured with this ...

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‘Open space is exciting’

... board the ISS Recently, Oleg Novitsky, a Russian cosmonaut of Belarusian ... On the third expedition, Oleg Novitsky went into outer space three ... belongs to my family...” Oleg Novitsky returned to Earth on October ... time in their lives, Oleg Novitsky, Piotr Dubov and Anton Shkaplerov ... the Challenge project,” explains Oleg Novitsky prosaically. “It was necessary to ... can happen to it,” Oleg Novitsky notes philosophically. “Such incidents always ... the third stellar expedition, Oleg Novitsky’s dream came true: he ...

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