Time for the fast and accurate

... final stage of the republican biathlon competition among children and teenagers ... culmination of the largest amateur biathlon tournament will again be held ... day before at the Sozh biathlon complex in Gomel, about 300 ...

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Winter’s fairy tale in Raubichi

... of the Commonwealth Cup The biathlon world is in turmoil. While ... athletic qualities of our main biathlon star. Anton didn’t start ... plot, and when our unsurpassed biathlon Figaro is in the leading ...

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Belarus’ Deputy PM: Commonwealth Biathlon Cup is among most important sporting events for second year in a row

The Commonwealth Biathlon Cup has been on the ... third stage of the international biathlon competitions “It is a great ... third stage of the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup here, at a world ... traditional major competition, the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup, has been on the ... today. In Belarus and Russia, biathlon is loved, appreciated and respected ... Vice-President of the Russian Biathlon Union, congratulated all the spectators ... . The Chairman of the Belarusian Biathlon Federation, Andrian Tsibulsky, declared the ...

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They fought and won

... in them go in for biathlon in youth sports schools, Snow ... to the Selets sports and biathlon complex. It was not easy ... takes place in the main biathlon complex of the country, but ... head coach of our national biathlon team Yuri Albers recalled: 5 ...

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Remember to believe and appreciate

The new star of the Paralympic team of Belarus Valiantsina Shyts: about native village of Boroviki, skis and cow Milka She smiles and laughs, and cheerful twinkles spark in her eyes. Valiantsina Shyts has just completed her daily training 20 kilometres on the ski run in Vesnyanka, but she doesn’t look tired at all. The start of the next Paralympic season is coming soon, and it promises to be full of tournaments of various levels — both in vast Russia and in native Belarus despite all the ...

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Winter will judge

... on it: the International Biathlon Union upheld the suspension of ... first stage of the Russian Biathlon Cup opens in Khanty- ... stages of the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup in summer biathlon, and after the ... first stage of the Russian Biathlon Cup tournament begins. The ... take part in the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup in Ryazan. This ... more stages of the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup will take place. ... Cup, but in the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup. By the way, ... yet, but the International Biathlon Union was already forced to ...

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Winter in the crosshairs

... leg of the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup ended at Raubichi ... leg of the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup at Raubichi Photo ... first leg of the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup. Oleg Ryzhenkov explains: ... to compete at the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup leg in Raubichi. ... But not now: the International Biathlon Union extended the suspension of ... not only in the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup, but also in ... of December, the Commonwealth Biathlon Cup will resume with races ... the President of the Russian Biathlon Union Viktor Maigurov told, “ ...

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NOC President congratulated Belarus’ team on success at Russian Biathlon Championship

... congratulated the country’s national biathlon team on winning two medals ... high level at the Russian Biathlon Union Cup held recently in ... the leading teams in world biathlon which has not only experienced ... in the history of Belarusian biathlon as a confirmation of development ... .” Viktor Lukashenko wished Belarus’ national biathlon team good health, well-being ... Belarusian sports. At the Russian Biathlon Championship in Tyumen, Belarus’ shooting ...

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Lukashenko congratulated Belarusian biathletes on successful performance at Russian Biathlon Union Cup

... Lukashenko, has congratulated the national biathlon team members – Anton Smolski, Dzmitry ... successful performance at the Russian Biathlon Union Cup – as reported by ... against athletes representing the world biathlon elite. I wish you strong ...

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See the next generation

... a republican junior competitions in biathlon and cross-country skiing. The ... the country, in different sports — biathlon and cross-country skiing. The ... proud of domestic achievements in biathlon over the past year and ...

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Accuracy is a kingly virtue

... the elite of the world biathlon and climbed the podium at ... . Representatives of the men’s biathlon team have not had such ...

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News photo. Anton Smolski awarded 2022 Olympic silver

Beijing hosted an awarding ceremony for winners of the men's 20km individual biathlon race. Belarusian Anton Smolski received his well-deserved silver medal – the first one for the Belarusian national team so far at the Olympic Games.

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Smolski: it’s a great honour to win Olympic medal for the country

... medals in the men’s biathlon since the 2010 Olympic Games ...

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Belarusian biathletes impressed by weather in China

Belarusian biathletes Elena Kruchinkina and Dzinara Alimbekava shared their feelings about the weather in China – where the 24 th Winter Olympic Games will start this week – on their Instagram pages In her post, Elena Kruchinkina wrote, "Siberian frosts are in China! Ooh... My cheeks haven't been frozen for a long time. This photo alone can tell you how cold it is here.” "I am slightly shocked with the local weather. Warm greetings to everyone from frosty Zhangjiakou," the ...

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Olympic challenge from Hanna Sola

... networks how the women’s biathlon team trains in Chinese Zhangjiakou ... reported by BelTA Photo: “We are in Beijing ...

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Dzinara Alimbekava climbed to 2nd place in the overall ratings of the World Cup

At the final pre-Olympic stage in Antholz, Italy, Dzinara Alimbekava won silver in the mass start. Until the very end of the distance of 12.5 km, the Belarusian was winning, but in the end she lost 3.7 seconds to the winner Dorothea Wierer from Italy. Now Dzinara Alimbekava has 589 points. Her result is second only to that of the Norwegian biathlete Marte Røiseland, who has 651 points. The Swedish athlete Elvira Öberg closes the top three with 563 points. Belarusian Hanna Sola is in eighth ...

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Alimbekava captured silver at Biathlon World Cup in Italy

... pre-Olympic stage of the Biathlon World Cup. It brought silver ...

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Land of unique people

... Tsars, one of the best biathlon coaches: getting to know the ... . Thanks to Anatoly Senyuk, the biathlon world learned the names of ... history of Belarusian and world biathlon. PHOTO BY YEGOR YERMALITSKIY But ... temperament, their own ideas about biathlon, but most importantly, they trust ...

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Belarus’ national team claim silver in women’s relay at the BMW IBU World Cup in Östersund

Iryna Leshchanka, Dzinara Alimbekava, Elena Kruchinkina and Hanna Sola ran and shot as part of the Belarusian national squad. Leshchanka finished the first stage in eighth place. Alimbekava brought our team into first place and passed the baton to the second while Kruchinkina and Sola kept us in second position. Having never entered the penalty loop and showing excellent speed on the track, the Belarusian four deservedly won silver — just 57.9 seconds behind the winners. The winners were Anais ...


Flowers for ladies

... Hanna Sola Photo: The biathlon season has started, with ...

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