Domracheva satisfied with work with Chinese national team

... Darya Domracheva tells Belarus’ National Olympic Committee of her experience as ... possible to sum up the Olympic results. We understand that we ... biathlon.” The 24 th Winter Olympic Games ended on February 20 ...

Domracheva , olympics , China

Freestyle skier Hanna Huskova captures silver at Beijing Olympics

... at the 24 th Winter Olympics. Freestyle skier Hanna Huskova has ...

freestyle , Huskova , olympics

News photo. Anton Smolski awarded 2022 Olympic silver

Beijing hosted an awarding ceremony for winners of the men's 20km individual biathlon race. Belarusian Anton Smolski received his well-deserved silver medal – the first one for the Belarusian national team so far at the Olympic Games.

olympics , Beijing , Smolski , biathlon

Popular American magazine appreciates Belarusian Olympians’ outfits

... Telegram channel Photo by National Olympic Committee’s press service Belarusian ... time created by the National Olympic Committee of Belarus jointly with ...

noc , olympics , athletes

Smolski: it’s a great honour to win Olympic medal for the country

... the silver medallist of the Olympic Games. “High altitude does not ... all. — We have not had Olympic medals in the men’s ... biathlon since the 2010 Olympic Games... — It’s a great ... for me to bring an Olympic medal to the country and ...

Smolski , biathlon , Olympics

Speed skaters Golovatsiuk and Nifontova bear Belarus’ flag at Olympics opening

... of the 24 th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing – as reported ... Telegram channel of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee Photo: www.noc.by ... at the 23 rd Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. For ...

belarus , Olympics , NOC

Chinese students to cheer for Belarusian Olympians

... Telegram channel of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee Students of Chinese universities ... Telegram channel of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee The main goal of ... will perform at the Beijing Olympics. It will run until the ... Instagram page of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee, to take a photo ... that are associated with the Olympic movement and winter sports and ... . A solemn opening of the Olympic Games will be held today ... speed skating. Video: Belarus’ National Olympic Committee

belarus , china , olympics , students

Lukashenko sent greetings to Xi Jinping on the occasion of 24th Winter Olympics opening

... of the 24 th Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing – as ... the motto of the Winter Olympics chosen by China – Together for ... in the spirit of true Olympism, outside of politics and for ... during the 29 th Summer Olympic Games in 2008, which amazed ... history. “I hope that these Olympic Games will bring many pleasant ... of China beautiful and memorable Olympics.

Lukashenko , Xi Jinping , Olympics , Beijing

NOC President: our athletes will honourably represent Belarus at Beijing Games

The President of the National Olympic Committee, Viktor Lukashenko, has addressed ... the NOC press service “The Olympic Games are special competitions. In ... our time, the Olympic movement should remain a powerful ... these competitions. Victory in the Olympic arenas is the best calling ... high results and win more Olympic medals for the country ... quot; Viktor Lukashenko wished the Olympic participants good health, successful performance ... victories. The 24 th Winter Olympic Games launch today – to ...

noc , olympics , Beijing

Beijing Olympics to be attended by 150,000 spectators outside the ‘bubble’

... able to attend the Beijing Olympics, Yang Shuan, Vice President of ... the Olympic Games Organising Committee, stated during ... the International Olympic Committee (IOC) session – TASS reports ... ’, where all participants of the Olympics live. They will contribute to ...

China , sport , Olympics

About 2,900 anti-doping tests to be conducted at Beijing Games

During the 24 th Winter Olympics in China, about 2,900 ... doping samples taken at the Olympic Games will be stored for ... ten years. The Winter Olympics will open on February 4 ...

olympics , China , WADA

Belarusian biathletes impressed by weather in China

... – where the 24 th Winter Olympic Games will start this week ... Alimbekava signed her photo. The Olympic Games will begin on February ...

biathlon , olympics , Elena Kruchinkina , Dzinara Alimbekava

Lukashenko sent greetings to Belarusian Olympians

... delegation at the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing – as reported ... start of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, which the whole ... is the pedestal of the Olympic Games, but the top is ... stadiums and ice arenas of Olympic Beijing, and may your wildest ...

Lukashenko , Olympics

Olympic challenge from Hanna Sola

... Beijing. The fire of the Olympics will be lit at the ...

Biathlon , Sola , Olympics

Belarus received additional license for Beijing Olympics

... compete at the upcoming Winter Olympics instead of previously announced 28 ... the country. As Belarus’ National Olympic Committee has informed, Anastasia Andrianova ... at the 24 th Winter Olympic Games makes 29 now. Initially ...

belarus , freestyle , olympics

Olympic Torch Relay to be held on February 2nd-4th

An Olympic Torch Relay of the Beijing ... are the key clusters of Olympic competitions: Beijing, the Yanqing District ... be four zones for the Olympic flame transfer. In Yanqing, there ... . The flame will visit the Olympic Park north of the centre ... Chinese capital and the Winter Olympic Games Park in the west ... Yiheyuan Summer Imperial Palace, the Olympic Park, and the Grand Canal ... participate in the relay. The Olympic flame of the 2022 Games ...

china , sport , olympics

No tickets will be sold for Winter Olympics

... Organising Committee of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing made a ... the health and safety of Olympic personnel and spectators, we have ... service informed that the Winter Olympic Games will be held without ...

IOC , olympics , Beijing

Organising Committee of Beijing Olympics presented elements of medal ceremonies

... of the 24 th Winter Olympics in Beijing has presented elements ... service of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee Olympic winners and prize holders will ... also been demonstrated how the Olympic pedestal and medal stands of ... . Awarding ceremonies for the Winter Olympics medallists will be based on ... , Glory and Honour theme. The Olympic Games will be held on ...

olympics , China

Opening ceremony for 2024 Olympics to take place on the Seine

... of the 33 rd Summer Olympic Games 2024 in Paris has ... – as informed by Belarus’ National Olympic Committee Photo: www.noc.by ... to watch a parade of Olympic athletes wending their way in ... Estanguet, the President of the Olympic organising committee, noted that the ... said. The 33 rd Summer Olympic Games will be held from ...

noc , olympics , paris

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