They fought and got it

... a bewildering International Olympic Committee (IOC), which will personally analyse the ... its verdict. That means that IOC officials can literally pull any ...

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Toccata and fugue in D minor — the Olympic version

... by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the participation of Individual ... REUTERS What does the IOC offer? The IOC Executive Board has confirmed ... of Olympic competitions. The IOC Executive Board has established an ... as former synchronised swimmer and IOC Vice President Nicole Hoevertsz ... Ceremony of the Olympics. IOC Director James Macleod has promised ... competitions ‘purely politically motivated’, the IOC went further and called on ... anti-doping programme, the IOC remains silent about the BRICS ...

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Lavrov: IOC current leaders pushing global sports movement into crisis

... of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and federations are plunging the ...

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Belarus’ NOC commented on IOC’s decision to allow Belarusian athletes to Paris Olympics as ‘neutrals’

... is most consistent with the IOC interests,” the statement reads. The ... federations are guided by the IOC recommendations and decisions; in particular ... Paris not only from the IOC, but also from international federations ...

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IOC Board approved new sports for 2028 Olympics

... of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved the inclusion of five ... Olympic Games – as stated by IOC President Thomas Bach, TASS reports ... said. In February 2022, the IOC included 28 sports in the ...

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IOC created eSports Commission

... on cybersports chaired by French IOC member David Lapartien, TASS reports ... "The IOC is convinced that virtual sports ... lead active and healthy lifestyles,” IOC President Thomas Bach said. The ...

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Shantarovich: there’s now unprecedented pressure on IOC from politicians

... what he thinks about the IOC recommendations on the admission of ... is unprecedented pressure on the IOC from politicians. And how does ...

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IOC said non-admission of athletes to tournaments will harm Ukrainian community

... of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), speaking about the ban on ... from Russia and Belarus. The IOC press service, commenting on this ... impact special military operation. The IOC has always maintained that it ... community,” the statement reads. “The IOC has always followed and will ... athletes’ support programmes of the IOC,” the International Olympic Committee added ...

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Caution, the doors are opening!

... return to world sport The ice has broken. There was a ... the previous recommendations of the IOC and shoved them away, but ... before the meeting of the IOC Executive Board: 89 participants of ... for other recommendations of the IOC, we do not have athletes ... , such humiliating demands from the IOC are unacceptable. Neither the status ... plans to propose to the IOC to soften the criteria for ... the team competition, but the IOC no longer orders it. It ...

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Bach’s racial theory

... the adopted resolutions. Formally, the IOC seems to look like a ... that existed before. Recently, the IOC does not look like an ... the current recommendations of the IOC, hysterically screamed about the ‘shame ... that the head of the IOC is either completely corrupt or ... is different. In addition, the IOC advised not to include awards ... with the recommendations of the IOC regarding the participation of Belarusian ...


IOC recommends how Russian, Belarusian athletes can return as neutrals

... of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recommended the return of ... as neutrals – as stated by IOC President Thomas Bach during a ... to a particular nation. The IOC Executive Board urges international organisations ... conference, the Head of the IOC outlined the conditions for the ... remains open. Bach explained, “The IOC Executive Board has not set ...

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IOC: European Parliament resolution contradicts unifying mission of Olympic Games

... condemn the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for allowing athletes from the ... Games – as reported by the IOC press service, TASS writes Photo ... .com First of all, the IOC noted that there is no ...

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IOC Head urged politicians not to interfere in the issue of admission of Belarusian and Russian athletes

... the end of January, the IOC Executive Committee called for the ... in a neutral status. The IOC is currently discussing mechanisms for ...

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Sykes supported IOC in its quest to return Russians and Belarusians to international competitions

... Last week, the IOC Executive Committee called for the ...

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Precedent rule

... , the participants of the IOC summit proposed to allow our ... 17th and January 19th, the IOC held special consultations with International ... Federations, IOC Members and National Olympic Committees ... Federation Igor Levitin called the IOC statement a success, “The ... details will certainly be about [IOC] recommendations and we will ... tournaments are discussed in the IOC statement — only about Asian ... to October 8th. Meanwhile, the IOC recalled an important precedent with ...

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IOC allows men to compete in artistic swimming at Paris Olympics

... on the decision of the IOC, noted that water sports are ...

IOC , artistic swimming , 2020 Paris Olympics

IOC Head: it is important for athletes from conflicting countries to participate in Olympics

... important – as stated by the IOC Head, Thomas Bach, at the ...

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IOC President condemned Wimbledon’s ban on Belarusian and Russian athletes

... of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, condemned the decision ... International Federations (ASOIF) in Lausanne, IOC President Thomas Bach hinted that ... . Bach, the task of the IOC is to keep sport outside ... respect the role of the IOC. Look at our tennis friends ... by every other government,” believes IOC President.

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Bach: gender equality achieved at 2026 Olympic Games in Italy

... ’Ampezzo – will be equal, stated IOC President Thomas Bach at a ...

Thomas Bach , IOC

No tickets will be sold for Winter Olympics

... spectators – as informed by the IOC website Photo: ... watching the Games. Earlier, the IOC press service informed that the ...

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