Aren’t man-eating catfish scary?

... by almost 20 minutes! The athletes have a solid background. Thus ... support team that monitored the athletes’ general state and food intake ... work and new goals. The athletes monitored the time, distance and ...

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Three Shells and a Pea game

... dropped. At first, Belarusian athletes were deprived of state symbols ... tournaments were opened for Belarusian athletes on conditions of severe discrimination ... to Paris, where our athletes could deliver their best performances ... cheating game. Surprisingly, World Athletics turned out to be the ... and Russian track-and-field athletes in competitions under the ... auspices of the World Athletics Association. No illusions. The ... shut the door on Belarusian athletes’ aspirations without explaining the reason ...

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Bright sports carnival

... more than 3,000 athletes representing several dozen countries took ... 600 people — athletes, coaches, and specialists. The athletes performed at the ... , Belarusian canoe and kayak athlete, silver and twice bronze ... and sing the anthem.” Belarusian athletes — Alena Nazdrova and Uladzislau ... performance Aleksandr Kulevsky Belarusian athletes shone even in sports that ... with the participation of Belarusian athletes, Belarus’ Minister of Sports ... variety of folk entertainment — athletes were offered to try their ...

BRICS Games , Russia , Kazan , Belarusian , athletes , national , team , sports , celebration , medals

Games on a grand scale

... , Iran, Burkina Faso and Mongolia… Athletes from three dozen countries — from ... The leading roles belong to athletes from Russia and Belarus, who ... , has long forgotten about. Belarusian athletes have been doing great! Having ... almost all disciplines. Thus, sambo athletes have confirmed the reputation of ... that, Belarusian track-and-field athletes and participants of the rowing ... of the head of World Athletics, Brit Sebastian Coe, were ... The head of the Belarusian Athletics Federation, Ivan Tsikhan [two-time ...

Belarus , BRICS Games , Russia , Kazan , sport , competition , athletes , rowing , weightlifting , track-and-field , medals , Ivan Tsikhan

Prospects for the season

... return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to the world stage, the ... . It was interesting for the athletes to participate in the IBCL ... .” In the near future, Belarusian athletes will continue to train at ... is probable that in September, athletes from the two countries will ...

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They fought and got it

... and multifaceted track and field athletics. The courtiers of the ... that Belarusian track and field athletes have no opportunity to ... allow Belarusian track and field athletes to participate in any ... and through which hubs Belarusian athletes will get to the ... can literally pull any Belarusian athlete off the tram to ... each. In weightlifting, our athletes have clinched four quotas; in ... national wrestling team of 15 athletes. By the way, the ... London 2012 — 0 medals: five athletes competed for bronze but all ...

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A big catch

Belarusian athletes have brought a scattering of ... lot of victories to Belarusian athletes and positive emotions to fans ... great results! Mariya Gnedtchik, Belarusian athlete in pentathlon Let us start ... in the status of neutral athletes, which does not prevent them ... of the most promising Belarusian athletes. Alena Furman, Belarusian rower Let ... Paris 2024 Olympics. Our boxing athletes are not going home empty ... hand injury that prevented our athlete from competing in the finals ...

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Olympic sports

Belarusian athletes gained 17 more licences for ... Belarusian wrestlers and weightlifters. Our athletes won seven licences at the ... Baku and Phuket. Now our athletes have 17 licences in total ... start in Thailand, the Belarusian athlete, competing in the weight class ...

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Toccata and fugue in D minor — the Olympic version

... ) of Belarusian and Russian athletes to the 2024 Olympic Games ... the participation of Individual Neutral Athletes (AIN) with Belarusian and ... has established an Individual Neutral Athlete Eligibility Review Panel (AINERP) ... required for Belarusian and Russian athletes to sign any additional ... is assumed that individual neutral athletes will represent themselves personally and ... assumed that Russian and Belarusian athletes will compete at the ... the IOC to designate neutral athletes before. IOC Director James ...

sport , Olympics , Paris , IOC , AIN , athletes

Mind-blowing weekend

Belarusian athletes made a lot of noise ... describe the performance of our athletes at the largest international competitions ... advantage of their chance. The athletes of the Belarusian national team ... four bronze medals! The top athletes of the women’s national ... , he fought with another neutral athlete, the current world champion from ... in Doha is over. Our athletes are not coming back empty ... the flash zone interview — neutral athletes do not have this right ...

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Caution, the doors are opening!

... Belarusians and Russians as neutral athletes to participate in international tournaments ... this tournament. In the meantime, athletes conduct decentralised training — they train ... to soften the criteria for athletes working under contract with military ... protective measures’ yet. The World Athletics Association is also among those ... for the foreseeable future,” World Athletics President Sebastian Coe gleefully told ... for domestic tournaments, and Belarusian athletes to participate in Russian competitions ...

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IOC: European Parliament resolution contradicts unifying mission of Olympic Games

... Olympic Committee (IOC) for allowing athletes from the Russian Federation and ... ‘to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the qualifications ...

IOC , sport , Olympic games , athletes

Look for logic in words

... imposed on Russian and Belarusian athletes are ambiguous. The IOC President ... removal of Russian and Belarusian athletes from the competition is an ... one hand, in his opinion, athletes ‘should not become victims of ... ’s decision not to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus was ... heavy heart’ because it affected ‘athletes and sports officials who did ... is the admission of our athletes to competitions. Coming here we ... hampers the participants of our athletes in the upcoming high-level ...

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2nd National Athletes Forum kicked off in Minsk

... Belarus, bringing together about 250 athletes, coaches, representatives of sports federations ... He noted that the National Athletes Forum, which is being held ... realised. The fates of some athletes, one might say, were even ... current challenges.” Viktor Lukashenko assured athletes that they can always count ... created in our country for athletes to train, compete and ... protect the interests of our athletes,” summed up Viktor Lukashenko. ... said Stanislav Pozdnyakov. “Of course, athletes are the essence of the ...

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Absolute meanness

... trample down the Belarusian Paralympic athletes The decision not to ... allow Belarusian and Russian athletes to participate in the ... lowered their eyes, clapping athletes from Russia and Belarus on ... . How do physically challenged athletes tie into the current situation ... WWW.GOROD214.BY Physically challenged athletes, who had been preparing for ... crazy people: they insulted our athletes, especially in social networks, “ ... Committee, Andrew Parsons. Physically challenged athletes, who had been preparing for ...

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Popular American magazine appreciates Belarusian Olympians’ outfits

... Committee’s press service Belarusian athletes’ outfits are ranked 11 th ...

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People who glorify Belarus

... Kurachkina is his student. The athlete has repeatedly noted what an ...

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Awards for patriots

... the evening of January 14th, athletes and journalists, civil servants, public ... .” Aleksandr Lukashenko is sure: an athlete should be a patriot, be ...

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