Crown befits Brest

... fight for the title of winners continued inside the East Division ... — 32:31 — and became the winners of the SEHA League for ... my team for being the winners. Well done! As for my ...

SEHA League , handball , HC Meshkov Brest , tournament , final , winners

From each according to his ability, to each according to his work

Celebrating the main heroes of the past sports year Saying goodbye to another year that has flown into history, we put together pieces of our memories. There is nothing you can do: the year, like a patchwork quilt, is always woven of victories, joys and disappointments, and reflection and empathy are two friends walking next to anyone who considers themselves to be reasonable and warm-hearted people. When determining the main triumphs of the season in the Olympic year, everyone, of course, looks ...

sports , winners , olympic games

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