The Texas syndrome

... signs of the emerging multipolar world is deglobalisation and creation of ... -colonial struggle in the big world is ongoing, there is also ... for a place in the world hierarchy has intensified. Strategic rivalry ... , centrifugal tendencies in the Western world shall not live by Texas ...

world , Texas , protests , USA , Europe , separatists

We pay more and fight more

... , which have increased in the world in 2023. But no. The ... . So what staff is the world’s most powerful bureaucracy missing ... no other problems in the world other than translating yet another ... we get in the whole world for that kind of money ... in many regions of the world. And the organisation that was ... , which was presented to the world as a ‘Feed the hungry ... ? And in general, does the world need a bureaucratic monster that ...

world , UN , finance , budget

Farewell, Herr Scholz?

... producer SKW Sticksoffwerke Piesteritz, the world leader in the market for ... stationed outside German borders after World War II. In order for ...

world , politics , germany , Scholz

Hungary’s President: world failed to adequately respond to 2023 main challenges

... joint efforts of the whole world. Among such challenges, she named ...

Hungary , challenges , world , Europe

What tomorrow will bring…

... in the rest of the world that directly affect the state ... of de-dollarisation of the world economy, still prevail. The final ...

world , international arena , trends

Sealed gate

... . Previously, no one in the world was able to hit a ... ’s ties with the Arab world began to improve, with the ... a result, one of the world’s most important logistics routes ...

world , Middle East , Yemen , Houthis , maritime trade

Focus on the subconscious

... at the same time the world and the person himself have ... the participants of the V World Media Summit held in Guangzhou ...

world , social networks , trends , fakes

Belarus among top 10 world’s smartest countries

... is placed 7th in the world and 1st in Europe in ... the results published by the World Population Review independent organisation The ... World Population Review has released a ... majority of people in the world (about 68 percent) have an ... almost every country in the world, which makes it a useful ... -5 smartest countries in the world can all be found in ... ten smartest countries in the world are: 1. Japan — 106.48 ...

Belarus , world , IQ , top-10 , smartest countries

A century-long robbery

If they could, they would steal everything: how the West has robbed many states for centuries and still does not want to return historical values to their owners At the end of November, a diplomatic row with roots going back deep into the colonial era erupted between Britain and Greece. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrived in the Foggy Albion to meet with his British counterpart Rishi Sunak. In an interview on the BBC, the presenter asked the politician about the fate of the ancient ...

world , historical values , robbery

Useless clown

... tour of countries around the world to conduct lobbying negotiations. Thus ...

world , west , Ukraine , Zelensky

Belarus intensifies co-operation with far arc countries

... , China, Africa, participation in the World Climate Summit in Dubai, dozens ... consideration their influence in the world and their financial resources, they ...

Lukashenko , foreign business trip , world , Middle East , China , Africa

What’s most important is the weather at home!

... way of dominating the entire world and destruction by sucking the ... the plenary session of the World Climate Action Summit in Dubai ... , which ranks second in the world in greenhouse gas emissions, very ... 55 active conflicts in the world — the highest number since the ... end of World War II! In such a ... the painful state of the world, that first we need to ... concealment of technology, making the world truly global, sounded almost prophetic ...

Belarus , world , Lukashenko , Climate Change Conference , global ecology

Belarus leads the world in gender equality

... leave. In half of the world’s countries this recommendation is ...

Belarus , world , society , gender equality

Global trends – 2024

... are important, since now the world is ‘hooked’ on the ... , have moved to managing world processes by imposing their own ... a graphic rebus called The World Ahead 2024 (a forecast ... — more than half the world’s population. But the elections ... in another collapse in the world stock and currency markets. ... and COVID-19. The World Health Organisation has demanded China ... droughts are expected around the world at the beginning of ... 2024. The head of the World Meteorological Organisation, Petteri Taalas, believes ...

world , economy , forecast , coming year

Not everything is healthy that is expensive

... injustice for years. However, the world is still missing one of ... highly qualified specialists in the world. However, medicine in the United ... . No other country in the world can boast such a wide ...

Belarus , world , medicine , health care , rankings

Dress in the colours of Belarus

... own. By the way, other world beauty contests have the same ... book about Belarus. The whole world will know about our symbols ... of Belarusian beauties on the world podium was in 2018, when ... top participants of the Miss World 2018 contest. The girl became ...

belarus , world , international beauty contest , Miss Europe Continental 2023 , Eleonora Kachalovskaya

Frustration of hopes

How the West destroyed the world’s security architecture Quite recently, ... in Europe and throughout the world certainly carries enormous risks and ...

world , security architecture , CFE Treaty , NATO

Business on blood

... in different parts of the world November 18th, The Washington Post ... is sensing changes in the world. Multipolarity and things like that ... maintain their dominance in the world.” During a working trip to ... national security interests in the world. Since 1987, annual military assistance ... has been interfering in all world processes, skilfully inciting conflicts, ‘helping ... assert American leadership in the world’, and US participation in it ... , aimed at preserving the Western world, based ‘on rules’ that do ...

world , USA , provocation , conflicts , Biden , article , The Washington Post

Virus attack

... over the rest of the world. This facet was the boundless ... create biological laboratories around the world, and primarily around its key ... — competitors of the Anglo-Saxon world inevitably leads to a sharp ... spreading biological laboratories around the world, building up the perimeter of ... activities of the Nazis during World War II. A number of ...

world , apocalypse , bacteriological weapons , experiments

Ten years of hell

... Europe and 97th in the world. And while the population was ...

world , politics , Ukraine , Maidan

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