Belskaya: blocking Belarusian potash fertiliser transit creates threat of hunger in vulnerable countries

... factors of the threat of hunger in vulnerable countries and a ... factors of the threat of hunger in vulnerable countries and a ...

Belskaya , potash fertilisers , transit , hunger

Expert’s forecast on solving food insecurity in poor countries

... address the global challenge of hunger and food security, and, unfortunately ... time, so the issue of hunger in the world will become ...

food shortage , hunger , UN

UN: half of Gazans suffer from hunger

... state of extreme or severe hunger, and 90 percent of the ...

Gaza , UN , hunger

UN: hunger may affect 8% of world's population by 2030

... world's population will face hunger, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... of the population may face hunger. At the moment, this figure ... development. According to him, ‘poverty, hunger and inequality are growing contrary ...

un , hunger , world

Salt of world hunger

... Petrovsky says: Firstly, the global hunger situation has not improved in ... a few weeks ago, global hunger rates have remained virtually unchanged ... sanctions regime, the problem of hunger in Belarus does not exist ... harvest next year, further exacerbating hunger. In general, international experts, ... blocks of causes of world hunger: climate change, the consequences ... impact of fertilisers sanctions on hunger has been going on at ... the main causes of global hunger,” Kirill Petrovsky believes. Obviously, ...

world , belarus , sanctions , potash fertilisers , food security , africa , hunger

UN Chief declared threat of famine in various regions in 2022

... the UN Secretary General, world hunger began to arise even before ... various [areas] is real. World hunger began to emerge even before ...

UN , food , hunger

Klishevich: providing countries in need with food is not in West’s interests

Western countries have only their own personal national and financial interests, caring about nothing else – as noted by Sergei Klishevich, deputy of the House of Representatives, during his talk with ONT TV channel According to the deputy, the world needs to realise once again that human destiny and life are worth nothing for the United States and the collective West. “For them, there are only their personal national interests and the financial interests of narrow political groups of these ...

West , hunger

UN Secretary General warns of poverty of 20% of humanity

... of humanity, into poverty and hunger on a scale not seen ...

UN , Ukraine , hunger , Guterres

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