Media: US Subway restaurant chain plans to sell business for $10bn

... an American chain of fast-food restaurants operating on the principle ...

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MP: whole world has to suffer while the US is solving its problems

... . The parliamentarian noted that the food crisis will continue, and no ... very difficult in terms of food security – since supply chains have ... already been starving and receiving [food] on a residual basis – will ... agriculture not only for itself: food is among the country’s ... most important export positions. “Belarusian food is supplied to China, the ...

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Food scam

... of the world’s largest food suppliers, posted a net income ... . After all, if there are food speculators in the world and ... urgently take out grain and food from Ukraine. And all these ... Initiative for the export of food from Ukraine cannot be called ... the usual ways in which food was exported from Ukraine. It ... course, they will receive some food, but later, at different prices ... this applies not only to food. Everywhere you look, you find ... that make speculation in Ukrainian food seem like a small episode ...

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It’s all ours

... more than $8 billion on food exports The success of Belarus ... twenty years. Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo said, “Belarus ... Intensification of the Agriculture and Food Ministry Natalya Sonich. Who to ... products, as well as other food products, indicates that we are ... the Committee for Agriculture and Food of the Grodno Regional Executive ... the country and people, increasing food exports.” While listening to the ...

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Prodexpo International Specialised Exhibition opened in Minsk

The 28th Prodexpo Food Exhibition began its work in ... feature a wide range of food, packaging solutions, workwear, refrigeration and ... noted by Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, at the ... the country in terms of food exports. “The introduction of various ... that a wide range of food products is available in Belarus ... , our trade turnover in the food sector has exceeded $6bn. Our ... delivered more than $4bn of food to Russia,” he said. The ...

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Belarus enjoys high position among world food producers

... world ranking of agricultural and food producers – as informed by Agriculture ... and Food Minister Igor Brylo Speaking at ... in Minsk, the Agriculture and Food Minister noted, “Belarus ranks 6th ...

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NAS of Belarus told about innovative domestically-produced products

... to reduce the amount of food additives,” Svetlana Gordynets explained.

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UN Chief declared threat of famine in various regions in 2022

... agreement on the export of food and fertilisers from Russia and ... the agreement on accessing Russian food and fertilisers to global markets ... ensure the export of Russian food and fertilisers, António Guterres ...

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Media found out how much Ukrainian grain arrived in EU

At least 38 percent of the grain exported through the ‘grain corridor’ from Ukraine came to the EU states – as noted by the Spanish El País newspaper, RIA Novosti reports The publication, citing UN information and ship tracking figures, reported that at least 2.3 million tonnes of corn, wheat, barley and other agricultural products have already been exported from Ukraine through the Black Sea corridor from August 1st to September 7th. “Of the total number of tonnes of grain exported through the ...

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Belarus’ agricultural exports to reach $7.8bn by late 2022

... informed by the Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo “The results ... . According to the Agriculture and Food Minister, a fairly good price ...

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By investing in food, Belarus supports good health of its citizens

... resources and efforts to ensuring food security domestically and obtaining high ... are used to having enough food in the country. “The shelves ... , and even more. Moreover, the food security concept says the country ... should not simply have enough food, but the latter should be ... . That is, by investing in food and ensuring its quality, the ...

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First ship with Ukrainian grain left Odessa port

... for Africa, Vera Songwe, this ‘food deal’ will make it possible ...

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UN Chief: 100 million people forced to flee their homes globally

... to the rapid rise in food and energy prices. According to ... Sergei Lavrov the issue of food security in the world against ...

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Belarus ready to share food with interested states

... domestic market with all necessary food products. Taking into account ... high demand, Belarusian food is also actively exported. “ ... studied,” Belarus’ Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister, Vadim Shagoiko, said. ... make every effort to maintain food security – by establishing new ... place among the leading global food exporters if the country ... share its available surplus of food, technologies and scientific approaches ... – when they experienced serious food-related problems, Belarus did not ...

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Belarus extends food embargo on goods from Western countries until late 2022

Belarus has extended food embargo on goods coming from ... Goods – which regulates introduction of food embargo on a wide range ... -products, fruits and nuts, salt, food flour from meat or meat ...

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Egypt interested in Belarusian dairy products and vegetable oil

... participated in a videoconference on food trade to discuss how they ... interested in supplies of certain food products will be processed by ...

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Belarusian food exports to Tajikistan increased by 30 percent

... Activity at the Agriculture and Food Ministry, Ksenia Meleshko Tajikistan’s ... -April 2022, sales of Belarusian food to this country increased by ...

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Sovereignty is based on agriculture development and food autonomy, expert believes

... : the country has now enough food, and it even exports it ... provides itself with all necessary food. If it lacks something because ... State has no problem of food security. It is enough to ... when the West lacked key food products?” The expert stressed that ... this. “Development of agriculture and food autonomy are fundamental for sovereignty ...

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Belarus ranks first in EAEU in agricultural production per capita

... that Belarus enjoys fully-fledged food independence. The Deputy Prime Minister ...

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Belarus is strong competitor for global food corporations

... have decided not to export food, and the purchase of ... meals a day now. Food prices have skyrocketed around the ... platforms are now actively discussing food related issues and growing ... that established control over the food market after WWII – are primarily ... ’. “Belarus will have enough food for its citizens. Over the ... would have gone to buy food!” he explained. However, instead, ... very strong competitor for such food corporations, so they want ... same time, people always need food, and many states are ...

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