Ambassador stated demand for Belarus’ food on African continent

... also enjoy big popularity. “Belarusian food products are popular everywhere: both ...

Belarus , co-operation , Ambassador , Africa , food

UN expects record levels of cereal stocks

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the ... increase in the volume of food consumption of wheat and a ... the use of wheat for feed purposes.

UN , food , grain

Expert: grain deal became Zelenskyy’s source of enrichment

... export of Ukrainian grain and food, as well as fertilisers across ...

Ukraine , West , grain deal , food , zelenskyy

Belarus’ Deputy PM commented on agriculture and food market situation

... in the domestic and foreign food and agricultural markets “In recent ... to ensure the country’s food security. Moreover, it is now ... among the key food exporters in the world. In ... 2022, exports of food and agricultural raw materials reached ... to China: the share in food exports is growing, and it ...

food , agriculture , exports , Belarus

Technology of 3D food printing from grown cells developed by Russian scientists

... approaches to 3D printing of food using plant cells, RIA Novosti ... , it is possible to make food with previously set parameters as ... . "New possibilities of 3D food printing are extremely topical for ... and environmental benefits by reducing food waste and financial costs for ... food storage and transportation. The development ... parameters. "The food obtained using our food 3D printing method has ...

3d , food , scientists

Expert revealed key fraud of the grain deal

... deal, it was assumed that food would go to the poorest ... successful states, which have no food problems. This is the fraud ...

Ukraine , food , grain deal , gaidukevich , opinion

Route to the sweet life

... oldest enterprises in the Belarusian food industry to cope with the ... : both our colleagues in the food industry and the state represented ...

Krasny Mozyryanin , confectionary , factory , food , industry

Lukashenko demanded to provide Belarus with cucumbers and tomatoes in off-season

... is bad that we cannot feed our people with cucumbers and ...

Lukashenko , President , food

Scientists warn of dangerous consequences of a popular sweetener

... doses of polyol sweetener in food and drinks every day. After ... excessive doses of erythritol in food increase the risk of cardiovascular ...

science , food , health

Lithuania ready to export 1m tonnes of grain by rail from Ukraine

Lithuania has expressed its readiness to transport one million tonnes of grain from Ukraine by rail for its further transportation through the Klaipeda State Seaport – as stated by the Minister of the Economy and Innovation of Lithuania, Ausrine Armonaite, TASS reports Photo: “Lithuania is ready to provide Ukraine with its assistance in organising grain exports outside the European Union. Our infrastructure makes it possible to transport one million tonnes of grain,” Ms. ...

lithuania , Ukraine , food

French authorities agreed with retailers to curb rise in food prices

... specialise in the sale of food in the country will curb ... rise in prices for essential food items as part of an ... Maire announced the distribution of ‘food stamps’ for low-income families ... annual terms, the increase in food prices in February in France ...

France , prices , food

Dairy business

... the world’s most popular food and beverage exhibition GulFood, ... leaders, successful producers, importers, food distributors, restaurateurs, is very popular ... economy. Firstly, this is food security, which our country has ... Molochny Mir and others. The food embargo imposed against Western countries ... According to the Agriculture and Food Ministry, the production of ... to participate in national, international food and beverage exhibitions. This ... plan to take part in food exhibitions in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, ...

economy , exhibition , food , Gulfood

Shagoiko: last year, exports of agricultural raw materials and food products rose by 25% to reach $8.3bn

... , the situation on the international food market was favourable for Belarus ... ’ Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Vadim Shagoiko As a result ... of agricultural raw materials and food products abroad increased by a ... of agricultural raw materials and food are supplied. The volume of ...

Belarus , agriculture , food , exports

Expert explains what Europeans are being preparing for through ads of ‘delicacies’ made from worms and insects

... allowed to be used as food additives in the EU. Powder ... for a war and a food crisis even then, and they ...

food , europe , insects

Media: US Subway restaurant chain plans to sell business for $10bn

... an American chain of fast-food restaurants operating on the principle ...

food , restaurant , business

MP: whole world has to suffer while the US is solving its problems

... . The parliamentarian noted that the food crisis will continue, and no ... very difficult in terms of food security – since supply chains have ... already been starving and receiving [food] on a residual basis – will ... agriculture not only for itself: food is among the country’s ... most important export positions. “Belarusian food is supplied to China, the ...

opinion , gaidukevich , food

Food scam

... of the world’s largest food suppliers, posted a net income ... . After all, if there are food speculators in the world and ... urgently take out grain and food from Ukraine. And all these ... Initiative for the export of food from Ukraine cannot be called ... the usual ways in which food was exported from Ukraine. It ... course, they will receive some food, but later, at different prices ... this applies not only to food. Everywhere you look, you find ... that make speculation in Ukrainian food seem like a small episode ...

UN , food , world pricesб

It’s all ours

... more than $8 billion on food exports The success of Belarus ... twenty years. Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo said, “Belarus ... Intensification of the Agriculture and Food Ministry Natalya Sonich. Who to ... products, as well as other food products, indicates that we are ... the Committee for Agriculture and Food of the Grodno Regional Executive ... the country and people, increasing food exports.” While listening to the ...

Belarus , agriculture , export , food

Prodexpo International Specialised Exhibition opened in Minsk

The 28th Prodexpo Food Exhibition began its work in ... feature a wide range of food, packaging solutions, workwear, refrigeration and ... noted by Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, at the ... the country in terms of food exports. “The introduction of various ... that a wide range of food products is available in Belarus ... , our trade turnover in the food sector has exceeded $6bn. Our ... delivered more than $4bn of food to Russia,” he said. The ...

prodexpo , brylo , food , exhibition

Belarus enjoys high position among world food producers

... world ranking of agricultural and food producers – as informed by Agriculture ... and Food Minister Igor Brylo Speaking at ... in Minsk, the Agriculture and Food Minister noted, “Belarus ranks 6th ...

brylo , food , agriculture

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