Egypt interested in Belarusian dairy products and vegetable oil

... participated in a videoconference on food trade to discuss how they ... interested in supplies of certain food products will be processed by ...

egypt , food , Co-operation

Belarusian food exports to Tajikistan increased by 30 percent

... Activity at the Agriculture and Food Ministry, Ksenia Meleshko Tajikistan’s ... -April 2022, sales of Belarusian food to this country increased by ...

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Sovereignty is based on agriculture development and food autonomy, expert believes

... : the country has now enough food, and it even exports it ... provides itself with all necessary food. If it lacks something because ... State has no problem of food security. It is enough to ... when the West lacked key food products?” The expert stressed that ... this. “Development of agriculture and food autonomy are fundamental for sovereignty ...

Sovereignty , agriculture , food , opinion , Dzermant

Belarus ranks first in EAEU in agricultural production per capita

... that Belarus enjoys fully-fledged food independence. The Deputy Prime Minister ...

food , agriculture , Zayats

Belarus is strong competitor for global food corporations

... have decided not to export food, and the purchase of ... meals a day now. Food prices have skyrocketed around the ... platforms are now actively discussing food related issues and growing ... that established control over the food market after WWII – are primarily ... ’. “Belarus will have enough food for its citizens. Over the ... would have gone to buy food!” he explained. However, instead, ... very strong competitor for such food corporations, so they want ... same time, people always need food, and many states are ...

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Belarusian food presented in 116 countries

The Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, has reported ... strategic directions,” the Agriculture and Food Minister noted in his talk ... people, and they experience more food shortages. Over the years, we ...

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Czech food supplies in case of emergency enough for 36 hours only

This was announced by the Chairman of the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Czech Republic, Pavel Svagr, in his talk with Ceskatelevize Photo: Food reserves are expected to be replenished to be enough for 15 days – but this step would require at least 12bn Crowns. At the moment, food – including frozen meat, canned food, butter, cheese, sugar, etc – are mainly stocked at manufacturers’ warehouses.

czech republic , food

Belarusian export geography expanding

... – as noted by Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo in his ... as well. Last year, our food was sold to 44 countries ... quite good indicators of its food sales in 2021: the growth ... to the Agriculture and Food Minister, many food items are being sold ...

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US food prices hit record

... to a sharp rise in food prices which are now at ... environment and result in growing food prices. As explained, corn – which ... to produce consumer goods and feed livestock – is needed to obtain ...

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Milk and meat production growing in Belarus

... buyers. As Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, noted at ... country exported $6.7bn of food last year and, by 2025 ... failures in the supply of food are registered, and a sowing ...

food , milk , meat , brylo

Easter is approaching

Amazing Easter traditions have preserved in Belarusian villages, and a long-standing custom of making a butter sheep is still practiced in the Vitebsk Region

easter , folk traditions , food

Belarus’ food exports growing

... -February 2022, exports of Belarusian food and agricultural raw materials made ... informed by Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, foreign currency ... Odessa seaport, were registered. Belarusian food enjoys great demand and promptly ... reached a record volume of food exports in the history of ...

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WTO to study crisis with supplies of Belarusian and Russian fertilisers

... under a threat of growing food prices if exports of fertilisers ... . We need Brazil to produce [food]. If both this state and ... will be an increase in food prices in 2023 as well ...

wto , food , belarus , russia , ukraine

Belarus-Azerbaijan trade turnover growing

... Belarus-Azerbaijan trade turnover of food products and agricultural raw ... informed by Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Ministry Photo by Belarus’ ... Agriculture and Food Ministry The statistical data has ... meeting of Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister, Igor Brylo, with ... focusing their attention on mutual food supplies, co-operation in ... our countries’ trade turnover of food products and agricultural raw materials ... , the trade turnover of food products and agricultural raw materials ...

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Belarus bans exports of some food

... restrictions on exports of certain food products – as informed by its ... to one litre) and canned food. Meanwhile, there is a nuance ... exported. In turn, canned baby food is an exception. As informed ... . The ban to export certain food products aims to protect the ...

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Germany announces beginning of food crisis

... Izvestia, Ms. Grimm said a food crisis has emerged in Germany ... . “This means an increase in food prices for industrially developed countries ...

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PM: Belarus will have enough food for domestic needs and exports

Belarus will have enough food for its domestic market and ... , Mr. Golovchenko noted, “True, our food is cheaper than in the ... , citrus fruits). Therefore, we will feed ourselves and Russians," Mr ...

golovchenko , food , exports , Belarus

Belarus’s food exports likely to exceed $7bn in 2022

... TV channel, Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister said the country aims ... sell more than $7bn of food abroad this year, BelTA reports ... . According to the Agriculture and Food Minister, there is no need ...

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France recognised Russia’s vital role in world food market

... important role in the global food market, as it is one ...

russia , food , economy

France predicts global famine due to situation in Ukraine

... threatens to provoke a global food crisis this year, Le Figaro ... ," France’s Agriculture and Food Minister Julian Denormandy said, adding ... have an impact on livestock feed. According to the publication, Qatar ... be taken to avoid a food crisis in the next year ...

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