Ukrainian farmers advise Poland to grow marijuana instead of grain

... cannot fully compete in the grain market and, instead of blocking ... real players in the global grain market, where they have to ...

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Ukraine demands action against Polish farmers for grain spillage

... and Ukraine and spilling the grain they were transporting, Reuters reports ... the EU, including importing cheap grain from Ukraine. “The spoiling of ... Ukrainian grain on the Polish border is ... work it takes to produce grain, especially during wartime. For the ... Kachka, stated that the spoiled grain was en route to Lithuania ...

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First wheat-loaded ships headed from Russia to Somalia and Burkina Faso

The first two wheat-loaded ships set off from Russia for the African countries of Somalia and Burkina Faso – as informed by the Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Dmitry Patrushev, RIA Novosti reports The official made a statement about the ships with Russian wheat during his visit to the Russia exhibition-forum. “The first two ships of 25 thousand tonnes each have already left Russian ports in the direction of Somalia and Burkina Faso. We expect them to arrive at their destinations in late ...

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UN continues negotiations to restore grain deal

... on the resumption of the grain deal with Russia, TASS reports ... the issue of resuming the grain deal. Efforts will be made ...

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UN expects record levels of cereal stocks

... ’s primary agricultural regions. Global grain stocks at the end of ... time, the forecast for world grain consumption in the 2023-2024 ...

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EU exported 4m tonnes of grain from Ukraine in August

... exported 4 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine by land and ... , TASS reports Exports of Ukrainian grain to the EU were organised ... termination of the Black Sea grain deal. According to the European ... , including 48 million tonnes of grain worth 38bn Euros.

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Economist explained why Poland is not interested in importing Ukrainian grain

... to compete with cheap Ukrainian grain if the latter is allowed ... provided Germans and Swedes with grain for many centuries. However, it ... Polish market with cheap Ukrainian grain grown on chernozem," Mr. Mezhevich ... the army. Of course, Ukrainian grain is very competitive on the ... is doing everything to prevent grain from entering the country. All ...

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Ukraine filed WTO complaints against countries that banned grain imports

... regarding the import of its grain. However, the options of the ...

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Bulgaria preparing for mass protests of farmers over Ukrainian grain

... he perceives the ultimatum of grain producers about the blockade of ... Bulgarian Parliament decided to allow grain imports from Ukraine. The Government ... ban on imports of Ukrainian grain.

Bulgaria , grain , protests

Warsaw banned imports of Ukrainian grain starting from September 15th

... Ministers has banned imports of grain from Ukraine after September 15 ... , imports of four types of grain into Poland will be prohibited ... concern the transit of Ukrainian grain through the country’s territory ... to the European Commission on grain imports from Ukraine. He noted ...

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Turkish companies ready to participate in supply of 1m tonnes of grain from Russia to Africa

... of one million tonnes of grain from Russia to African countries ... process a million tonnes of grain from Russia into flour, and ...

turkiye , russia , grain

Poland to prevent lifting of embargo on grain supplies from Ukraine to EU

... that after September 15th Ukrainian grain will not be delivered to ... about the supply of Ukrainian grain to Poland after the lifting ... the European Commission, said, “The grain will not enter. This is ... .e., a large influx of grain from Ukraine, which greatly destabilised ... , Ukrainians should understand that their grain should be sent to the ... farms, banned the import of grain and other types of agricultural ...

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Latvia preparing to transport Ukrainian grain by rail in autumn

... readiness to start transporting Ukrainian grain in the autumn – as informed ... reports with reference to the portal “Now there is ... for the transportation of Ukrainian grain," Mr. Plavnieks noted. According ... volume of transportation of Ukrainian grain through the territory of Latvia ... discussed the issue of Ukrainian grain transportation.

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News photo: grain harvesting continues across Belarus

grain , harvesting , Belarus

Expert: Ukrainian grain is tool of manipulation in Polish election campaign

... measures on imports of Ukrainian grain since its low price negatively ... agreements on the grain deal, continued to sell grain to the European ... Poland in order to sell grain. Vadim Gigin, the Director General ... country will not accept Ukrainian grain, as Poland does not need ... have already created an anti-grain coalition, and it includes Poland ...

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Expert: Poland needs EU money to modernise port infrastructure in case of military conflict

... protested so fiercely against Ukrainian grain, suddenly wish to build ports ... ? Why do Poles need Ukrainian grain, which is ruining them, dumping ...

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Ukraine said termination of grain deal in 2023 will generate $2bn of damage

... Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal, TASS reports Photo: www ... Mr. Lepushynskyi said, “Along the grain corridor, the termination of Russia ... will affect the speed of grain exports. This means the volumes ... $2bn.” Since July 18th, the grain deal has been terminated. Russia ... withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative. Russian President Vladimir Putin ... exported most of the Ukrainian grain to its states.

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Expert on the consequences of drought in Europe and grain prices

... about the termination of the grain deal, futures for wheat on ... 5 percent of the gross grain harvest, while already last year ... up sales of its own grain to other markets during the ... good price environment for purchasing grain, and therefore it is necessary ... it. Even if the purchased grain is somewhere close to the ... . This is the gold reserve. Grain will always prove useful.” Sergei ... on the supply of Ukrainian grain is beneficial for exporters,” he ... routes. And even if Russian grain leaves at a lower price ...

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Russian MFA promised African countries to find solution to food problems

The completion of the grain deal caused problems with food ... requests for gratuitous supplies of grain, “Yes, of course, there have ...

Russia , Africa , grain , Foreign Ministry

Expert: global gross grain harvest in 2023 will be less than in past years

... making assumptions regarding the upcoming grain harvest. As noted by a ... Academy of Sciences, Sergei Kravtsov, grain forecasts can now be made ... – especially in southern countries, where grain is in its filling stage ... analytics.” In general, the gross grain harvest in the world this ... country harvested 60m tonnes of grain, but the figure is likely ...

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