We invite you to Belarusian Dazhynki

... celebrating the end of the harvest has been turned into a ... and vegetables of the new harvest. But the main character is ... from flour from the new harvest. The fragrant wheat treat impresses ...

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Canadian farmers to reap 14% less wheat than expected due to drought

In 2023, Canadian farmers will harvest 29.5 million tonnes of ... predict that Canadian farmers will harvest 29.5 million tonnes of ... and Saskatchewan. Alberta’s wheat harvest is expected to be 16 ...

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Expert: global gross grain harvest in 2023 will be less than in past years

... assumptions regarding the upcoming grain harvest. As noted by a deputy ... .” In general, the gross grain harvest in the world this year ... are expected in Ukraine. “Gross harvest in Ukraine has fallen by ...

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Grain harvests in Belarus exceeded last year’s figures by almost 1.5m tonnes

This year, 1 million 370 thousand tonnes more grain and leguminous crops (without rapeseed) have been harvested in Belarus in comparison to the 2021 figures – as informed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food In 2022, 8 million 690 thousand tonnes of grain have been harvested against 7 million 320 thousand tonnes a year ago. The country fully provides itself with food and feed grain. Buckwheat production has doubled, while millet production has grown by 60 percent, and wheat – by 30 percent. ...

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9m tonnes of grain harvested in Belarus

... Ministry, the Minsk Region’s harvest so far exceeds 2m tonnes ...

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Croatia lost half of its crop due to drought

A drought in the Western Balkans has destroyed out 50 percent of Croatia’s future crops, with maize and soybeans being hit the hardest – as noted by manufacturers at a meeting with the government, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.pixabay.com Agricultural producers of Croatia have met with Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and members of the Cabinet of Ministers in the government in Zagreb. According to them, future losses will amount to at least 1bn Kunas (about 133m Euros). The authorities had ...

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Sergeyenko: harvesting success rooted in technical readiness and agrarians’ positive thinking

... their contribution to the overall harvest. We have all this,” Mr ...

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500m tonnes of corn already harvested in Belarus

Due to the drought, 1.5m tonnes less of ear-forming crops have been harvested this year against the 2020 figures and this gap is supposed to be partially filled at the expense of corn By now, around 500m tonnes of corn have been threshed in the country – to make a total of 6.9m of grain, including ear-forming crops. As Belarus’ Minister of Agriculture and Food, Ivan Krupko, said recently, in 2021, around 1.8 tonnes of corn are planned to be harvested – which will exceed the 2020 yield by 400, ...

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Apples in schoolchildren’s hands

... apples. A picturesque orchid, rich harvest and autumn sun contribute to ...

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Sugar beet harvesting in full swing in Belarus

Sugar beet harvesting is now in its active stage in Belarus – as reported by the Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin Before a meeting focusing on autumn field works, Mr. Subbotin said, “Simultaneously with the sowing campaign, harvesting is completing. Almost half of our potatoes and vegetables have been harvested and only 10 percent of flax remain on fields. Sugar beet harvesting is now in full swing and we get 4,200 tonnes of sugar daily. The work is intense.” Speaking of the sowing ...

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Holiday for villagers

Dazhynki 2021 Harvest Festival held in Kopyl, Minsk ... growers, we enjoy a rich harvest – thus contributing significantly to the ...

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Autumn celebrated

Belarusian traditional holiday dedicated to the end of harvesting campaign and the first fire lit at home has been celebrated in Vyazynka

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Taste the pumpkin best

... farmer. To enjoy a rich harvest, Mr. Grinko worked much – using ...

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