Farmers’ hunger strike in Polish Sejm lasting for a week, and two persons already sent to hospital for health reasons

A farmers' hunger strike has been going ... on May 13th by six farmers, who were taken to the ... are not representatives of Polish farmers,” he stated. Mass protests of ... farmers began in Poland on February ...

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Poland’s protesting farmers blocking city streets with tractors again

Protesting farmers are again taking tractors and ... to the Polish Internet portal, farmers have chosen the capital of ... was a continuation of the farmers’ protest in Katowice, which hosted ...

Poland , farmers , protest

Polish farmers to start signature campaign for resignation of government

Farmers in Poland are initiating the ... , a leader of the protesting farmers in the Lublin voivodeship, RIA ... reports Photo: Farmers' protests continue in Poland, and ... said, urging all associations of farmers and agricultural workers to support ...

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Polish farmer protests supported by majority of citizens surveyed

... respondents declared their support for farmers. At the same time, 51 ... percent noted that they support farmers ‘strongly’, and 21.2 percent ...

Poland , protests , farmers , poll

Expert predicted developments in Poland amid protests by farmers

... agricultural products from Ukraine, Polish farmers resumed protests. During the demonstrations ... citizens. Instead of listening to farmers, agricultural producers, and the people ... the detriment of everyone else: farmers in Poland, France, Germany, etc ... not care about some Polish farmers, whom they actually consider trash ... protesters' discontent, “Who are the farmers? These are people from the ... , maybe they will give the farmers some handouts so that they ...

Dzermant , Poland , protests , farmers

European Union is entering the twilight zone

... year in deep crisis, where farmers are just the tip of ... that small and medium-sized farmers play a more social than ... is being promoted. It requires farmers to cultivate less land and ... less food. This explains why farmers in the EU rebelled against ... consequences of mass protests by farmers include not only the blockade ... huge logistics hubs. For example, farmers in some areas of Germany ...

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Media: farmers blocked roads to major Belgian ports in protest against environmental rules

On March 14th, farmers disrupted traffic around Europe's ... legally liable for losses. “The farmers counter that their sector is ... industry instead,” the publication reads. Farmers across Europe continue to take ... the EU, several concessions towards farmers have already been made, angering ...

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Czech farmers scattered manure on Prague streets during new protests

On March 7th, Czech farmers scattered manure in front of ... PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Czech farmers have been holding their third ... protest since mid-February. Farmers entered Prague on March 7th ... , including public transport. Police said farmers were dumping manure, resulting in ... an honest conversation with the farmers. I expect an honest approach ... to be such an approach.” Farmers across the EU took to ...

Czech Republic , farmers , protests

Expert: Macron intentionally made scandalous statement about deployment of troops to Ukraine

... he had been attacked by farmers at an agricultural exhibition. Everyone ... the media was focusing on farmers, blockades, protests, and so on ... media immediately stopped reporting on farmers. The French leader’s scandalous ... , putting aside the protests of farmers, which have not gone away ...

Macron , france , farmers

Media: first clashes between farmers and police in Warsaw

... he first clashes between protesting farmers and the police were recorded ... other areas of the centre, farmers set tyres on fire, and ...

Poland , protests , farmers

FNSEA President warned of new protests

... motorways and other protests by farmers if France’s authorities ... representative of the country’s farmers voiced the possibility of ... that he personally phoned the farmers who participated in that ... Rousseau noted. Mass demonstrations of farmers took place in France throughout ... the European Union. French farmers also insisted on simplifying bureaucratic ... of agriculture. In protest, farmers drove their tractors to block ... fuel for special equipment. Some farmers, including FNSEA representatives, notified ...

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Poll: over 50% of Poles blame EU and country’s former government for agrarian crisis

... of the situation of Polish farmers, provoking their mass protests, TASS ... the worsening situation of Polish farmers, and only 8.5 percent ... think Russia is behind the farmers’ protests. The survey was conducted ... adults. On February 9th, Polish farmers began large-scale protests and ... carbon emissions by 2050. The farmers’ protests were supported by the ...

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Moldova intends to address EU for assistance to protesting farmers

... on how the situation with farmers is developing in Moldova. I ... from the European Union for farmers.

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Polish farmers blocked truck traffic on border with Germany

Protesting Polish farmers do not allow trucks to ... to look for detours. Polish farmers plan to continue the protest ... the authorities fail to react. Farmers' banners read: ‘We are waiting ... for PM’, ‘Farmers being killed by European politics ...

poland , germany , farmers , protests

Police detained 60 people during farmers’ protests in Spain

... people during the protests of farmers, TASS reports with reference to ... noted that, during the protests, farmers most often blocked traffic on ... detained 60 people. In Spain, farmers are trying to draw attention ...

Spain , farmers , protests , police

4,000 Slovak farmers to join protests against EU's agrarian policy

About four thousand farmers in Slovakia intend to join ... the pan-European protests of farmers scheduled for February 22 nd ... there. By now, 4,000 farmers with 2,200 units of ... be held in 37 localities. Farmers will also be at the ... the republic." In particular, farmers plan to stop traffic at ...

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Czech farmers join protests, driving their tractors into Prague’s centre

... February 19th, hundreds of Czech farmers drove their tractors into downtown ... photo: Czech farmers planned to join this week ... demonstration to join other European farmers at border crossings on February ... tractor protest,” the publication reads. Farmers across Europe have been recently ... taking to the streets. Farmers from Poland, France, Germany, Spain ...

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Media: Polish farmers block roads, border with Ukraine in nationwide protest

On February 9th, Polish farmers began a month-long general ... photo: Polish farmers are particularly feeling the impact ... from neighbouring Ukraine. “About 100 farmers and 50 cars blocked the ... said he understood the problems farmers were facing but hoped protests ... ’,” the news agency reports. Polish farmers from the Solidarity trade union ...

Poland , Ukraine , farmers , protests

Protests gather steam

... They have been joined by farmers from Spain, Italy and Latvia ... beginning of the year. Farmers from different countries flock to ... down prices and putting local farmers in conditions where they ... the last straw for European farmers. That is, European officials ... restrictions and prohibitions. Already affected, farmers are unable not only to ... or use force to remove farmers from the streets. There is ... into account the concerns of farmers in a number of ... there will be no more farmers in the European Union. ...

Europe , protests , farmers , strike

Media: French police detained 79 protesting farmers who rioted at market near Paris

French police detained 79 protesting farmers who broke into the EU' ... .com It is reported that farmers staged riots and caused damage ... the guards. Mass demonstrations of farmers are currently taking place in ...

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