New nuclear power plant to be built in Slovakia

The Slovak government has approved a plan ... in Hungary,” the publication reads. Slovakia produces more than 50 percent ...

Slovakia , nuclear power plant , construction

Belarusian expert: Peter Pellegrini's victory in presidential elections means strengthening Slovak statehood

... Parliament, Peter Pellegrini, won the Slovak presidential elections. Earlier, he had ... in the presidential elections in Slovakia is a strengthening of the ... pro-Russian, but a pro-Slovak president who thinks about the ... that.” “In 2020, when the Slovak ambassador was not afraid to ...

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Slovak PM said Russia doesn’t want WWIII

... stated by Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, TASS reports Photo ... ’t think so.” According to Slovakia’s PM, after the outbreak ... settlement. The head of the Slovak Cabinet sympathises with the Ukrainians ... weapons to be sent [from Slovakia] to Ukraine,” he said.

Slovakia , Fico , Ukraine , Russia , West

4,000 Slovak farmers to join protests against EU's agrarian policy

About four thousand farmers in Slovakia intend to join European protests ... .com The President of the Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food ... abyss. Europe and, of course, Slovakia will import not only soybeans ... February 22nd. The protests in Slovakia will begin on February 22nd ...

slovakia , farmers , protests

Fico: Slovakia will maintain its ban on agricultural imports from Ukraine

... “We will protect Slovak sugar producers, first of all ... types of agricultural products into Slovakia,” Fico assured. From late 2023 ... , Slovakia has introduced a ban on ... the interests of Slovakia,” said the PM. The Slovak authorities are seeking ... 15th, 2023, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia unilaterally extended the ban.

Slovakia , Ukraine , Fico , agricultural goods

Lukashenko sent National Day greetings to people of Slovakia

... , has congratulated the people of Slovakia on the national holiday: Day ... of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic photo: ... friendly contacts between Belarus and Slovakia – based on trust – have been ... Lukashenko wished all residents of Slovakia peace, stability and confidence in ...

Lukashenko , congratulation , slovakia

Slovak PM: all weapons in the world will not help Ukraine defeat Russia

... by the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, TASS reports Photo ... this conflict,” he added. The Slovak Prime Minister also stressed that ...

Ukraine , russia , NATO , slovakia

Hungary and Slovakia reject any EU migrant quotas

Hungary and Slovakia reject absolutely any quotas for ... of the Schengen member states.” Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Blanar, speaking ... politician noted. Blanar recalled that Slovakia rejects anti-Russian sanctions, which ... 2024, the head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry stressed.

Hungary , Slovakia , migrants , EU

Slovakia did not support EU sanctions on Russian fuel for nuclear power plants

Slovakia did not support the inclusion ... Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia, Juraj Blanar, said it is ...

slovakia , russia , sanctions

Media: Hungary, Slovakia against arms supply to Ukraine

The Hungarian and Slovak authorities are in favour of ... Following talks with Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, the ... the governments of Hungary and Slovakia hold the same views on ... , the fact that Hungary and Slovakia solve the issue of energy ...

slovakia , Hungary , Ukraine , weapons

Slovak PM: additional forces will be sent to border with Hungary because of illegal immigrants

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico announced ... .com It is noted that Slovakia decided to deploy around 500 ... introduced border controls on the Slovak-Hungarian border until November 3rd ... associated with terrorist structures) entering Slovakia if illegal migration is not ... brought under control. In Slovakia, the situation with migrants worsened ... border with Hungary, but former Slovak Prime Minister Ludovit Odor insisted ... from Serbia and transit through Slovakia to other European countries, in ...

slovakia , hungary , migrants

Fico said Slovakia won’t provide military assistance to Ukraine

Slovakia will provide Ukraine only with ... deputies, the Head of the Slovak Government said, “We support humanitarian ... officially became Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Slovakia , Ukraine , weapons

Media: Poland expelled over 750 migrants to Slovakia in September-August

... 758 migrants to Slovakia who illegally crossed the Slovak-Polish border – as ... , Poland transferred 758 foreigners to Slovakia: 170 in August and 588 ... controls on the border with Slovakia. Checks are carried out at ... along mountain paths is blocked. “Slovakia informed [us] that there may ... territory who crossed the Hungarian-Slovak border. Now these people will ...

Slovakia , Poland , migrants , border

Slovakia to triple ammunition production in 2024

... to the TASR news agency, Slovakia plans to increase its ammunition ... is also reported that the Slovak Armed Forces plan to conduct ...

slovakia , Ukraine

Slovakia announced deplorable state of the country’s army after aid to Ukraine

... Robert Fico said that the Slovak army is in a deplorable ... Robert Fico said that after Slovakia sent equipment to Ukraine, the ... or air defence systems in Slovakia, and there is not enough ... of people. In April 2022, Slovakia transferred the S-300 air ... Ukraine. In April 2023, the Slovak side also completed the transfer ... it is completely unclear how Slovakia will resolve the issue of ...

Slovakia , Ukraine

Poland to tighten controls along its border with Slovakia due to influx of migrants

... procedures at the border with Slovakia due to the increasing number ... influx of illegal migrants from Slovakia. Polish border guards detained 544 ... with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Last year, this number for ... . Migration along the border with Slovakia increased seven-fold, on the ... cannot close the border with Slovakia because it is part of ...

Poland , Slovakia , illegal migration , border

Media: Slovak military to help police in fight against illegal migrants

The Slovak Government will allocate up to ... the Defence Ministry of the Slovak Republic, said, “The time has ... . It is reported that the Slovak Armed Forces numbered 19.5 ...

slovakia , migrants

Slovak President said she would not participate in coming elections

The President of Slovakia, Zuzana Caputova, announced that she ... Novosti reports with reference to Slovak TV Photo: ... will do ‘much good for Slovakia’. She also expressed gratitude to ... won the Presidential election in Slovakia in 2019 and became the ...


Slovakia to render €4.2m of military assistance to Ukraine

Slovakia will once again provide military ... According to the source, the Slovak Defence Ministry offered to provide ...

slovakia , Ukraine

Slovakia expects to receive 13 Leopard tanks from Germany for its assistance to Ukraine by late 2023

... to Ukraine – as noted by Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Nagy, RIA ... already transferred two tanks to Slovakia. "In accordance with the ...

slovakia , germany , Ukraine

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