Posted: 27.09.2023 09:31:00

Poland to tighten controls along its border with Slovakia due to influx of migrants

The Polsat TV channel reported that Polish authorities want to strengthen control procedures at the border with Slovakia due to the increasing number of illegal migrants who enter the EU through the country, TASS reports


It is noted that the decision will soon be announced by Polish Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Mariusz Kaminski.

Spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard Anna Michalska said, “Over the past month, we have been observing an influx of illegal migrants from Slovakia. Polish border guards detained 544 illegal migrants at the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Last year, this number for the same period was 122. Migration along the border with Slovakia increased seven-fold, on the border with the Czech Republic – two-fold.”

However, she also said that Poland cannot close the border with Slovakia because it is part of the Schengen zone. The only thing Poland can do, according to Anna Michalska, is to check the legality of stay and conduct checks on roads near the border.