Posted: 08.04.2024 17:50:00

Belarusian expert: Peter Pellegrini's victory in presidential elections means strengthening Slovak statehood

On April 7th, 2024, the Head of Parliament, Peter Pellegrini, won the Slovak presidential elections. Earlier, he had already announced that if elected as head of state, he would not allow sending the military to Ukraine. Peter Pellegrini also opposed the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, explained what this electoral victory means for Europe in his talk with Alfa Radio.

Oleg Gaidukevich emphasised that Peter Pellegrini's victory in the presidential elections in Slovakia is a strengthening of the statehood and sovereignty of the country, “This is not a pro-Russian, but a pro-Slovak president who thinks about the national interests of his country and Europe. We would not want pro-Belarusian or pro-Russian presidents in Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and France, but we dream of something else: for the leader of France to come, who thinks about France, for the leader of Germany to come, who thinks about Germany, and not about the Americans. And immediately peace would come, and trade would resume, because it is in the interests of the Europeans. They are begging their authorities today: stop the war and sanctions, remove migrants, restore order, stay out of the Middle East, and solve domestic problems first. But the authorities don't want that.”

“In 2020, when the Slovak ambassador was not afraid to come to the square on May 9th and celebrate the Great Victory with our people, while in Europe, crazy politicians and fascists were shouting ‘we know everyone who is not vaccinated, and we will come home to you’, as they specifically earned billions of dollars on vaccinations and masks. Moreover, this ambassador was standing here in the centre of Minsk at that time and was not afraid – that means an independent policy,” Mr. Gaiduckevich added.

Oleg Gaidukevich also stated that there are practically no democratic elections in Europe, “We understand that if there had been truly democratic elections in France, Germany, and Poland, George Soros' funds would have been removed and American interference would have been prevented. And the same is true across the EU, as Europeans dream of a free and independent Europe, and we want it, too. We do not need a pro-Russian or pro-Belarusian Europe. Let it be pro-European. Then peace will come.”