Szijjarto: despite Western pressure, Hungary will not refuse oil and gas supplies from Russia

Hungary, despite Western pressure, is not ... , despite geopolitical and ideological pressure, Hungary is not ready to abandon ... two and a half years, Hungary still refuses to consider energy ... an exclusively practical issue for Hungary, and it is ‘determined by ...

Hungary , Szijjarto , russia , oil , gas

Szijjarto: Hungary open to strengthening co-operation with Belarus

Hungary will provide any support for ... point of view are unequivocal: [Hungary is ready to co-operate ... are not subject to sanctions. Hungary is interested in developing liaisons ... about it openly, hiding nothing. Hungary will not support the EU ... would like to note that Hungary will continue to adhere to ... , this once again demonstrates that Hungary has business interest in Belarus ...

Hungary , Belarus , co-operation

FMs of Belarus, Hungary holding bilateral meeting in Minsk

... foreign ministers of Belarus and Hungary, Sergei Aleinik and Peter Szijjarto ... Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary has arrived in Minsk to ...

Belarus , Hungary , co-operation , Aleinik , Szijjarto

Hungarian FM declared failure of European and US strategy on Ukraine

... Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto, TASS reports Photo ...

Hungary , usa , europe , Ukraine

Ambassador on Minsk-Budapest relations

... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Hungary, Vladimir Ulakhovich, said the relations ... with many different people in Hungary, we feel a kind, good ... . Ulakhovich added that Belarus and Hungary can co-operate in the ... project not long ago, and Hungary has been trying for a ...

Belarus , Hungary

Szijjarto: Hungary blocked Council of Europe resolution on Ukraine

Hungary vetoed a Council of Europe ... Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto, TASS reports Photo ...

Hungary , Ukraine , europe , resolution

Orban: military assistance to Ukraine to entail profitable contracts for US industry

The US package of military assistance to Ukraine will actually become a major contract for American industrial enterprises – as stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, TASS reports Photo: Viktor Orban believes that the recent decision of the US Congress, supported by President Joe Biden, to allocate $60bn to assist Ukraine ‘is actually a huge military order for the American industry’. "The US President has made it clear that the country's economy will benefit from ...

Orban , Hungary , usa , Ukraine

Chairman of Hungarian Workers' Party on the point of his conversation with Lukashenko in 2020

Belarus and Hungary have developed very harmonious relations ... not want the land of Hungary. We had no common historical ... 2025, Mr. Thurmer noted, “In Hungary, many people think under pressure ...

Belarus , Hungary , President

Orban: Western liberal hegemony may end this year

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes that Western liberal hegemony may end as soon as this year, since the world order built on its basis has collapsed, RIA Novosti reports photo: “This year, God willing, we can end the inglorious era of Western civilisation. We can see the end of a world order built on progressive liberal hegemony. The progressive liberal world spirit has failed, as it had only brought about wars and discord, economic collapse and chaos,” Mr. Orban ...

Hungary , orban , world order , West

Orban: Hungary will not interfere in Ukrainian conflict either on side of Kyiv or Moscow

Hungary does not intend to interfere ... there is a national government, Hungary will not intervene in the ...

Hungary , Orban

Szijjarto: Hungary to form alliance with Central American countries to prevent global division

... opposing blocs – as stated by Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs ... countries. Szijjarto points out that Hungary categorically disagrees with the division ...

Hungary , Central America , Szijjarto , West , East

Szijjarto: Hungary still strongly against proposals to send troops to Ukraine

Hungary considers proposals to send Western ... his Cypriot counterpart, Constantinos Kombos. “Hungary, like Cyprus, does not supply ...

Hungary , Szijjarto , Ukraine , weapons

First Hungarian cosmonaut sent greetings to first Belarusian female cosmonaut

... the Republic of Belarus in Hungary hosted a meeting with the ... certain countries, including Belarus and Hungary, and outlined plans for the ...

Belarus , Hungary , cosmonauts , Vasilevskaya , embassy

Hungary named Biden persona non grata at conservative conference

... requirement for CPAC guests in Hungary is not to get lost ...

Hungary , US , Biden

Hungarian FM: it is necessary to start Russia-Ukraine negotiations as soon as possible

... éter Szijjártó noted that Hungary's position is very clear ... to it’. According to him, Hungary believes that Russia cannot be ...

Hungary , Russia , Ukraine

Szijjarto: EU politicians gripped by military psychosis may send troops to Ukraine

The leaders of the European Union and many of its allies are gripped by military psychosis, turning the Ukrainian conflict into a personal matter, and the sending of troops to the special operation zone may be a result of this – as stated by the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Szijjarto, TASS reports Photo: Mr. Szijjarto said that the European politicians are beginning to lose their common sense, ‘the voice of peace is weakening, and most of the European ...

Hungary , eu , Ukraine

Belarus, Hungary discussed co-operation in nuclear energy

... power plant (NPP) project in Hungary. Viktor Karankevich stated that the ...

Atomexpo , nuclear energy , Ministry of Energy , Hungary , co-operation

Orban: EU is Soros’ prisoner and cannot implement peaceful policy

Most Europeans want a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, but the organisations of American billionaire George Soros are closely intertwined with European institutions, which is why Brussels cannot begin to pursue a policy that is aimed at peace – as stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in his talk with Kossuth radio, RIA Novosti reports Photo: “European leaders feel that European public opinion is more likely to support those parties that advocate peace, ...

orban , Hungary , eu

Hungarian FM: the later peace talks with Russia begin, the worse for Ukraine

... the beginning of the conflict, Hungary has opposed sanctions on Russian ...

Hungary , Ukraine , Russia , West , Europe , peace talks , special military operation

Hungarian party: Sweden's admission to NATO is provocation

... .com Mr. Toroczkai noted that Hungary considers ‘the expansion of NATO ...

Sweden , Hungary , NATO

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