Posted: 17.04.2024 16:35:00

Szijjarto: Hungary to form alliance with Central American countries to prevent global division

The Hungarian authorities plan to create an alliance with Panama and other Central American countries to avoid dividing the world into opposing blocs – as stated by Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto, TASS reports with reference to the Daily News Hungrary newspaper which provides information about Budapest’s decision


Speaking in Panama on April 16th, Szijjarto said that like his country, the Central American states serve ‘as a meeting point between the East and the West’, “The world is moving at high speed towards the re-emergence of blocs. We don’t want it to be again torn up into blocs. We are building an alliance with Central American states whose interests are clearly against the emergence of blocs in the world and they have a vested interest in the upcoming period of world history to be dedicated to connections and freedom in global trade.”

Budapest previously expressed fears that the armed conflict in Ukraine would cause the emergence of new opposing political and economic blocs in the world, the creation of which would be contrary to the interests of all countries. Szijjarto points out that Hungary categorically disagrees with the division of countries into opposing blocs along the East-West principle.