Posted: 23.02.2024 18:10:05

Orban: Ukraine cannot defeat Russia, even despite help from West

Ukraine will not defeat Russia in the conflict, no matter how much weapons and military assistance the West provides. The conflict must be resolved through diplomacy only – as stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, RIA Novosti reports.


Speaking with the Kossuth radio, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban explained how to end the conflict. 

“The West cannot engage in a war that, based on fundamental mathematical facts, cannot be resolved on the battlefield. Ukraine will not be able to defeat the Russians, no matter how many resources and weapons we give them. If the West does not engage in war with its army, then the military advantage will remain on the side of Russia. At the very least, it is safe to say that the Ukrainians will not have a military advantage,” the Prime Minister of Hungary noted.

Viktor Orban stated that NATO ‘from the very first minute’ claimed that it would not send its troops to Kyiv, so the conflict would eventually be resolved through diplomatic negotiations, and Western leaders would have to admit that due to their mistake, Europe was approaching ‘economic bankruptcy’.

“Sooner or later, someone in the West will have to raise their hands and say: I made a mistake!” the Prime Minister of Hungary added.

Russia has repeatedly emphasised its readiness for negotiations, but in response, Kyiv has legislatively banned them. The West constantly urges Russia to negotiate, and Moscow demonstrates readiness for it, but the West ignores Kyiv's regular refusals to engage in dialogue. Previously, the Kremlin stated that there are no prerequisites for the situation in Ukraine to move towards a peaceful resolution now, and that Russia's undeniable priority is to achieve the goals of the special operation, which can only happen now through a military scenario. According to the Kremlin, the situation in Ukraine can move to a peaceful course if the de facto situation and new realities are taken into account. All of Moscow's demands are well known.