Posted: 19.01.2024 16:23:00

Hungarian FM: Brussels not able to fight illegal migration on its own

Brussels cannot cope with the problem of illegal migration to the EU due to its politicised approach, the fight against the flow of illegal immigrants can be effective at the national level – as noted by the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Szijjarto, TASS reports


In his talk with the Exxpress portal, the Hungarian Foreign Minister called illegal migration the number one topic. "We need to change the political approach of Brussels. Illegal border crossing should no longer be considered as a humanitarian problem, but as a criminal one. We must do everything possible to protect the external borders," Peter Szijjarto believes.

He also stressed that neither in Brussels, nor in Berlin, nor in Washington no one should tell European countries who should be allowed entry and who should not. According to the head of Hungarian diplomacy, at the moment there is a need for a clear national responsibility for protecting state borders.

Mr. Szijjarto expressed the opinion that Brussels cannot solve the problem at the European level with its current political approach, because the EU policy is one of the main factors attracting illegal migration to Europe. "The EU is pushing migrants to come to us, not telling them to stay away. The only way to get to Europe should be legal," he said.

The politician believes it is necessary to stop distributing illegal immigrants who arrive in Europe between the EU countries based on quotas. According to him, there should be a clear difference between refugees and economic migrants seeking to enter the European Union.