Posted: 25.04.2024 18:24:00

Lukashenko on how Belarus can respond to aggression coming from the West

While discussing the National Security Concept and Military Doctrine during today’s Belarusian People's Congress, President Aleksandr Lukashenko explained how Belarus can respond to aggression coming from the West

The Head of State noted that many people today may wonder how Belarus, if needed, would be able to resist the armies of Western countries, “They are fully armed, the number of their troops is huge, these countries border Belarus, which is very inconvenient for us. How should we fight? Even before the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, we were focused on causing unacceptable damage to them. The issue is not to stand face to face, shooting at each other. We understand perfectly well that this will be very difficult, almost impossible. Therefore, unacceptable military damage was provided for in the previously operational military documents.”

The President recalled that, in Soviet times, the most modern strategic nuclear weapons were deployed on the territory of Belarus, but in the early years of the country's independence, the then Belarusian leadership withdrew those missiles from the country at the US request. “It was decided before I came to power, but – if I had to make a decision then – we would never have withdrawn strategic nuclear weapons from the territory of Belarus. It was a very serious arsenal, and we wouldn't need any other modern weapons,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Taking into account the current geopolitical situation and the growing military threats from outside, the President has decided to return tactical nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus. “Since we have been named co-aggressors (Putin and I are the main ‘aggressors’ in the world), the leadership of the Russian Federation, comparing all the facts, made a decision (at my insistence, and I emphasise this fact once again) and returned a certain amount, several dozen of the most modern nuclear weapons to us,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

In addition, the country has enough conventional weapons, including the most advanced ones: i.e. Iskander missile systems. According to the President, they all are properly maintained and can be used at any time, if necessary.

“How can we contain the forces deployed by them [Westerners]? Well, we have nuclear weapons. We are not scaring anyone with nuclear weapons, we are not attacking anyone. They know very well: if they just dare to set foot on the territory of Belarus, an instant response will follow, and we – including Russia – will use all kinds of weapons. You have heard President Putin's recent statements that an attack on Belarus will be regarded as an attack on the Russian Federation. Therefore, we are now fully determined to resist any aggressor and inflict unacceptable damage on them! They should understand that their capitals are very close to our border. Therefore, those who make this decision [about aggression] will become the so-called legitimate target,” the Belarusian leader stated.