US Congress members urged Orban to approve Sweden's NATO membership

... Minister Viktor Orban to ratify Sweden's application to join NATO ... member to have not ratified Sweden's bid [to join the ...

Senate , Orban , NATO , Sweden

Turkiye approves Sweden’s entry into NATO

Turkiye approved the protocol on Sweden’s NATO membership bid, with ... Protocol on the Kingdom of Sweden’s Participation in the North ... by the President.” Finland and Sweden submitted applications to join NATO ...

Turkiye , Sweden , NATO

Sweden to allocate $5.83m for military assistance to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

The Swedish Government has decided to provide 50m Kronas ($4.86m) of military assistance to Ukraine, as well as 5m Kronas ($0.49m) each to Moldova and Georgia, TASS reports Photo: www.freepik.com It is reported that the support is provided through various NATO funds and will be used, among other things, for mine clearance, crisis management, cybersecurity and education. It is noted that 50m Kronas will be allocated to the NATO fund for Ukraine for the projects that have already been decided on ...

Sweden , Ukraine , moldova , georgia

Commander-in-Chief of Swedish Armed Forces called on nation to prepare for war

... could be a war in Sweden. In turn, the Commander-in ... may be a war in Sweden. I want to appeal primarily ... the accession of former neutral Sweden to the alliance for more ...

Sweden , NATO , europe

Sweden exploring the possibility of renting prison places abroad

... problem of their shortage in Sweden. “The goal is to relieve ...

Sweden , prison

Sweden estimates the cost of civil defenсe strengthening at almost $2bn a year

Sweden must invest $1.8bn annually ... is needed’ to quickly strengthen Sweden’s civil defence and ability ...

Sweden , civil defence

Sweden to check intelligence service activities for the first time in 20 years

... as in identifying threats to Sweden as a whole,” stated the ...

Sweden , defence

Sweden wants to lift uranium mining ban

... open to uranium mining in Sweden and sees a need for ... Economic Co-operation and Development, Sweden holds approximately 27 percent of ...

sweden , mining , uranium

Sweden to increase its military budget by $2.4bn in 2024

The Swedish government has confirmed that it has proposed to increase funding for the armed forces by more than 27bn Kronor (approximately $2.4bn), RIA Novosti reports photo: www.pixabay.com The press release published by the Swedish government reads, “The draft budget for 2024 proposes to increase funding for the armed forces by an additional SEK 700m, which, together with upward adjustments and previous decisions, will lead to an increase in funding of more than SEK 27bn between 2023 and ...

Sweden , GDP , defence spending

Media: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain to develop new tank

Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain have signed a ... partners from Italy, Spain and Sweden," the publication reads. The ...

germany , italy , Sweden , Spain

US and Swedish Marines to conduct drills in Stockholm archipelago in September

... by the Defence Ministry of Sweden, TASS reports photo: www.reuters ...

US , Sweden , Archipelago Endeavour 2023

Terrorism alert level in Sweden raised

The terrorism alert level in Sweden has been raised to almost ... ’s Head, Charlotte von Essen, Sweden has become a priority target ...

Sweden , alert , terrorism

Sweden said it will allocate $490m to Ukraine for its restoration

Sweden plans to allocate $490m to ... most ambitious bilateral strategy that Sweden has ever presented. It aims ... country.” He also said that Sweden will allocate money for housing ... and employment. Since February 2022, Sweden has reportedly allocated $2.16bn ...

Sweden , Ukraine , aid , restoration

Sweden to expand support for WHO in 2023

Sweden will expand its support for ... -operation and Foreign Trade of Sweden, TASS reports photo: www.reuters ... are a voluntary donation from Sweden, which will go to WHO ...

Sweden , WHO

Swedish Armed Forces to train Ukrainian pilots on JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets

Sweden has decided to allocate the ... .” It is also reported that Sweden will produce ‘introductory training’ for ...

Sweden , Ukraine

Stoltenberg: Sweden fulfilled its obligations to join NATO

Sweden has already fulfilled all the ... steps to join the alliance. “Sweden has fulfilled its obligations. Specific ... acknowledge that the demonstrations in Sweden created difficulties. Freedom of assembly ... demonstrations are trying to prevent Sweden from joining NATO,” he added ... consultations on the issue of Sweden’s membership in the bloc ... still has time to ratify Sweden's application before the alliance ...

NATO , Sweden , Türkiye , Stoltenberg

Sweden may become EU first ‘smoke free’ country

Sweden could become the first country ... the past fifteen years in Sweden has declined rapidly, from 15 ... in the 17th century. Moreover, Sweden is the only country in ...

Sweden , smoke free

Sweden to join the European air defence system

... October 2023. He stressed that Sweden should contribute to NATO with ... its air defence forces. "Sweden is also ready to contribute ...

sweden , NATO

Sweden urges EU to stock up on minerals

... and Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, noted that the EU member ...

Sweden , EU , resources

Sweden may face shortage of electricity

Electricity shortages may occur in Sweden as early as 2027 – as ... on the government report on Sweden’s future electricity needs, “We ... a shortage of electricity in Sweden,” Matthias Jonsson warned in an ... . However, in the long term, Sweden needs to build wind farms ...

Sweden , electricity , deficit

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