Media: US struggle against terrorism in West Africa failed

Efforts to fight terrorism in West Africa, financed from ...

US , Africa , terrorism

Russia’s FSB seized 27 improvised explosives hidden in Orthodox icons from Ukraine via EU

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), together with customs officers, stopped the import of 27 improvised explosives, which were hidden in Orthodox icons and church utensils, from Ukraine to Russia through the EU countries, RIA Novosti reports PHOTO: WWW.TASS.RU Information about the liquidation of the supply channel was reported by the Russian intelligence service, “In total, 27 icon-camouflaged and ready-to-use improvised explosive devices, 70kg of industrially ...

Russia , FSB , Ukraine , EU , terrorism

Belarus’ KGB: special services of Ukraine use various methods to recruit terrorists

... preparation for an act of terrorism, in case of voluntary and ...

Ukraine , terrorism , State Security Committee

FSB Chief: Russian special services aware of organisers of terrorist attacks against Russia

The Russian special services are aware of the organisers of terrorist actions against the Russian Federation and will do everything necessary to ensure that they are punished – as stated by the Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, TASS reports Photo: www.tass.ru According to the FSB Chief, there are those who left and organised combat units, as well as those who were going to do that. He emphasised that all Russian law enforcement ...

bortnikov , russia , fsb , terrorism

France raises terror alert to highest level

The French government raises the terror alert warning to its highest level after the concert hall shooting in the Moscow Region – as France’s PM Gabriel Attal noted on March 24 after a meeting of senior security and defence officials with President Emmanuel Macron, Reuters reports photo: www.reuters.com Attal stated on his X (Twitter) account that this decision was made several months before the Olympic Games begin in Paris, “Following the attack in Moscow, a Defence and National Security ...

France , terrorism , alert

Lukashenko, Putin confirmed during telephone conversation commitment to active co-operation in responding to terrorism threat

... respond to the threats of terrorism and extremism.

Lukashenko , Putin , terrorism , Belarus , Russia

Erdogan: Turkiye to settle issue of terrorists at its southern borders in summer

... , “We continue to resolutely fight terrorism, despite obstacles inside and outside ... nation’s determination in combatting terrorism, accept this fact’. Media in ...

Turkiye , Erdogan , threat , terrorism

General Staff commented on terrorist attack planned by Polish and US special services to seize Belarus’ lands

The intelligence services of the United States of America and Poland planned to conduct a terrorist attack against Polish citizens in order to later blame Belarus and Russia for it – as stated by Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces for Scientific Work Viktor Tumar in his talk with the ONT TV channel Video screenshot Victor Tumar recalled that on February 20th, Aleksandr Lukashenko disclosed information that ‘Polish and US intelligence services are preparing a large- ...

General Staff , Belarus , Poland , US , terrorism

Opinion: Belarusians do not view Ukrainians as enemies

Andrei Krivosheev, the Director General of the Minsk-Novosti news agency, Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Journalists, shed light on how Ukrainian media-terrorist regime operates and spreads over In his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, Mr. Krivosheev noted that Ukrainians are not the enemy of Belarus and its people, “Meanwhile, the regime that has formed near Belarus is obviously media-terrorist, and the Kiev authorities have proved this more than once. Let me remind you that people were ...

Ukraine , Belarus , terrorism , krivosheev , opinion

Ukrainian saboteur Shvets: I was told Belarusians are enemies

... of committing an act of terrorism, confessed in his talk with ... of Article 289 (act of terrorism committed by an organised group ...

terrorism , saboteur , machulishchi

Terrorism alert level in Sweden raised

The terrorism alert level in Sweden has ... : www.pixabay.com Previously, the terrorism alert was on the third ...

Sweden , alert , terrorism

SCO RATS Head: activities of 73 clandestine cells of international terrorist organisations terminated

Ruslan Mirzaev, the Director of the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure, informed on the main results of the SCO RATS activity at today’s online meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State Photo: www.president.gov.by In particular, Mr. Mirzaev stressed, “During the reporting period, the competent authorities of the SCO member states terminated the activities of 73 clandestine cells of international terrorist organisations, prevented 69 terrorist attacks and 46 crimes of a terrorist and ...

terrorism , SCO

MP explained why West relies on terrorism and information sabotage in relation to Belarus

The West will not go into a direct military confrontation with Belarus and, consequently, with the Union State, but it will continue to actively try to shake up the situation in the country – as noted by Sergei Klishevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, while commenting on KGB Chief Ivan Tertel’s statement that Belarus’ enemies will continue to attempt destabilisation, as ‘sponsors are pressuring them, demanding actions and terrorist attacks’. In particular, ...

West , terrorism , Klishevich , opinion

Killer parcel

A number of terrorist attacks were supposed to go off in Belarus ahead of Victory Day and on May 9th. The KGB foiled these attempts. Belarus was supposed to be shaken by explosions on the bright holiday of May 9th. The explosive devices were disguised as household appliances, which have been transported to Belarus from abroad. Mail parcels were collected by different people, who were told not to ask too many questions. The parcels had to be activated at specific times in order to cause ...

Belarus , terrorism , KGB

Explosives tracked down in Belarus were American-made

The explosives – aimed for terrorist attacks and seized in Belarus – were of American origin, BelTA reports with reference to the ONT TV channel “It was established that the explosives were American-made. Parcels with explosives disguised as household appliances arrived in the country, and they would be enough to derail several trains at once or arrange a terrorist attack among people during the celebration of May 9 th ,” the source said. The Head of the Main Department of Special Examinations ...

terrorism , Belarus

KGB: traces of customer of terrorist attacks prevented in Belarus lead to Ukraine

Traces of a customer of the terrorist attacks – which were planned to be committed on May 9 th , but were prevented by Belarus’ State Security Committee – lead to Ukraine, the ONT Telegram channel reports “On the eve of Great Victory Day and directly on May 9th, several terrorist attacks were planned to be committed in Belarus. As informed by the KGB Chief, Ivan Tertel, the State Security Committee stopped those attempts,” the TV channel informed. The explosive devices were disguised as ...

KGB , terrorism

KGB of Belarus stopped attempts to commit terrorist attacks on the eve of May 9th

As stated by KGB Chief Ivan Tertel, the events were tied to May 9 th , BelTA reports “That was an attempt to stir up the situation. The Head of State is aware of this. We have detained a certain number of people who were preparing to commit terrorist attacks, and we know that secretive agencies are involved. I do not want to fully open all the information today,” Mr. Tertel said on May 9th, adding that everything is likely to be announced on May 10 th . "Those were attempts to organise ...

kgb , Belarus , tertel , Terrorism

KGB: citizens of Belarus and Russia, under Ukrainian intelligence officer leadership, planned terrorist attacks in Grodno

Citizens of Belarus and Russia, under the leadership of a Ukrainian special services officer, planned terrorist attacks in Grodno, targeting several objects at once, including the Russian Consulate General – as the ONT TV channel was reported in the State Security Committee (KGB) of Belarus According to the Belarusian and Russian special services, Vyacheslav Rozum, an employee of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, was in charge of recruiting agents. One of them ...

Belarus , KGB , Grodno , terrorism

Opinion: NATO needs a war, but they understand it is impossible to defeat Belarus and Russia

... around their leaders. Accordingly, only terrorism and extremism remain.” The MP ...

terrorism , extremism , nato , gaidukevich , opinion

Lawlessness Service of Ukraine

Investigation of the Television News Agency on an attempted terrorist attack at the Machulishchi airfield: new details of a dirty provocation Information about an attempted terrorist attack at the Machulishchi airfield and the detention of a Ukrainian saboteur seriously stirred up the media field. Recently, new details of a large-scale operation of the State Security Committee in co-operation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Committee and other law enforcement agencies ...

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