Amendments to Belarus’ Criminal Code envisaging death penalty for attempted acts of terrorism approved

... punishment for attempted acts of terrorism in Belarus, and – during today ... penalty for attempted acts of terrorism. In addition, the Council of ... act of international terrorism or an act of terrorism using atomic energy ...

Council of the Republic , terrorism

Prosecutor General opened criminal case on act of terrorism

... case on an act of terrorism committed by an organised group ...

Prosecutor General’s Office , terrorism

Person accused of committing acts of terrorism detained in Minsk

... charged with committing acts of terrorism, damaging property in a generally ...

Prosecutor General’s Office , crime , terrorism

Internal Ministry revealed details about the detained persons

... the article ‘An act of terrorism against a stateman or public ...

Terrorism , Internal Ministry

Countering terrorism wisely

... of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office, Vladimir Voronkov, in ... in the field of counter-terrorism liaisons. Mr. Voronkov appreciated ... contacts with the UN Counter-Terrorism Office. He thanked the Republic ... organising and hosting the Combating Terrorism through Innovative Approaches and ... subsequent multilateral forums on countering terrorism. In turn, Mr. Makei ... Belarus' support of counter-terrorism activities as part of regional ... manipulating the issues of combating terrorism in order to achieve ...

terrorism , un , makei

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