Posted: 16.03.2023 17:03:00

Lawlessness Service of Ukraine

Investigation of the Television News Agency on an attempted terrorist attack at the Machulishchi airfield: new details of a dirty provocation

Information about an attempted terrorist attack at the Machulishchi airfield and the detention of a Ukrainian saboteur seriously stirred up the media field. Recently, new details of a large-scale operation of the State Security Committee in co-operation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Committee and other law enforcement agencies were shown in the evening air of the Belarus 1 TV channel. Journalists of the Television News Agency have prepared a large amount of material on the investigation of the incident, the channels for recruiting agents of the SBU (SSU) and connections leading to foreign special services.

Background of the event

…In focus there is a stunned and almost naked terrorist Nikolai Shvets on the floor of a cottage in Borovlyany during the arrest. Ukrainian nationalist, recruited by the SBU. Agreed to be trained to carry out missions to undermine aircraft on the territory of other states. He passed a mandatory polygraph test and received the operational pseudonym Gaspar.
The terrorist training began in the fall of 2022. Shvets got a laptop with a drone flight simulator for this. The next stage will be real flights at the test site near Kiev with grenade models. The curators said that the mission of Shvets could be a sabotage in the Russian Engels at the airfield with strategic bombers.
However, in December, Shvets will receive another task: Belarus, Machulishchi airfield, blowing up an A-50U aircraft called ‘the eyes of the Russian air forces’...
Shvets received a special mobile phone with special programmes that allow one to remotely monitor not only the actions of the agent, but also the environment. Special SBU spy applications are able to automatically delete all data from the phone in case of unauthorised access.

Route and preparation

Andrei Mironchik, the head of the detachment
of the Bruzgi border control department 
of the Grodno Border Group, is the same border guard
who did not let the Ukrainian saboteur into Belarus
Photo by Aleksey Bibikov
On January 15th, 2023, Shvets left Kiev for Warsaw with drones and money. Vitaly Yakutik, a radical, a participant in the 2020 protests from Belarus who fled to Poland, will transport the devices to Belarus. However, Shvets himself will not be able to enter our country from the first entry due to the vigilance and professionalism of the Belarusian border guard Andrei Mironchik. Hastily, the SBU prepared a new route Warsaw-Riga-Pskov for the agent. He will safely cross the Russian border, hitchhike to Pskov and from there to Minsk by regular bus. All the same Yakutik from Poland will help him to rent a house.
“While implementing operational and search activities, we found out that Poland’s special services were highly likely to be involved in this attack. The assumption is based on the fact that the attack involved several people from among the so-called self-exiled opposition who are currently on the territory of Poland. These people had a role in organising the delivery of weapons, drones to the territory of the Republic of Belarus, they helped the terrorist enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and assisted in developing and implementing his evacuation plan,” the KGB operative said.
Shvets began the final preparations for the terrorist attack in a rented apartment under the strict guidance of the SBU.
Explosives, a drone, batteries and control panels were in a cache in a forest near Minsk.
The curators demanded to commit sabotage in Machulishchi before February 21st, because then the plane, according to the SBU, had to leave Belarus. Shvets was shown through a video link on a smartphone how and what needs to be connected in the drone.
On February 19th, Shvets will try to fly a drone for the first time. The aircraft responded to commands with a delay. The signal was lost, it was impossible to fly up. He needed a repeater to amplify the signal. It will be delivered by another accomplice Mikhail Demin. A citizen of Belarus, very often visiting Ukraine.

Details of the explosion and search

Citizen of Ukraine Nikolai Shvets
Nikolai Shvets tells the investigation, “I received a parcel with a repeater somewhere in five days. This is a small handkerchief with a battery and an antenna. It serves as a signal amplifier. The idea was to put it as high as possible on the horizon, and naturally, it would have amplified the signal at times.”
On the morning of February 26th, Shvets arrived by car in the area of Machulishchi. Closer to 10 o’clock in the morning, two explosions thundered in the parking lot of the airfield in Machulishchi. Shvets managed to upload a video of the approach to the cloud storage, but his state of mind was on the verge. He was in a hurry. He fell and lost his backpack with equipment.
“The suspect in the terrorist act was identified by us on the same day, February 26th. Together with the internal affairs bodies, we organised a set of urgent operational-search measures, as a result of which we found that citizen Shvets, who was involved in an attempt to commit a terrorist act at the Machulishchi airfield and was evacuated to the city of Stolin on February 26th,” the KGB operative reports.
Very quickly, even an all points bulletin of a bomber appears in the media. And the SBU is already starting to inflate the information-psychological operation. Firstly, in order to go into the shadows, not to be associated with the incident, to shift the focus, for example, to the GUR of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Budanov, a competing special service. But they failed. And then bad hat Azarov appears with the statement that all this is the work of his fake organisation from a couple of fugitive traitors...
But let’s back to February 26th. What actually happened after the attack?
“Additional security measures were urgently introduced at the state border of Belarus, which made it possible to disrupt the initial plan to evacuate the terrorist to the territory of Ukraine. Accordingly, the foreign intelligence agency put in place a contingency plan for his evacuation,” the KGB operative explains.
The escape plan is to arrive in the village of Sloboda. Shvets will leave the car there...

Capital punishment for SBU

While in the shelter, over time, Shvets sees a forced reboot and cleaning of his smartphone. This tells him that operatives found a rented apartment in Minsk (the first telephone was left there). The failed terrorist attack, the frustrated evacuation plan, conflicting reports and the feeling of an imminent denouement — a meeting with the Belarusian special services — drove Nikolai Shvets into a hysterical state. He calls his brother Vladimir, with whom journalists of Television News Agency spoke on the phone, begs to contact the curator from the SBU.
The KGB operative says, “After the Ukrainian special service realised that the option of evacuating Shvets to their territory through Stolin failed, an emergency scenario was implemented to withdraw him to the suburbs of Minsk. He was secretly placed in one of the cottages of the gardening company, where the terrorist’s escape from the inevitable finale was interrupted.”

KGB spokesman Konstantin Bychek reports,
“The operation to search for and detain the criminals was directly controlled by the Head of State. He immediately gave instructions to close the state border and take other comprehensive measures aimed at identifying and bringing to justice all those involved in terrorist activities.”
Shvets was captured with a huge amount of evidence — both for working with drones and with other devices. He actively confesses. More than 20 people were detained, a criminal case was initiated. Its end result, under the amended legislation, could be the death penalty.