KGB Chief: West preparing occupation administrations for Belarus

... Ivan Tertel noted that the KGB archive materials show that old ... Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine,” the KGB Chief informed.

tertel , KGB , Belarusian People’s Congress

Lukashenko appointed new Director of Financial Investigations Department at Belarus’ State Control Committee

... Sambuk – who previously headed the KGB Investigative Department – as Deputy Chairman ... about the State Security Committee (KGB) and financial intelligence, as we ... Fedorovich [Deputy Head of the KGB Investigation Department Konstantin Bychek] will ... Bychek as Head of the KGB Investigation Department. photos: www.president ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , KGB , State control committee

KGB: special services of Ukraine were preparing murders of Belarusian statesmen and journalists

... on the obtained facts, the KGB Investigative Department has opened a ...

KGB , Ukraine , Belarus

Lukashenko congratulated State Security Committee personnel on professional holiday

... of the Republic of Belarus (KGB) on their professional holiday – State ... officers,” the congratulatory message reads. “KGB officers, who are people of ... President added. Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked KGB officers for their determination, initiative ... today.” The President wished the KGB team strong health, prosperity and ...

Lukashenko , State Security Service , KGB , congratulation

KGB Chief: we see serious increase in efforts of anti-Chinese coalition

... ," Mr. Tertel said. The KGB Chief noted that the current ...

tertel , KGB , CIS , china

Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service arrived in Minsk

... : Earlier, the KGB Chief told journalists that such ...

kgb , Naryshkin , CIS

Bychek: Belarus’ KGB records terrorist manifestations, we are ready for these challenges

... State Security Committee of Belarus (KGB) has information about employees of ... Bychek, Deputy Chief of the KGB Investigation Department, in his talk ... 1 TV channel Video screenshot “KGB knows these people; we also ... of these countries,” said the KGB representative. “The State Security Committee ...

Belarus , West , KGB , security , challenges

Belarus’ KGB Chief explained reasons for strengthening control at the border

... time,” said Ivan Tertel. The KGB Chief summed up, “The situation ...

tertel , Belarus , KGB

Belarus’ KGB Chief commented on drone attacks on Moscow

... ," Mr. Tertel explained. The KGB Chief summarised, “Unfortunately, we state ... the famous SMERSH organisation. Belarus’ KGB works like SMERSH: we will ...

kgb , tertel , Moscow , Belarus

Tertel: fugitives asked Western sponsors $250m for subversive activities against Belarus

... of the State Security Committee (KGB) Ivan Tertel photo: www.belta ... solve their national problems.” The KGB Chief summed up, “I would ...

Tertel , KGB , Belarus

Killer parcel

... and on May 9th. The KGB foiled these attempts. Belarus was ... Ukraine. The State Security Committee (KGB) managed to prevent bloodshed and ... to the Ukrainian curators. The KGB reported that all the defendants ... to use you. Telegram bot ‘KGB of Belarus’ @KGB_BY_bot is available ...

Belarus , terrorism , KGB

KGB Chief: West will continue to make attempts to destabilise situation in Belarus

The collective West is trying to destabilise the situation in Belarus – as noted by the Chairman of the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, in his talk with the STV channel Mr. Tertel stressed that the goals of Belarus’ opponents [collective West] have not changed at all. “They [goals] are to change the geopolitical alignment in the region, so we should not relax. We are waiting for attempts. We are not just waiting: we are aware of the specific goals of the specific individuals who will try ...

tertel , kgb , Belarus

KGB: traces of customer of terrorist attacks prevented in Belarus lead to Ukraine

... Belarus. As informed by the KGB Chief, Ivan Tertel, the State ... ," the source said. Earlier, KGB Chief Ivan Tertel informed that ...

KGB , terrorism

KGB of Belarus stopped attempts to commit terrorist attacks on the eve of May 9th

As stated by KGB Chief Ivan Tertel, the events ... to Victory Day," the KGB Chief stressed. Mr. Tertel noted ... done for this," the KGB Chief added. This work is ...

kgb , Belarus , tertel , Terrorism

KGB Chief: security is paramount, an escalation of the situation around Belarus’ perimeter likely

... from foreign special services,” the KGB Chief said. According to Mr ... . In the near future, the KGB promised to show some results ... added. As noted by the KGB Chief, under these conditions and ...

tertel , kgb

KGB: citizens of Belarus and Russia, under Ukrainian intelligence officer leadership, planned terrorist attacks in Grodno

... in the State Security Committee (KGB) of Belarus According to the ...

Belarus , KGB , Grodno , terrorism

Belarus’ KGB predicts serious escalation of the situation in our region

... of the State Security Committee (KGB) of Belarus “We should expect ... Czech Republic,” said Ivan Tertel. KGB Chief noted that he regularly ... an armed rebellion,” said the KGB Chairman. “The commission of terrorist ... Belarus’ Prosecutor General. Nevertheless, the KGB Chief is sure that all ... have never talked about.” The KGB Chairman said that Belarus is ...

Belarus , KGB , Tertel

Polish special services may be involved in attempted terrorist attack at Machulishchi airfield

... involved in the operation,” a KGB officer commented. “This is evidenced ...

Belarus , Ukraine , KGB

KGB: Ukraine’s special services recruited their own citizens for terrorist attacks in other countries

... of the State Security Committee (KGB) of Belarus Konstantin Bychek, who ... measures carried out by the KGB, the direct involvement of the ... . The Investigation Office of the KGB initiated a criminal case on ...

KGB , Belarus , terrorism

KGB Chief: background for serious world conflict being created

... . Tertel said. According to the KGB Chief, the modern global situation ... ." However, according to the KGB Chief, this was a predictable ...

tertel , kgb , politics

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