KGB Chief: West preparing occupation administrations for Belarus

... Security Committee of Belarus, Ivan Tertel, during the 7 th Belarusian ... People's Congress Ivan Tertel noted that the KGB archive ...

tertel , KGB , Belarusian People’s Congress

Tertel: maintaining unity – one of the important tasks during geopolitical turbulence

... State Security Committee (KGB) Ivan Tertel at the 19th meeting of ...

Tertel , unity , CIS

KGB Chief: we see serious increase in efforts of anti-Chinese coalition

... Belarus’ State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, made a statement “We are ... post-Soviet space," Mr. Tertel said. The KGB Chief noted ... ; he stressed. According to Mr. Tertel, such platforms like a meeting ...

tertel , KGB , CIS , china

Belarus’ KGB Chief explained reasons for strengthening control at the border

Ivan Tertel, the Chairman of the State ... external border of Belarus Ivan Tertel recalled the adoption of additional ... period of time,” said Ivan Tertel. The KGB Chief summed up ...

tertel , Belarus , KGB

Belarus’ KGB Chief commented on drone attacks on Moscow

... the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, commented on the drone attacks ... on Moscow Mr. Tertel primarily stated that the work ... achieve such goals," Mr. Tertel explained. The KGB Chief summarised ...

kgb , tertel , Moscow , Belarus

Tertel: fugitives asked Western sponsors $250m for subversive activities against Belarus

... State Security Committee (KGB) Ivan Tertel photo: www.belta.by “All ... in the near future,” Ivan Tertel said about the information received ...

Tertel , KGB , Belarus

KGB Chief: West will continue to make attempts to destabilise situation in Belarus

... the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, in his talk with the ... STV channel Mr. Tertel stressed that the goals of ...

tertel , kgb , Belarus

KGB of Belarus stopped attempts to commit terrorist attacks on the eve of May 9th

... stated by KGB Chief Ivan Tertel, the events were tied to ... all the information today,” Mr. Tertel said on May 9th, adding ... ; the KGB Chief stressed. Mr. Tertel noted the importance of citizens ...

kgb , Belarus , tertel , Terrorism

KGB Chief: security is paramount, an escalation of the situation around Belarus’ perimeter likely

... Belarus’ State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, while commenting on the results ... .by As noted by Mr. Tertel, ‘the Head of State keeps ... Chief said. According to Mr. Tertel, a number of ‘serious actions ... these challenges,” he explained. Mr. Tertel stressed that this noiseless work ... are dealing with," Mr. Tertel added. As noted by the ... necessary is being done,” Mr. Tertel stressed.

tertel , kgb

Belarus’ KGB predicts serious escalation of the situation in our region

... term – as stated by Ivan Tertel, the Chairman of the State ... the Czech Republic,” said Ivan Tertel. KGB Chief noted that he ... and at what stages.” Ivan Tertel said that the recruited ‘adepts ... to the Prosecutor General.” Ivan Tertel reminded that for the recruited ... . At the same time, Ivan Tertel added that the special services ... .” At the same time, Ivan Tertel called on the citizens of ...

Belarus , KGB , Tertel

Lukashenko awarded Tertel, Kubrakov and Lappo for operation to detain Ukrainian special services’ terrorist in Belarus

... . In particular, KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel – who led the operation – was ...

Lukashenko , kubrakov , tertel , Lappo

On behalf of President, State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection awarded a banner

... -welded team led by Yuri Tertel,” Mr. Volfovich stressed.

tertel , volfovich , President , State Inspectorate on Wildlife Protection

KGB Chief: background for serious world conflict being created

... the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, on meeting labour teams in ... the constitutional order," Mr. Tertel said. According to the KGB ... on our territory," Mr. Tertel said. “There are concrete plans ... said. As noted by Mr. Tertel, back in 2013-2014, Belarus ... stronger and survive," Mr. Tertel concluded.

tertel , kgb , politics

KGB Chairman reported on detention of Ukrainian spy and two recruited Belarusians

... the National Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, informed that a Ukrainian agent ... investigation is underway," Mr. Tertel said. At present, intensification of ... National Security Committee noted. Mr. Tertel added, “We try to understand ...

tertel , kgb , security

KGB Chief commented on attempts of terrorist attacks within Belarus: we will act decisively

... the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, on meeting the Minsk Tractor ... Plant employees Mr. Tertel went to the plant to ... ; he said. According to Mr. Tertel, all should work hard, ‘since ... our country,” he noted. Mr. Tertel added, “I want all of ...

Tertel , MTZ

KGB Chairman: turning point in special operation in Ukraine may occur in November-February

... the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, during a briefing aimed at ... 2022 to February 2023,” Mr. Tertel said. The Chairman of the ... . Another point, according to Mr. Tertel, is that about 50 countries ... of the future situation, Mr. Tertel noted that – due to objective ...

tertel , Ukraine

Belarus’ State Security Committee Chairman outlines key issue of concern for the West

... Belarus’ State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, at a media briefing on ... the red lines are,” Mr. Tertel stressed. “It is known from ... variables and subjective factors.” Mr. Tertel added that about fifty Western ...


Preserve natural blessings for future generations

... the Republic of Belarus Yuri Tertel. Yuri Tertel Aleksandr Lukashenko asked Yuri ... Tertel what should be done to ... . Several years ago, when Yuri Tertel was appointed head of the ... social networks. According to Yuri Tertel, the State Inspectorate is now ...

Lukashenko , Tertel , nature , flora , fauna

Belarusians are safe today, KGB chief asserts

Ivan Tertel, the Chairman of the State ... account the current situation,” Mr. Tertel said, adding that the State ... of great importance, and Mr. Tertel explained, “We see that unfriendly ... existence of international law.” Mr. Tertel recalled the statements of some ... progress and results yet,” Mr. Tertel explained. As he emphasised, Belarusians ... all manage to ensure,” Mr. Tertel noted.

Lukashenko , tertel

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