Posted: 28.07.2022 11:24:00

Preserve natural blessings for future generations

In Belarus, work will be intensified to protect flora and fauna. Relevant tasks were set by Aleksandr Lukashenko, while hearing the report of the head of the State Inspectorate for Protection of Flora and Fauna under the President of the Republic of Belarus Yuri Tertel.

Yuri Tertel
Aleksandr Lukashenko asked Yuri Tertel what should be done to make the work of the State Inspectorate more efficient and what are the shortcomings in its activities today. Several years ago, when Yuri Tertel was appointed head of the State Inspectorate, the President pointed out to the need to ensure discipline in the agency and even to the facts of corruption.
“A military man was put in charge to restore order. Has order been put in place? We have to improve the protection of fauna and flora. A green island of nature in the centre of Europe should be preserved for the future. There is no pathetics here. We live in greenery (I mean our nature), and we would like our children to live in the same world,” emphasised Aleksandr Lukashenko.
Aleksandr Lukashenko paid special attention to the reproduction of forests, “We had a very big problem: if they cut it down, it will overgrow by itself. Have you taken this issue under control?”
The President noted that there are no plans to increase the number of the State Inspectorate. While efficiency must be increased through new forms and methods of work.
Aleksandr Lukashenko also added: the employees of the State Inspectorate for Protection of Flora and Fauna should also be ready, if necessary, to take up arms to protect their country. Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded, “The inspectorate is a relatively military formation. When I sent a military man there, I thought that this component would be strengthened. During a meeting with the emergencies minister, I instructed him to set up a military unit with strong, reliable men in case of hard times. After all, thousands of rescuers serve there. I emphasise once again: these are well-trained, smart guys. We have agreed (and this issue has already been resolved) that we will have several thousand trained fighters there just in case. You need to have the whole inspectorate ready to take up arms. This factor must be also kept in mind.”
According to the President, if necessary, the inspectorate will be further equipped, and it is also worth developing appropriate training plans for its staff,  “It is not because there is some kind of emergency, but we are all men, and we must be prepared for it. We need to have trained people. We need to learn the lesson from the experience of Ukraine, where they grabbed unprepared people (the country had been ruined there even before this operation began) and sent them to the front. They were not ready to carry weapons, let alone to fight. Therefore, we need to prepare our society to defend the Fatherland.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko also drew attention to the egregious facts of animal abuse and demanded to respond to such things. The Head of State noted that young people often allow such actions against animals, “Recently, we have seen cases of animal cruelty (there have always been plenty of brazen young people, and there are some now too). Especially among young people.”
The President instructed to immediately make proposals if any additional decisions should be made in this regard, although this area is not exactly a scope of reference of the State Inspectorate. There is no need to even look for the perpetrators of such actions, as they upload videos to social networks. 
According to Yuri Tertel, the State Inspectorate is now working to implement the instructions given several years ago when he was appointed to this post. First of all, close attention was paid to the instructions concerning the personnel, and order in the agency. 

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