Posted: 01.06.2023 15:02:00

Belarus’ KGB Chief commented on drone attacks on Moscow

In his talk with journalists after today’s meeting with President Aleksandr Lukashenko, the Chairman of the State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, commented on the drone attacks on Moscow

Mr. Tertel primarily stated that the work of security agencies is closed. Accordingly, the disclosure of all the available information is not possible. “Actually, we are knowledgeable of the information, and we even suggest certain points to our Russian friends and colleagues by obtaining certain information. Today, a number of our external intelligence officers will receive awards from the Russian Federation as a gratitude (I will not disclose what these persons have done),” he said.

“As for drones, the topic is very difficult. If to speak about the attacks on Moscow – there have been many more such attempts, then [we can say that] their purpose is primarily informational: to sow panic, to show vulnerability. Of course, they will not achieve such goals," Mr. Tertel explained.

The KGB Chief summarised, “Unfortunately, we state that the level of escalation is growing, and our special service is preparing for this. I dare to assure our citizens that the President sets us tasks clearly, in detail, in a substantial manner. We are acting decisively. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the famous SMERSH organisation. Belarus’ KGB works like SMERSH: we will not hesitate, we are determined, nothing will stop us. At the same time, we urge everyone, including our opponents who stay abroad, to come to their senses. It is necessary to solve problems peacefully, come to a consensus on various aspects. If we do not reach consensus on the main problems in our region, everyone will suffer – not only us.”