Posted: 07.10.2022 10:14:00

Belarus’ State Security Committee Chairman outlines key issue of concern for the West

Development of the situation in the world is gaining momentum, and geopolitical tension is already reaching the level of the Caribbean crisis – as stated by the Chairman of Belarus’ State Security Committee, Ivan Tertel, at a media briefing on the evolving military-political situation in the country and abroad

“The key question of the West is whether and when nuclear weapons will be used, and where the red lines are,” Mr. Tertel stressed. “It is known from the non-public sources of the West that – based on a mathematical model of mutual exchange of nuclear strikes – nobody will survive. This is good news, since the West understands that it will not win. The world is being restructured, and it is impossible to make predictions for sure. There are many variables and subjective factors.”

Mr. Tertel added that about fifty Western countries are currently fighting against Russia in Ukraine.