A symbol of peace

... date of our people’s unity has recently been widely celebrated ... the country a symbol of unity, peacefulness and mutual understanding.” The ... project dedicated to the National Unity Day,” added Natalia Gagauzova, who ...

unity , folk crafts

Path to peace and harmony

... the eve of the National Unity Day, deputies of the House ... for the Belarusian people’s unity. In turn, leaders of the ... Mass Media, said, “People’s unity is a must. After all ... factors that can strengthen the unity of our people. We study ... of the Belarusian people’s unity through the prism of interethnic ... harmony, while meaning not the unity of Belarusian people but the ... unity of the Belarusian nation – all ...

unity , nationalities

Exhibition as a step to museum creation

The Belt of Unity show at the Palace of ... exhibition – dedicated to the National Unity Day – presents folk crafts from ... ’ve tried to accent the unity of our decorative and applied ...

unity , exhibition , art

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