Belarus to monitor Russia-NATO talks

... Belarus to monitor the Russia-NATO talks, BelTA reports The expert ... assessed several rounds of Russia-NATO meetings, saying, “They did not ... from the collective West, since NATO's advance to the East ... unacceptable. At the same time, NATO does not appreciate the topic ... since the country borders with NATO member states, "These are ... want to make Ukraine join NATO – which is an increase in ...

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Zas comments on Russia’s security proposals to NATO

... is a build-up of NATO’s military infrastructure, including the ... -operation between the CSTO and NATO would benefit both sides,” he ... , is the basis for this NATO approach, Stanislav Zas noted, “The ...

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NATO forms closed sabotage schools

NATO is forming closed sabotage schools ... with Belarus 1 channel “When NATO command is implementing an operation ...

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Moscow and Minsk consider NATO expansion

... into account the expansion of NATO and the build-up of ... situation, especially the expansion of NATO and the build-up of ...

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry: Belarus might deploy nuclear weapons

If the United States and NATO refuse to discuss with Russia ... weapons on its territory if NATO takes a similar step in ... from the United States and NATO," Mr. Rudenko told RIA ...

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Norwegian Foreign Ministry urges NATO not to approach Russia's borders

... to discuss this issue with NATO allies – primarily with the United ...

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Ukraine’s Communist Party: US and NATO use migration crisis to spark off conflict in Europe

... actions of the US and NATO militarists who are using the ... and their European allies in NATO, including Poland, that have created ... intervention, the United States and NATO turned Iraq, Syria, Libya and ... to accept all those in need, to give them a possibility ...

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