Belarus’ Foreign Ministry considers it a mistake to invite Sweden and Finland to NATO

NATO expansion is a strategic mistake ... position of our country regarding NATO expansion remains the same, “It ... out not through building up NATO’s military potential, but through ...

Belarus , Foreign Ministry , NATO

Gigin: we witness second occupation of Europe by US

NATO plans to increase the number ... the decisions taken at the NATO summit show. The political expert ... increase in the number of NATO rapid deployment forces in Europe ... of Sweden and Finland joining NATO. “Why are they surprised (and ... to Finland and Sweden joining NATO? This will create certain problems ... is not set to join NATO, especially Swedish society, and every ... , Finland and Sweden, by joining NATO, create the ground for a ...

Gigin , USA , NATO , Europe

NATO might seriously think about whether they should continue to tease Belarus, expert believes

... serious, so it is no need for long for modernisation. With ... extremely serious measure. I think NATO is seriously thinking about whether ... approach is practiced among our NATO neighbours. There are six US ...

alesin , opinion , nato

Stoltenberg: NATO has been preparing for confrontation against Russia since 2014

... in 2014 – as stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, TASS ... more money in defence." NATO Secretary General added that the ...

nato , Stoltenberg , russia

Global Times: NATO ready to sacrifice Baltic States

... to military expert Song Zhongping, NATO will sacrifice these states, since ... Baltic States provoke a conflict, NATO would not send military forces ... the US becoming indifferent to NATO, and NATO would likely see the ...


US intends to deploy additional forces in Europe for a long time

The NATO summit kicks off today, where ... earlier that the EU and NATO are gathering a modern coalition ... leave this issue without attention. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted ...

USA , Europe , NATO , Russia

Turkey clears way for Finland and Sweden to join NATO

... of Sweden and Finland to NATO, but the details have not ... Photo: The NATO press service informed that the ... of Sweden and Finland into NATO. There were lengthy negotiations on ...

NATO , Turkey , Finland , Sweden

NATO expansion will cost the US $8bn, media report

... of Sweden and Finland to NATO will have negative consequences for ... of Sweden and Finland to NATO meets the national interests of ... that admitting both nations to NATO could generate up-front expenses ... of Sweden and Finland to NATO is the combat-ready armed ...

NATO , US , Finland , Sweden

Stoltenberg surprised by Turkey’s position on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

... from Turkey – as noted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in ... He said that NATO had no reason to believe ... same time, according to the NATO Secretary General, the situation with ...

NATO , Turkey , Sweden , Finland

NATO Secretary General believes Ukraine’s territorial concessions are possible

... lowest price – as stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at ... Secretary General noted that the NATO military is not involved in ...

STOLTENBERG , ukraine , nato

Russian Foreign Ministry: military supplies to Kiev lead to development of black arms market

... West and the US, and NATO as a whole, are showing ... Balkans under the wing of NATO, and also with such an ...

Russia , Ukraine , NATO

US, NATO ready for open armed clash with Russia and China

The United States and NATO are ready to move from ... that the United States and NATO are ready to move from ...

usa , nato , russia , china , opinion

NATO doesn’t offer nuclear guarantees to Russia

NATO does not give Russia any ... General for Defence Investment at NATO Camille Grand, TASS reports with ... will be resolved ‘by the NATO summit in Madrid’, scheduled for ... said that at the moment NATO is not considering the issue ...

NATO , Russia , nuclear guarantees

Excercises in Baltic airspace launched by NATO

... Alloy exercises launched today by NATO and partner countries in the ... Ramstein Alloy exercises of the NATO Air Force and its partners ...

nato , air force , excercises

Expert names strategic task of Union State

Belarus and Russia should prevent NATO from expanding to the East – ... thing for us is that NATO does not expand on our ... will then border NATO countries. Why do we need this? Moreover, the ... to the Alliance, although it [NATO] is already urging to disconnect ... direct or indirect expansion of NATO to the East’.

union state , opinion , nato , petrovsky

NATO kicked off major Baltic Sea drills, involving Finland and Sweden

The annual NATO military exercises BALTOPS 2022 are ... . The drills will involve 14 NATO countries and partner states Sweden ... and end in German Kiel. NATO states, as well as Sweden ... of their air forces with NATO partners. In particular, they touched ... Helsinki and Stockholm to join NATO and discussed the potential integration ... of Finland and Sweden into NATO airspace policing mechanisms.

NATO , exercises , Finland , Sweden

China identifies four Russian countermeasures in response to NATO expansion

... that Russia can use against NATO expansion – as reported by the ... Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Moreover, Moscow opposes the expansion ... Russia’s recent warning that NATO expansion would lead to serious ... fourth step in response to NATO expansion could be the comprehensive ...

China , Russia , NATO

Russian electronic warfare system suppressed NATO drone over Black Sea

... . Photo: The NATO strategic drone approached the coast ...

russia , ukraine , nato

Escalation into open Russia-NATO conflict as main danger of Ukrainian events

... Russia, Ukraine is switching to NATO military standards, including heavy hardware ... military are undergoing training with NATO specialists to be able to ... open confrontation between Russia and NATO – that may lead to ... Petrovsky believes it is no need to forget about a desire ... of some NATO members to occupy part ... that a new expansion of NATO to the east does ... expert explains. “If Ukraine joins NATO under an accelerated scheme, following ... inclusion of this country in NATO is the beginning of a ...

ukraine , russia , nato , opinion

US banned Poland from sending troops to Ukraine

... ;Poland is a member of NATO, and a single shot by ...

russia , poland , usa , ukraine , nato

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