Netherlands, Germany plan to merge their land combat units

... the Ukrainian events, EU and NATO allies – the Netherlands and Germany ...

NATo , EU , army , Germany , the Netherlands

Switzerland plans to strengthen co-operation with NATO

... with the European Union and NATO in security policy, RIA Novosti ... -operation with the EU and NATO in the field of security ...

Switzerland , NATO , EU , co-operation

China says NATO preparing for direct clash with Russia

The words of NATO Military Committee Chair Rob Bauer ... the industrial production of the NATO states must be reoriented to ... spreading to the territory of NATO countries. It is now unlikely ... may cross the so-called NATO red line,” Song Zhongping warned ...

China , Russia , Ukraine , NATO

NATO Deputy Secretary General urged to prepare for long conflict in Ukraine

... to the opening of the NATO military committee in Brussels. Mr ... to the Deputy Secretary General, NATO continues to develop new plans ...

nato , Ukraine

Turkish politician suggested the country might leave NATO in five to six months

Türkiye must withdraw from NATO, this is an urgent and ... According to the Turkish politician, NATO is forcing Ankara ‘to take ... other. Türkiye will leave NATO in five or six months ... Sweden and the Netherlands. Leaving NATO has become urgent and obligatory ... country’s withdrawal from the NATO. The expert explained this by ... the fact that NATO is Ankara’s lever of ...

Türkiye , NATO

Retired US intelligence officer: Ukraine mistaken about US and NATO attitude towards it

... -intelligence officer, the US and NATO are sacrificing Ukraine in order ... now time to start asking NATO, which dragged them into all ...

Ukraine , US , NATO

Bloomberg: US trying to blackmail Türkiye out of fear of Russia

... on Finland and Sweden joining NATO for fear that the delay ... of Sweden and Finland to NATO.” The material of the publication ... in Russia’s interests, so NATO is concerned about Türkiye ... on Sweden’s admission to NATO until Stockholm put an end ...

Türkiye , NATO , US , Finland , Sweden

American politician: Western imperialism will collapse after US crushing defeat in Ukraine

... collapse when the United States, NATO and the Kiev regime are ... value collapses, the United States, NATO and the puppet Nazi government ...

usa , Ukraine , NATO

Erdogan says Sweden should not expect Türkiye’s support for NATO membership

... to support its applications to NATO after the scandalous actions in ... of the application to join NATO. At the same time, Recep ...

Türkiye , Sweden , NATO

Gigin: West afraid of direct clash with Russia

... , understanding that the invasion of NATO forces into the territory of ... the territory of Belarus by NATO forces will mean, according to ...

Gigin , Belarus , Russia , Union State , West , NATO

Lavrov: escalation of tension on the part of NATO cannot remain without our response

... satellites towards the expansion of NATO, the approach of the alliance ...

lavrov , nato

NATO sending AWACS jets to Romania to conduct reconnaissance against Russia

... reports Photo: “NATO will send AWACS aircraft to ... 17th, 2023 – to further support NATO's reinforced presence in the ...

nato , romania

Reuters: about 1,250 American tanks and armoured vehicles transferred to Europe

... of ‘a planned reinforcement’ of NATO combat groups on the eastern ... the Madrid summit last June, NATO countries decided on a long ...

europe , usa , NATO

Kiev launched series production of mines abroad

Ukroboronprom has launched series production of 82mm calibre mines at facilities of a NATO member, the Ukrainian company reports in its Telegram channel Photo by Ukroboronprom It is informed that the mine improved by Ukroboronprom is several times better than the regular one. “The number of deadly fragments registered during tests on target shields and on a proving ground is 2-2.5 times as much as a regular mine should have,” the source says.

Ukraine , NATO

NATO Chief sees a threat to the West in Russia-China co-operation

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said ... promoting the Russian narrative, blaming NATO for the current situation, and ... the normalisation of relations between NATO and Russia after the end ...

Stoltenberg , NATO , Russia , China , Ukraine , West

Ankara named condition for progress on Sweden’s accession to NATO

... question of its accession to NATO is impossible,” Turkish President’s ... Sweden submitted applications for joining NATO to its Secretary General. To ...

Türkiye , NATO , Sweden

Opinion: NATO, EU set course for world war

... expert primarily stressed that – although NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is ... everyone for a long time: NATO (as military alliance) and Europe ... . According to the expert, the NATO-EU declaration demonstrates that no ... and Finland are not yet NATO members, these countries’ troops are ... already conducting joint exercises with NATO. This means they are actually ... distribution. Europe was discussing the need to create its own armed ... great disadvantage of Europe, since NATO is supervised by the United ...

nato , EU , opinion , Belyaev

Ex-adviser to Pentagon chief believes Poland would like to annex part of Ukraine

... rhetoric of the Polish media. “NATO goals may not coincide with ... don’t think that most NATO members will stand by and ...

Poland , Ukraine , NATO

German diplomat: Ukraine cannot join NATO due to non-compliance with three criteria

... Ukraine’s application to join NATO, one should remember three important ... been paid attention to during NATO enlargement. “There were three questions ... in its desire to join NATO, or would a potential membership ... to Ischinger, this explains why NATO is so hesitant to respond ...

NATO , Ukraine

Stoltenberg said NATO won’t deploy additional nuclear weapons in Europe

... interview with Dagens Nyheter newspaper, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said ... relevant now. However, if the need arises, the decision will be ... made by Sweden alone. “NATO does not have the power ... nation that decides for itself. NATO membership in no way changes ... no talk of any new NATO nuclear weapons in Europe today ... , there are no plans in NATO to deploy nuclear weapons. It ... no theme or requirement in NATO that we deploy nuclear weapons ...

NATO , Sweden , Stoltenberg , nuclear weapons

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