Defence Minister: strike groups can be created near Belarus’ borders under guise of NATO exercises

Under the guise of NATO exercises, strike groups can be ... place as part of the NATO drills. “We attentively monitor what ...

khrenin , nato , belarus , defence

Expert on NATO's ‘military Schengen’: it creates another ground to ponder about and continue border strengthening

The NATO countries are demonstrating that they ... The Times earlier reported that NATO countries could agree on the ... operations is being formed, and NATO forces will be able to ... , preparing to form a single NATO army that will be directed ...

Belyaev , NATO , opinion , Schengen

US Senator called to expel countries from NATO that don’t allocate 2% of GDP to defence

... on CBS. “I think they need to allocate at least 2 ... expenditure. 19 out of 31 NATO member countries fail to meet ... Trump ‘is right to want NATO countries to meet their obligations ... at 2 percent’. “We need to turn it into an ... Madrid summit in June 2022, NATO members reaffirmed their commitment to ... of the US and the NATO, its member countries promised to ...


Blackmail on the nuclear level

... the readiness to involve NATO forces to achieve this ... Incirlik). They participate in joint NATO nuclear sharing missions. In addition ... , NATO conducts Steadfast Noon drills every ... Therefore, when US and NATO officials dismiss Polish demands, they ... the threat of war from NATO, as evidenced by the ... has to be stated that NATO, alas, is not going ... ). They participate in joint NATO nuclear sharing missions. In addition ... , NATO conducts Steadfast Noon drills every ...

nuclear , weapon , threat , NATO

French politician urged to dissolve NATO and EU after Scholz’s statement

... it is necessary to dissolve NATO and the EU because their ... rid of the EU and NATO.”

Scholz , Nato , EU

Expert commented on NATO’s major exercises near Belarus

NATO has launched the decades-largest ... of the two states. Moreover, NATO did not invite Belarus to ... stated that the West and NATO unilaterally violate international agreements, “Actually ...

Belarus , NATO , russia , military , defence , Dzermant , opinion

Opinion: military industry receiving increasing incomes, while ordinary Europeans have to tighten belts

NATO claims that the Steadfast Defender- ... on our borders only confirm NATO’s aggressive plans. Over 50 ... analyst Igor Chibisov explains what NATO is rehearsing near Belarus' borders ... . “Moreover, NATO’s aggressive plans are also ... this, but then what are NATO officer instructors doing there? The ... in decades, and the current NATO drills are becoming unprecedented. European ...

NATO , Europe , military drills

Deputy assessed reasons and goals of large-scale NATO drills in Europe

What does NATO want to achieve by planning ... Igor Martynov. “All thirty-one NATO countries will be involved, including ... year ago, “At that time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke ... . The main party in the NATO is played by the United ... third goal is to show NATO’s strength and unity. Naturally ... , it is more profitable for NATO members to ‘fuel’ Ukraine rather ...

Martynov , Europe , NATO , exercise

The hatchet of war

... of regional defence plans by NATO armies, allegedly against the Russian ... President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, “NATO’s neighbours on the western ... the name of the announced NATO exercise Steadfast Defender , the ... that the main activities of NATO troops will be concentrated ... States. The Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer stressed ... above, the strategic thought of NATO generals revolves around the Suwalki ... nor military — to fight with NATO countries.’ Nothing personal, just business ...

alliance , NATO , military , drills

Media: NATO discusses the future without the US in case of Trump's victory

... White House revived discussions among NATO members about whether the alliance ... and new unity prevailed in NATO, and many confidently predicted that ... would withdraw the US from NATO.


US Congress members urged Orban to approve Sweden's NATO membership

... Sweden's application to join NATO, TASS reports with reference to ... , Hungary is the last remaining NATO member to have not ratified ... ‘the least reliable member of NATO’.

Senate , Orban , NATO , Sweden

Stoltenberg: conflict in Ukraine is good deal for the United States

... the United States," the NATO Secretary General said in an ... General noted that being in NATO is beneficial for the security ... of the United States from NATO if former American leader Donald ...

Stoltenberg , NATO , Ukraine , usa

Opinion: Belarus’ major task is to prevent it from being drawn into armed conflict in Eastern Europe

... deployed a large grouping of NATO troops and military equipment on ... problems. "The West and NATO have been intensively creating military ... . All this is evidence that NATO was preparing to conduct offensive ... of the Polish media and NATO propaganda, threats are coming from ... form of exercises, we all need to be ready to preserve ...

Belarus , europe , West , NATO , russia , defence , avdonin , opinion

Defence Ministry: number of NATO reconnaissance aircraft flights near Belarus’ borders doubled since early 2024

... , commented on the increase in NATO activity near the borders of ... flights of reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries has doubled against, for ... the united armed forces of NATO, are involved,” Mr. Davidovich noted ...

defence ministry , NATO , border , Belarus

Polish General: NATO, EU cannot stand up to Russia

... military operation in Ukraine, neither NATO nor the European Union have ... understands that the EU and NATO ‘cannot do anything’. The general ...

NATO , EU , Ukraine , russia

China’s Defence Ministry called NATO a military machine that brings chaos

... photo: Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said ... the inappropriate statements of the NATO Secretary General on the subject ... of China. NATO, as a regional military organisation ... -Pacific region. Moreover, he added, NATO is using the non-existent ... . “It should be said that NATO is a walking military machine ...

China , NATO

Turkiye approves Sweden’s entry into NATO

... the protocol on Sweden’s NATO membership bid, with the text ... Sweden submitted applications to join NATO in May 2022. In April ...

Turkiye , Sweden , NATO

Moldovan opposition protests against NATO exercises in the country

... protestes against the holding of NATO exercises in the country, since ... in May as part of NATO exercises. The country's opposition ... country has been liaising with NATO within the framework of an ...

moldova , NATO

About 20,000 British troops to take part in drills aimed at deterring Russia

... troops will take part in NATO-led Steadfast Defender 24 exercises ... will join more than 30 NATO allies and Sweden, acting as ...

nato , uk , russia

Gulevich commented on upcoming NATO drills and told what Belarus’ response to possible threats would be

... the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO. There’s definitely a move ... level in the use of NATO forces and assets. Of course ...

Gulevich , Belarus , NATO

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