Estonian PM: some NATO countries already training fighters in Ukraine

... Ukrainian territory – as stated by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, TASS ... ; At the same time, the Estonian PM said that if a ...

Kallas , estonia , nato , Ukraine

Adviser to Estonia’s President said his country discussing sending troops to Ukraine for ‘rear’ jobs

The Estonian government is seriously discussing the ... by National Security Advisor to Estonia’s President Madis Roll, TASS ... Mr. Roll said that the Estonian government is analysing the possibility ... of sending Estonian troops for logistical work in ... official did not rule out Estonia’s participation in a smaller ...

Estonia , Ukraine , NATO , troops

Scholz: 35,000 German troops to provide assistance to allies if necessary

... the protection of airspace in Estonia, and in 2024 – in Latvia ...

Scholz , germany , latvia , estonia

Lithuanian army to deploy 400 troops to ensure 3SI Summit security

... : Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland ...

three seas initiative , 3si , latvia , lithuania , estonia , europe , poland , military

Information Ministry restricted access to some media resourced of Baltic States in response to their blocking of Belarusian media

... outlets in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has been restricted in response ... territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the Information Ministry, based on ...

lithuania , latvia , estonia , media , belarus , ban

Expert explained Kallas' words about political suicide

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is ...

avdonin , Estonia , Kallas

Estonia demands to close all Russian-language websites of its government agencies

The Estonian parliamentary opposition demanded to close ... According to the portal of Estonia’s public broadcaster ERR, the ... have Russian-language websites in Estonia at the moment.

estonia , russian language

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia agreed to form ‘defence line’ on border with Russia

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have reached ... with Russia, according to the Estonian Defence Ministry, TASS reports photo ... Postimees publication spread information that Estonia intends to build about 600 ...

Estonia , Lithuania , Latvia , Russia , defence line

Up to 10,000 teachers on strike in Estonia

About 10,000 teachers of Estonia’s secondary schools are taking ... According to the portal of Estonia’s public broadcaster ERR, secondary ...

estonia , strike , teachers

Kallas: Estonia to transfer 0.25% of its GDP to Ukraine within four years

... to Ukraine – as stated by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, RIA ... of Kiev, Ms. Kallas noted, “Estonia's contribution to the victory ... next four years." The Estonian Prime Minister said that, since ...

estonia , Ukraine , kallas

MEP called Ukrainian refugees cowards

Estonian MEP Jaak Madison said that ... the law. In late 2023, Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Laanemets allowed ... refugees to Ukraine. In turn, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas noted ...

europe , estonia , Ukraine , refugees

Estonia, US signed military co-operation plan for 2024-2028

Estonia and the United States have ... According to the portal of Estonia’s public broadcaster ERR, Undersecretary ... document on the part of Estonia) said, “Confirming our strong allied ... the US military presence in Estonia, contribution to the development of ... the Estonian division, co-operation in the ... defence co-operation agreement between Estonia and the United States was ...

estonia , usa , military co-operation

About 90 Estonians renounced their citizenship: one became Belarusian, more than 20 – Russians

Official Estonian media reported that almost 90 ... .com The ERR portal of Estonian Public Broadcasting has released data ...

estonia , Belarus , citizenship

Media: Estonia plans to purchase 200m Euros of wheeled armoured vehicles from Turkiye

Estonia is going to buy a ... will be about 200m Euros. Estonia plans to buy wheeled armoured ... is scheduled to arrive in Estonia in 2023-2024.

estonia , turkiye

Perish yourself but start a war

... Baltic ‘superpowers’ — Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. With the start of the ... carriers. Dark horse of Estonian suit Estonia’s elites have chosen a ... time. At the official level, Estonia, as a disciplined part of ... ’. Thus, in the summer, quiet Estonian life was shaken by a ... its workforce. Cargo turnover at Estonian ports decreased by more than ... governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, acting in conjunction with Poland ...

world , geopolitics , Baltic States , Latvia , Lithuania , Estonia

Estonia, Latvia look to purchase IRIS-T air defence systems from Germany worth €400m

... of the defence ministries of Estonia and Latvia, Hanno Pevkur and ... / Matti Blume / According to the Estonian Defence Investment Centre (RKIK), German ... Germany on the intention of Estonia and Latvia to join the ...

Latvia , Estonia , Germany , IRIS-T air defence

Estonia to be first in EU to legalise the seizure of sanctioned Russian assets

... purpose of restoring Ukraine’ – as Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna told ... foreign ministry said that the Estonian authorities plan to approve the ... side. The initiative of the Estonian government may affect about €35m ...

EC , EU , Estonia , Russia , frozen assets , sanctions

UN: termination of Russian language education in Estonia contrary to human rights

... of Russian language education in Estonia is contrary to human rights ... country's educational system into Estonian actually makes it impossible to ... education in minority languages in Estonia. The UN is concerned about ... ’. On December 12th, 2022, the Estonian Parliament approved a law creating ... conditions for the transition to Estonian-language education in the country ... full transition of schools to Estonian is scheduled for 2030-2031 ... are 74 secondary schools in Estonia where education can be obtained ...

un , estonia , russian language

Opinion: Baltic States behaving towards collapse of statehood

... collapse of statehood. “Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are fascists. Lithuanians just got ...

lithuania , latvia , estonia , West

Estonian PM: EU should use frozen Russian assets to restore Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Estonia, upon arrival at the EU ... . This statement was voiced by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas upon ...

EU , Estonia , Russia , Ukraine , assets , summit

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