Norway refused to station NATO permanent contingent on its territory

Norway is always ready to defend ... Russia. Kristoffersen also announced that Norway does not plan to station ... no nuclear weapons deployed in Norway in the future. We didn ... the Chief of Defence of Norway.

Norway , NATO

Norway tightens admission and stay conditions for Ukrainian refugees

Norway announced the adoption of new ... services for displaced Ukrainians in Norway. Residence rules will be tightened ... over 73,000 refugees in Norway.

Norway , Ukraine , refugees

Norway allowed direct sale of weapons and defence products to Ukraine

... the emergency situation in which Norway and its allies found themselves ...

Norway , Ukraine , weapons

Media: Norway tries to reduce refugee influx

... increase in Ukrainians arriving in Norway, as well as questions raised ... Ukraine applied for asylum in Norway. Of these, almost 29,000 ...

Norway , Ukraine , refugees

Media: Norway generated $31.3bn in 2022 from conflict in Ukraine

... their master’s thesis that Norway earned about 334 billion Kronor ... these raw materials, which allowed Norway to make good money on ... figure. It is reprehensible that Norway should profit from other people ... the Climate Fund of Norway also speak of Norway as a ‘war ... Minister Terje Oslann, say that Norway supplies Europe in crisis with ...

Norway , gas , russia , Ukraine

Norway to send 1,000 new drones to Ukraine

The Norwegian authorities have decided to transfer a thousand new sets of unmanned aerial vehicles to the Kiev regime – as noted by the Norwegian Defence Ministry, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Norwegian Defence Ministry noted that the Ukrainian authorities are very pleased with the previous deliveries of this reconnaissance drone, which was developed in co-operation between the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Defence Research Institute. It is reported that the Ukrainian ...

Norway , Ukraine

Norway's economy experiencing its biggest decline in 15 months

... economy. Mainland GDP, which excludes Norway’s offshore industry, contracted 0 ...

Norway , economy , decline , inflation

Norway to train 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers

... Forces of the Kingdom of Norway plan to train about 3 ... soldiers during 2023 – both in Norway and abroad,” the source said ... training. According to the official, Norway will support the Armed Forces ...

Ukraine , Norway

Norway plans to raise defence spending to 2% of GDP by 2026

... present, the military budget of Norway is a little over 1 ...

Norway , NATO , defence spending

Norway discovered new gas field and may soon start production

... .2m barrels of oil equivalent. Norway plans to increase oil production ...

Norway , deposit , gas field

Norway to increase the production of ammunition

The Norwegian authorities decided to increase the production of artillery ammunition by ordering it from the Norwegian company Nammo – worth 2.6bn Kroner (about 240m Euros), RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to Norwegian Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Wedum, the conflict in Ukraine creates a growing need for ammunition, and the Norwegian company Nammo plays a significant role for NATO countries in the production of ammunition. “Ensuring the safety of Norwegians through ...

Norway , ammunition

Norway to transfer additional artillery shells to Ukraine

... the M109 handed over by Norway earlier – to the Kiev regime ... own forces. He added that Norway made a significant contribution in ...

norway , Ukraine

Norwegian Armed Forces increasing level of readiness

The Norway is raising the country’s ...


Inflation in Norway reached record level over past 34 years

... for goods and services in Norway increased by an average of ... of A-95 gasoline in Norway for the first time in ...

EU , Norway , inflation

Norway to provide military assistance to Ukraine through Britain’s mediation

Norway, through the mediation of the ... for the combat readiness of Norway. It is planned that the ...

Norway , UK , Ukraine

Norway refused to allow cargo for Russian settlements on Svalbard

Norway has rejected a Russian application ... to enter the ports of Norway. “The specific request to authorise ...

Russia , Norway

Norway supplies weapons to Ukraine under American pressure, expert says

... noted by Julie Wilhelmsen, from Norway’s Institute of International Affairs ... said that some countries, including Norway, had agreed to transfer ‘critically ... voluntary. “We should understand that Norway's contribution naturally fits into ...

norway , Ukraine

Norwegian Foreign Ministry urges NATO not to approach Russia's borders

... in the North Atlantic Alliance near the Russian borders – as stated ... by Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs ... her, it is important for Norway to have a military presence ... ‘it will be better if Norway manages itself in the immediate ...

norway , russia , nato

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